You are currently viewing April 2021 The Presence Process: The Gift that Keeps on Giving beyond the 10 weeks

April 2021 The Presence Process: The Gift that Keeps on Giving beyond the 10 weeks

The Presence Process: It’s Much More than 10 weeks of Breathing & Conscious Responses

As we come out of our caves, I stand in the ultimate gratitude for a process Kirk and I were deeply steeped in during the winter months. We formed a weekly online group by which 17 people individually showed up for themselves engaged in The Presence Process by Michael Brown.

Since this is really a very individual and personal process, the group was held very loosely. There is an underlying resonance that streams through all of us that became apparent.

That I am You and You are Me.

May we blend in perfect Harmony?

We looked at and experienced ourselves below the busy doings and happenings of this tangible world.

We felt a level of connection through our willingness to make time for ourselves in a way we never have done in our entire lives. It gave us the space to recognize, tend, honor and validate ourselves along with our personal  experiences for no other reason than that we, these circumstances and perceptions exist.

Everyone without fail gained some insight into their hearts.

It’s a lifelong process.

This process starts with diving underneath the façade of indoctrinations of right and wrong.  As we create the time and space for ourselves, our focus lands more often on that joyous still point that exists exists within all of us yet so often forgotten.

We began to connect to feelings of gratitude for the ALIVENESS inherent in our breath.

You see, our breath connects us ALL.

There is something magical, mystical, mysterious and unknown that rides on the wave of our breath that infuses each cell of our body with life force.

With this in mind, this process opened the door to

“Everything is ok when I am ok with everything”.

Everyone had their own direct revelations as this is how wisdom speaks to us.

As Michael Brown articulates, we gradually shift incrementally from:

Doing to Being

Looking to seeing

Hearing to Listening

Pretense to Presence

Imbalance to Balance

Separation to Oneness

Reacting to Responding

Inauthenticity to Authenticity

Fragmentation to Integration

Seeking happiness to  Allowing joy

Revenge and blame to Forgiveness

Misperception to Pristine Perception

Complaint and Competition to  Compassion

Behaving Unconsciously to Conscious Behavior

“Living in time” to experiencing Present Moment Awareness

If this interests you, why not purchase the book or audio book and embrace it on your own. If you feel like a group for support, we will be holding an information zoom call for the next group which will commence in September. It is all complimentary.

If you are interested, please email me to be put on the list at



The Presence Process by Michael Brown

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