August 2015 Be a Star and Light up the World

S.T.A.R. L.I.G.H.T.

Shifting Thoughts Attunes Reality

Listening Internally Guides Happiness Today



When listening to our inner guidance, the world shifts. Each interaction you have with another person is part of the greater picture to shift the perspective of the planet. You cannot do anything “wrong” as each time you interact; you experience yourself in a way that brings you closer to your authentic self. You will know you are growing closer to your authentic self because YOU WILL FEEL BETTER. The alternative is that you feel the fictitious separation from your authentic self. When you leave an interaction having uplifted another person, you feel better yourself. You are coming from a place that is in alignment with the real energetic YOU.



For example:

Let’s say you are meeting a friend for coffee. You are a person that respects people’s time and are often punctual or even early. Your friend has different ideas about time. Sometimes they are late or may even forget about your date. What are your thoughts and, therefore, your perspective of this situation?


Do you feel disappointed for a moment and then recognize that they are doing the best they can and call to reschedule?

-Do you wonder if you created this “happening” exactly how it unfolded to raise your awareness about yourself in a “time” structured dynamic?

-Do you simply learn to set your rendezvous in a way that will create ease for your desire for punctuality such as meeting at their home or office?

-Do you take it personally and feel that they do not care?

-Are you able to understand that you are both exploring parts of yourselves and that is part of how the two of you came together?  To support one another?



If you are the person that has an emphasis on “time specificity”, the starting off place might be to recognize what your current perception of “tardiness” is.


Where did this emphasis on “time exactness” develop?  Do you believe you are “correct” especially since the world supports timeliness?  Does it make you feel better about yourself? How has it served you in your life’s quest? How has it been adaptive? Alternatively, how has it separated you from good feeling states of being? Does this dynamic produce anxiety? Are you afraid of being abandoned? If so, it is nice to know where that originated. It might help in the comprehension of its inception but it is not completely necessary to alter the dynamic in the present moment.


Notice how many situations and people come into your life where this dynamic is playing out. Come to realize that as you focus on the “exactness” of time, the more you call forth these experiences.

The more you make statements to yourself such as the following, the more you will call forth friends, business acquaintances, family and the like with whom to engage that honor those same perspectives.


-My meetings are easily orchestrated and flow with ease.

-I create a plan of rendezvousing that supports all parties involved.

-There is always something I can do while I wait.

-This extra time really gives me an opportunity to be still and breathe. Since I find it challenging to carve that special “Me” time out, I will take advantage of it now.

-When we come together it is a very fulfilling experience.

-These situations are really changing my perception of time.

-I am so appreciative of my friends that give me the room to learn about stillness in my life.

-Our discussions are filled with ideas, spark my curiosity and I walk away feeling nurtured and excited.

-I like the energy that emanates from my friends and our discussions.

-I appreciate how this dynamic opens my eyes to a different perspective.




If you are the person that places less emphasis on “time specificity”, the starting off place might be to recognize what your current perception of “scheduling” is.


How were your raised?

What kinds of messages did you receive around scheduling and exactness?

Were there consequences that left an impression?  

Was time or scheduling experienced as a pressure cooker? Were their messages about “measuring up”? 

Were you permitted the time and space to simply “be”?

Where and when did your mindset of time develop?  

As a child, were you left to feel inadequate or guilty if you operated on a premise that was organic to yourself?

Was it a challenge to fit into the society prescription? 

How has it served you in your life’s quest?

Alternatively, how has it separated you from good feeling states of being?

Does the planning process to be “on time” produce a feeling of anxiety?

Are you afraid of being abandoned?

Perhaps it is stemming from some fear about being left alone so you want to be, at least, the second person to an encounter so you are not waiting by yourself.  Explore whether waiting alone kicks up some anxiety.


Wondering about this helps to dispel the myth that there is something inherently “wrong” with you.  Know that it is simply a habit of thinking on your part and it does not say anything about your “personhood”. That you are lovable and there is nothing to judge.


Notice how many situations and people come into your life where you feel the experience of scheduling playing out. Come to realize that as you focus on what you have to offer, the more harmonious an experience will be enjoyed by all.


-I have a knowingness about time that is soothing and organic to my nature.

-I like how technology supports my desire to have a flow to my day and it makes it all so easy.

-I enjoy the gatherings I create and how I set times and places that are well orchestrated for me.

-I feel so appreciative of my friends, their gentle reminders and their understanding which makes our rendezvous so thoroughly enjoyable.

-These situations are really changing my perception of time.

-I am looking forward to the time I set aside for my brainstorming sessions with other creative people as it will take my creative projects to the next level.

-I am excited about how everything comes together in my life in the timeliness of  fashions.

-I appreciate how this dynamic opens my eyes to a different perspective.



Both individuals have something to offer the other. Creating an uplifting experience and attitude will carve a new pathway for both of you.


Our individual power comes from seeking to understand rather than to be understood!


From a linear, practical mindset, one person may explore the experience of being still and allowing for the thoughts of “How important is this in the whole scheme of things?” It may be an exploration of putting the situation in perspective. It might be a “letting go process” for the notion of time.

“I have no place I need to be. I can wait 30 minutes while she/he gets here. Good thing I brought my notebook/computer to catch up on my “to do” list” or  “This gives me a chance to simply breathe and get the downtime I have been wanting.”  It might be an experience in seeking to understand to be in a better place to offer genuine support. Wondering about time (from a conceptual not practical way) and its importance in your life will open doors to many dimensions.


Another person may explore the experience by asking their counterpart about their perception of time…maybe even ask for help. They might wonder what it is that they are discovering about time. Both individuals might ask about how their friend thinks about time and ask for little hints on how to shift organically to the midline.


When we come from a perspective that there is nothing “wrong” and that we are just exploring nuances in our habits, we see that these quirky behaviors  are not who we are but they allow us to discover more of who we are. They are a path leading us to an internal world which is rich with qualities to be treasured.


We choose these little experiences so that our treasure chest is opened and we see how many jewels there are to be shared. We all have something to offer. No gift is too small. We are all significant and advance our collective consciousness one ripple at a time.



By all of us developing a position of inquisitiveness and wonder about the smallest of interactions, we join forces and collectively see the possibilities for a more harmonious lifestyle.  By wondering about our interactions and questioning their placement in our lives, we develop more insight, able to make changes and support the collective consciousness. Awareness begets awareness. A joint knowingness that supports our quest unfolds. We grow with glee and fascination of what we are creating while here in physical form. We really experience our quest as individuals and as a whole. We are a grand moving force.


Here’s an image to ponder on.


A little bit of wind sweeps up a dandelion blossom. It is white and fluffy and floats in the air. The breeze carries the white powder-puff ball and then another one joins it. Then another and another and another. Soon there are thousands and millions of white translucent powder-puff balls in the air and the force of the wind are elevating all of them to a new dimension. The experience is exhilarating and profound. There is a unity with all of these dandelion balls. They are all going in the same direction yet some of the dandelion balls have more wind energy below them and some have less. Nevertheless, they are all going in the same direction FORWARD. It is forward movement to a new horizon. The wind carries them at sunrise over a wide ocean with the sunlight gleaming on the water and the translucence of the dandelion balls sparkle as the wind carries them over the sea. The vastness and the enormity of the sight are magnificent.  The sea looks, for the most part, calm. There are ripples but it is not violently choppy. The sun peaks its head over the horizon and a new day will be born again and again and again.


This is a metaphor. We are each a dandelion ball. We are each rising above where we once were. The sea represents the enormity of the expansion. The enormity of the shift will come in a fluid manner as an aggregate. What I mean is that, overall, the total will be in a peaceful place.







Consider writing to a person you know and tell them the essence of them that you see. The essence is all above the line and pure positive energy. As you see who they truly are, you will offer an opening for them to shift their personal perception of themselves into an expanded, more loving version. (Please note that this is a personal process and you can only demonstrate an offering). What a gift this is! You have the ability to see people for their energetic selves and help them to see it also. By sharing your pure positive vision of another with another, you are practicing a rare talent and expanding your own version of YOURSELF in the meantime.



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