You are currently viewing April 2020 None of US are Fools! We just need a little nudge!

April 2020 None of US are Fools! We just need a little nudge!



We just need a little nudge!

We are simply learning and growing, in the best way we know how, towards greater levels of  Love in whatever way gets our attention and spurts internal reflection and increased connection!

In a world that is wreaking havoc, where do we turn?

Many years ago, I had a vivid vision. It was complete with all sensory perceptions: musical sound, color, sensation and a deep “Knowing” which would reveal a full comprehension for me when the time was right. It was magnificent!  The vision was of yellow, white and lavender bubbles floating up towards the sun. Each bubble was translucent and held a high frequency of energy in it. Energy that we would relate to as a sense of peace, joy, light, freedom, euphoria, delight, expanding love or bliss. Each bubble had a sheen to it, an effervescence which made my whole body tingle with delightful sensations. As I focused on each bubble, the energy in the bubble became more pronounced.


When I focused on the energy outside of the bubble, it felt more erratic, disconcerted, frenetic and discombobulated.

Interestingly, as the bubbles grew closer to one another, they did not pop but opened up like a flower into a larger bubble alchemizing all the inherent energies i.e. becoming more empowered with the vibration of LOVE! Then another and another and another bubble joined together. There was an expansion which created graduating opportunities and experiences to activate HEART Source.  Artwork by Jordyn Silver (Instagram@blueemo0n_)


I will never forget that experience and hold it dearly.  I did not know what it meant then as it relates to REAL LIFE but I do now.

On March 6th 2020 (this blog written on March 15th), I went to the DMV to renew my driver’s license and get the REAL ID.  The so-called story is that you will need this REAL ID to fly even within the USA starting in October or you will have to bring your passport.  First of all, what a fiasco AND what’s that all about? REAL ID? The energy felt regulated, oppressive, heavy and controlling. Not subtle at all. Very pronounced. It didn’t trigger me. I just noticed the difference. It was like a different world or a different REALITY. I even hesitate writing about it because that conjures up the experience and who needs that? 

 During the week of March 9th , Kirk and I frequented yoga studios, restaurants, grocery stores, lecture halls, etc. and had the opportunity to feel into the flight, fight or freeze mechanism promulgated by the news and its ensuing drama around town. Albeit, we did facilitate four breath workshops which was our way to help balance those energies. Remember energy always wants to balance itself out.


I REALIZED that I live in a bubble…a bubble of my own creation.  I started to review my life and witness how I have intuitively insulated myself towards life affirming people, things and experiences for decades.  We are each a vessel of various energies.  It’s just a matter of what kind of bubble we are creating for ourselves.

Our body is the life force container. 

Our thoughts are our electric broadcasting agent. 

Our emotions are our magnetic force drawing back to us that which broadcast.

As I find my footing and ground into my TRUTH more and more, my bubble expands. Inevitably, my bubble (REAL world) will grow closer to another person’s bubble within a similar vibrational range and we will create more space for those energies to be externally manifested. This is what the great thought leaders are doing right now.  They are holding a space (by who they are, retreats, books & programs) to support enlightening perspectives which introduce inventions, ideas, experiments, art, music, entertainment and more for all of us!  We can hold this space on our own level and watch it expand!

 It’s really is a PROCESS to allow ourselves to be led down a path to full heightened recollection that we are always choosing what kind of bubble we want to create. Nobody is exempt! It really is an adventure towards greater and greater levels of self-responsibility, self-forgiveness, self-empowerment and gentle compassionate empathetic tolerance of our humanness.

There is a boundary between different states of consciousness and there is no boundary because we always have a choice how we perceive ourselves, others, and everything in the Universe!!

We all are constant reflections so let’s continue choosing to create a growing sacred space whereby we might all discover greater levels of our Light by including the rugged terrain. We honor that erratic, disconcerted, frenetic and discombobulated energy and thank it for what it is helping us to see.

To shift us from victim consciousness to miracle consciousness.

The PRACTICE OF BREATHWORK (particularly Transformational Breath ® for me) and I do mean PRACTICE, fosters a shift in perspective that I beckon continuously. A perspective of miracle consciousness which allows room for all things to be as they are….perfect in their mission, delivery, form and function including this virus.

Everything is happening FOR us not TO us!

What is your biggest takeaway from this experience and be sure to frame it through the lens of  LOVE!

In other words, when looking at a person or circumstance whether it be economic, political, environmental, familial or otherwise, ask yourself,

” What would LOVE say?” Knowing that LOVE IS THE ZONE OF THE HOLY NEUTRAL!


Consider finding ways to only allow into your bubble words, practices and experience that make you feel replenished.

EX: One way we have created more peace in our home is that we are very selective of what we listen to and watch. Many years ago we eliminated main stream television and only subscribe to higher consciousness broadcasts such as Gaia TV that hold a focus for deliberate creation towards empowerment, love, peace and CHOICEFULLNESS.


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  1. Donna Whiston

    Yes Darryn…so resonates with me. Just talking to my daughter (14) about Auras and energy exchange and just reading about your beautiful Bubble experience just made me smile, because that is what I was saying how we can adjust our Aura or Bubble…and to pay attention to how we expand or contract it…such a beautiful synchronicity here…also I wanted to tell you that I really loved your impromptu zoom meeting….it took me some time to drop in but I did and at the end I saw you as your indigenous women that you have hanging in your home that you shared with Randy and I….it was awesome….xoxo ♥️♥️♥️♾

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