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April 2022 Is it OK to feel this way?

Ask a question,  set your clock for 15 minutes, connect your breath and watch how your breath responds.

The truth lies in the channel of Love.

What clarifies is the experience of Self-Love

Over the years, I have met and worked with (including myself) so many people asking the question, “What’s wrong with me?” or ”What did I do wrong?” or “ Why do I feel this way?” when we are feeling an emotion that is uncomfortable or deemed undesirable by ourselves or the collective.  The question rarely comes up when we are feeling elated or blissed out. Our mind is constantly seeking a distraction in the form of reasoning: “If I could only figure this out!”

What will be required for us to give ourselves permission to hold space for all grades  of emotion and all aspects of our humanity?

I really appreciate these people as well as myself for diving in deeper. These experiences have been times of immense growth for me as well as my companions along the way.

Recently, I had an experience during a self breath session. It felt like a lightening bolt (painfully electrifying) fueled with the power of immense loving light cracking me open so that I could experience myself through the lens of LOVE. 
All of it.
Just how LOVING I AM!
Just how LOVABLE I AM!
Just how LOVED I AM! 

It was powerful and unexpected. Blessed uncontrollable weeping and tears of profoundly overwhelming emotion consumed me. It was like a life review but I was completely present and aware of what was transposing upon me. 
The timing of this experience came on the heels of something very painful and my innate powerlessness to change a life circumstance for a dear loved one.

I reflected on how I perceive myself. Furthermore, I contemplated the baseline for most people’s self-perception.
 Of course, I (we) can always offer our service to the world. We can do this good deed for someone, or say that to comfort another.
How often do we look closely at the underlying intention behind our actions?  
What is happening within the quiet recesses of our own internal experience?
Maybe we do these good deeds in hopes to grow our innate worthiness.
That on some unconscious level we are attempting to prove our goodness to ourselves.

The real question is:
How loving are we to ourselves?
If our thoughts were on a loud speaker, would we be proud of what our inner dialogue is?
AND, if we are not proud, would we gently self-soothe (not rationalize or berate) ourselves with genuine tenderness?

Are we taking our time to FEEL INTO and then deliberately CHOOSE what, when and how we offer ourselves?
Are we giving ourselves permission to slow down and listen to our heart’s wisdom?
Allowing ourselves to trust amidst external uncertainty?

So it seems that as we look below the superficial story into the deeper aspects of our life circumstance i.e. the flow of energy wanting to be expressed, we activate more of our heart energy and open up more of our intuitive insight. It is from this place, we begin to learn from the simplicities of life rather than requiring calamities or the bigger dramatic wake up calls to gain our attention.

Until that time, it seems we (humanity) are still calling in contrasting circumstances so that we realize just how full of love we are. Its shifting but we still live in a society that has preconceived notions that we “should” feel ‘this way’ in response to this situation and feel ‘that way’ in response to that situation.  Our mind takes refuge in rationalizing, blaming, shaming, judging or criticizing to help us “feel better” about ourselves. It really just serves as a numbing agent.

What if we spoke nicely to ourselves on a regular basis even when we were experiencing an uncomfortable emotion?

What if we did not make the emotion wrong nor attempted to deny it, heal it, change it or make it go away??

What if we just practiced breathing along side the emotion to get to know it better. To let it be the entity that it is. To let it express itself in its own unique way. To say hello. To get intimate. To be curious. To simply watch it, listen to it and feel it fully?

Our lives demonstrate the answer to the unconscious questions we are asking.

Take a look: What life circumstances and experiences really grab your attention?

How we frame our question will shift how the answer appears.

Frame your question from the perspective of your heart asking not your brain. You will know you are doing this because the heart has a softness to it and the brain can be more angular with sharp corners.

It is a process to consistently look for the evidence of what we aim to create for ourselves. Growing our appreciation for everything exactly as it is opens us to unlimited dimensions.

Nevertheless, life does happen. It can throw some complexities our way and that is out of our control; however, we do have a say in the quality of our experience


I feel so enlivened and grateful as I share space with the bravest of souls that are willing to meet themselves in their truest authentic state, take radical responsibility for their perceptions, and be willing to acknowledge the beauty of their own vulnerability.


A regular daily breathing practice will clear your central channel, open your heart, offer clarity of mind and calm as well as heighten your senses.

It’s your choice!




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