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April 2016 Light Logic Tip # 3 MIRACLE MAP


M.I.R.A.C.L.E. M.A.P. C.R.E.A.T.E.S. R.O.O.M. F.O.R. M.A.G.I.C.

Monumental Intersections Reveal All Clarity, Letting Emotions        

Magnify Authentic Purpose!!!!!

Catalysts, Rendering Expansion, Are Tender Expressive Sensibilities

Responding Over Obvious Manmade Fortified Objections…….

Resumes Manifesting All Goodness In Creation



Before creating your Miracle Map, you might want to sit down and reflect on your life how many intersections aka opportunities, rendezvous, events, chance happenings occurred that were nudging you in a particular direction.


How many times did you follow that course?

How many times did you ignore it?

How many times was it unrecognizable to you?

How many times did it feel out of reach?

What will you do at the next memorable intersection that you receive guidance?


Creating a Miracle Map

I call it a Miracle Map because Magic happens along the way. It is made in a circular fashion because as you change so does the destination. Some points along the way will be in plain sight, easy to implement and recognize. Some will seem so farfetched but as long as they exist in your heart, they remain as possibilities. Your imagination will lead the way. As you bear witness to the surprises along the way, your shift in perception will support your transition. Your emotions will act as the energetic catalyst to take inspired actions. Everything you desire will be presented before you. Then, you have the choice to follow the Magic or not. At least you know where you stand with the Universe!!!!IT IS A CO-CREATION





Get a big piece of cardboard stock or you can do it  virtually on the computer if you prefer.

Consider doing it in real raw materials though as your hand to task sends a strong manifestation message to the Universe that this is your intent in physical form. 



Cut it into a big circle or draw a big circle on it. Create bands of circle one larger than the other.

Make them wide enough ( 2 inches) so  that you can write inspired activities on them or place symbols or stickers that signify an action you want to ignite on any given day, week, month or year



At the center of the circle aka Universe, draw small circle and place a childhood picture of yourself there.

Be sure to place a pleasing picture of yourself because you are going to be looking at this a lot! J I used a picture when I was a little kid so as not to admonish myself if I did not keep on point!


Each band will represent a period of time from Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually and Lifetime. Time is a way to allow you to prioritize what is important to you.


    1. You can do one for your LIFE by delineating each slice as a day, week, month, quarter, year, decade and life
    2. You can do one for the YEAR by delineating each sub-circle in smaller increments of time
    3. You could even narrow it down to various areas of your life in which you would like to focus like Relationship, Body Harmony although I am demonstrating for an overall Life Path for General Ease

One disclaimer is that the Universe responds to your consistent practice of desire with intent and focus. Time is a factor in your mind but it is a co-creative experience with the Universe. The more of your light-hearted fun fulfilling focus you apply, the more the Universe will respond. Time is irrelevant in the whole scheme of things. Time is just meant to assist you in clarifying your priorities. I know I know…you did not want to hear that.



                                                      HOW TO USE YOUR MIRACLE MAP


Start out by writing an outline of how you optimally envision your lifestyle.

If you already have a vision board that will suffice because you have a sense of how you want to live. Write down the experiences in which you would like to engage.


Find pictures, symbols, draw or write the items of you own Deliberate Design in the sections that are inspired action steps towards your DeLight lifestyle.

For the DAILY start put with items that you can easily choose to implement so that you might experience the feeling of success immediately. That will fuel you and excite you for a path of further possibilities. 



Visit the Miracle Map for 5 minutes in the morning as a reminder to yourself of the path you are carving out.

Have the task you are going to accomplish for the day pointing straight up like a sundial pointing to the sun. You will turn the daily circle so that you can see what you are actually doing. You will have weekly, monthly and annual tasks also. Remain focused on the daily task, observe the weekly one and be open to opportunities that will allow the Monthly one unfold effortlessly.    




DESIRE: Lifestyle of greater ease, more time and space for reflection a i.e. less harried to support an abundant mindset!


On a DAILY basis, your Miracle Map might have a symbol to carve out alone time because you know your creative juices flow during those segments of time so you want to:


    1. Be completely still and left alone to do nothing for 90 min
    2. Walk in the woods for 60 min
    3. Practice singing for 30 min
    4. If you work long hours, create a symbol that you will leave at 5pm .
    5. Take a 1 hour lunch instead of 30 minutes
    6. You are going to delegate one small household task to a family member
    7. Find one way and tell yourself that you deserve to replenish yourself for this day
    8. Write creatively
    9. Play with art
    10. Exercise, take a yoga class, go to beach
    11. Visualize for 10 min what your optimal lifestyle would look like

On a WEEKLY basis, you will set time aside to:


Ask questions and talk to people that have created a lifestyle of ease

  1. Explore weekend workshops that promote states of well-being
  2. Consider a spa weekend
  3. Take a meditation class
  4. Go to a lecture that feeds your soul

On a MONTHLY basis, you would like to make a few general changes by creating space to


  1.   Reduce superfluous obligations. All the extra “have to,” “ought to” and “shoulds” For example: Are you currently spending time in an organization that you feel has run its course? It’s ok to move on!!

2.        Practice saying YES to opportunities with like minded people and organizations that fuel your interests.


3.        Practice saying NO to work projects that are time consuming and not in support of your end goal. This assumes you have a clear and focused intention.


4.        Align yourself with projects that parallel and leverage your purpose and excite you:


              a. If you work in finance and want more exposure, consider putting down on your  list to contribute an article to a Journal or provide valuable educational content to referral partners such as attorney, accountants, doctors etc


              b. If you work as a massage therapist, align with chiropractic offices and offer to partner by offering 1 night per month a presentation and demonstration of the mind body well-being connection.



On a QUARTERLY basis Financial, Time and Energetic Review


  1. Block of time to address long range investment, saving and reallocation of resources. It is helpful to visit this once a month or quarterly so you can see the path you have traveled and tweek your choices. It supports conscious choices.


  1. Reflecting on how you are feeling in your shifts and what might support even more fluidity. You might find yourself with the resources to shift into a more even paced work schedule


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