August 2017 Light Logic Tip # 19 I WANT MORE



Integrating Willingness And Noticing Truth Mirrors Optimal Realities Explored







I sit in stillness, in quiet contemplation of my journey. The theme has been I WANT MORE.


But, “What…. my mind responds, Do you want more of?”


Abundance? It’s all around you.


Simply open your heart and witness the unfolding of ALL THERE IS.


There is always MORE MORE MORE!


Mirroring Optimal Realities Explored


More fullness, more abundance, more connection more HEART, MORE of what we agreed to by just BEING.


There is no separation between the ‘I” and the “We” but we insist on this difference. We compare, measure, judge ourselves and others but to what avail? Our chattering wanting minds take over and scream the “BUTS? HOWS? & WHYS?” of our earthly domain. To what end? To keep us in our place?




I know it; therefore, it spreads and WE, together know it.

I feel it; therefore, it is contagious and WE, together emote it.

I encapsulate it; therefore, it surrounds us and WE, together channel it.

I grow into more of it; therefore, MORE becomes embodied in, through and around US all!

I long for it; therefore, WE long for it.

I cannot live without it; therefore WE cannot truly LIVE without it.

It is me! It is US and I am it and we are it.






There is a force flowing in, through and around all of us asking us to wake up and embrace the authenticity of our eternal nature. To bring forth into this vessel that which we all are yet so many have yet to experience.














We are the essence of Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light Energy.






Again, there is no separation between the ‘I” and the “We” but we insist on this difference. We compare, measure, judge ourselves and others but to what avail? Our chattering wanting minds take over and scream the “BUTS? HOWS? & WHYS?” of our earthly domain. To what end? To keep us in our place?


How might believing in limitation serve us?



Reflect, be still as the question invites more inquiry. The invitation is to go down deep within where the existence of all grace originates.






I meditate. I ask for the experience of abundance. The true abundance in the fullness of form. Within one hour the universe delivers a rainbow of epic proportions. Hues of lavender, green yellow, and pinkish red is splashed across the sky for my viewing pleasure.

How could I ever doubt the power, the magnificent and the raw glory of what exists in grace?

What have you witnessed in this moment that takes your breath away?

That “breathes” you so magnificently and effortlessly?









Is there MORE to & of life, you ask? Perhaps life is pleasing, content AND there is MORE to be had.


Perhaps part of the purpose of experiencing our relentless WANTING mind is a condition by which we discover MORE of what lies beneath the surface: the calm, quiet, relaxed spacious, still silence of peace within. We come to realize that the outer world we have created through cause and effect is an out picturing of our beliefs. The strong distinction makes it that much more visible to us.


Then we reflect….yet again….the pendulum swings:


Does any of this “thinking stuff” make sense? Is it meant to make sense? Is it the clearing of the “thinking stuff” or the “what we think makes sense stuff” that allows the abundance to be felt, seen and experienced to epic proportions?


Are we in a perpetual loop of I WANT MORE “NESS”?









A Momentary Experience

Reaching for Father Sky while my feet are planted firming on Mother Earth. I am merely a vessel, a temple, if you will to, encapsulate the divine presence of energies flowing through me to bring the true abundance to light.





There was a time when I thought that meant money.

After all, money can buy “things” better healthcare, privilege, opportunity, comfort etc. Yet, the endless supply is so much more than the paper dollars we create and believe is the answer to our prayers. There are times, more than I care to admit that I fall into a dense mindset where I view through a foggy lens. I can fall into victim consciousness for a nanosecond and then I realize, “Wait a minute, I am creating this experience.”



Nevertheless, all the wanting, the striving, the efforting serves a purpose on our collective journeys.

As easy as things are prepared to unfold, I/We cling to the notion that “Things are hard.”


How does that serve me/us?


If the desire is to FEEL the boundless, limitless love of the universe and the appreciation that accompanies Divine Love, then strong dissention into the trenches can certainly make the expansion that much more monumentally exorbitant when we finally allow it in.






I/We aim to FEEL to grand proportions which demands a wide open heart.


Ohhh that takes profound deepening levels of trust.  But in what? What am I (are we) trusting?




Have we always done it alone AND do we believe that it is us that has “made something happen?”


It is my/our efforts alone?


Isn’t it my /our own self sufficiency that has gotten me/us to where I am/we are?

Is that something to be proud of? YES AND NO AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.

Perhaps it is time to soften that part to allow space for something even larger that is beckoning to move in, through and around all of us.


Yes, there are many on this path. Each entrenched in their offerings. We are all traveling towards the light and our individual pathways contribute to the trajectory of the whole. No act is too small as it lays the foundation, the pathway for more to unfold in that very direction.


As challenging as it might be, as frustrating as it might seem, it is through our relentless pursuit of the truth of who we all are right now and to FEEL FULLY, to tune into, to get in touch with, to dance with OUR partner the Universe, to align our resonance so that we might experience one another in the most passionate of ways.





An experience:

I long for that deep resonance as the wind whispers in my ear. You are here now and it is all before you. You are always here now and it is always before you. Ready to unfold into the next hue of expanded light. What color might you be today? How vast might you spread your expression? How willing are you to be true to yourself. The energy travels along the line of least resistance. It will fill you up based on the space created. How spacious might I become? This is an ongoing truth of yourself. Are you willing to resonate with, to witness the orchestration that Father Sky and Mother Earth are swooning you to experience in the Universal Understanding of seen and unseen sources?





Take a dollar bill to a safe outdoor place with only dirt and rocks around it.


Make is ceremonial and be still and take notice of the nature around you.


Light the dollar on fire.


Watch how the spirit of air transforms the paper into smoke into nothingness.


Contemplate where it has gone and how it has been transformed. What is that mechanism that force, not scientifically but existentially?


Notice what you feel. If nothing,


Take a $5 dollar bill and repeat. How do you feel? What does you mind tell you? If nothing,


Take a $20 dollar bill and repeat. What is your perspective? How do you relate to the paper? If nothing,


Take a $50 dollar bill and repeat. Are you feeling something? Is it fear? Wonder about it? If nothing, continue until you feel and excavate what is under the surface


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