August 2019 Getting Out of Our Heads and Into Our Hearts

Aug 2019 Getting Out of Our Heads & Into Our Hearts



I believe emphatically that the world would be a much more peaceful place if we moved more our of our heads and into our hearts. The balance between the two centers.  What I mean is if we were able to increasingly….


-TUNE into more of our own subtle emotions rather than deny, suppress or repress them.


-FEEL our innate connection to other people’s vulnerabilities, sensitivities, elation & joy because  they are often a reflection of a deeper aspect of ourselves


-PERCEIVE experientially the effects of our choices which will allow us to understand the causal point more compassionately


-NOTICE the messages that our bodies are sharing with us as simply an imbalance beckoning to be re-harmonized. Consider it to be a physical expression of our internal reality calling for care.


-BE PRESENT with “what is” without changing it which demonstrates love and acceptance


… Then humanity would shift to greater levels of empathy. Kind actions, thoughts and choices towards ourselves and others would be dramatically enhanced. Most likely, we would have no need for hoarding resources, a health care system that thrives on the population’s lack of well-being and actions that stem from fear of disconnection and greed.


When we enter into the exploration of our most tender parts …..when we elect to discover more of our own internal Presence by virtue of quieting the mind, it can start out feeling  like we  are driving a stick shift for the very first time.


For me, it feels like I am grinding the gears……the energy of TRYING. Then, when I least expect it, there is a nano second that opens me to a new expanded version of myself aligned with the perfection of the universe.


When my mind rests, I feel like I am in a convertible with the top down on a mountain peak. I put the car (( metaphorically)  in neutral, it coasts down and gravity pulls me into my center.




Enlivened by the wind flowing through my hair. It is the Universe’s breath refreshing my face with cool vast oxygen.


Air!    Prana!   Chi!    Pure Life Force on Steroids!


It’s emancipating, expansive and liberating beyond measure. The journey smooths itself out until I face yet another layer to be cleared.


After all, we are human and these bodies are available to us for the experience of pleasure and every iteration of that pleasure. Our senses align with our mind’s conviction and associations.


In other words, our mind is simply the vehicle by which we interpret what is pleasurable and what is not.


Sometimes it seems like it’s a long road traveling down from the mind to the heart. After all, our minds are so honored in this society. Logic, reason, & rational take precedent over feeling sensations, exploring emotions and silent stillness. We are perplexed by all the space we are capable of creating.


Why? I believe it is because there is no absolute with emotions. We don’t have as much definable, perceptual control over how they flow, when they arise and when they shift. They seem illusive and mysterious. Emotions are Energy in Motion and we are the vessels by which that energy/emotion is contained, stifled, released and allowed.


Our beautiful minds are the navigating central mechanism by which we can shift that story or association in conjunction with a sensate experience. There are many ways to do this and they all activate your parasympathetic nervous system which is the rest, renew and relax function.


EFT, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, & Breath work are just to name a few. Personally, I enjoy the breath work because I can viscerally feel the vibration coursing through my body. It is undeniable, indisputable, irrefutable and distinctive.


Just in case my mind want to stir up some doubt, my body will shout out in the language of sensations showing me how every cell in my body is communicating, collaborating and co-creating with one another to epic proportions for my highest good. The energy that the breath creates gives me real living proof of just how resilient, versatile, flexible and flowing my system is.




  I have witnessed in  peoples’ bodies  as well as experienced in my own body uncontrollable shaking. This signified the fear and anxiety that was vacating our physicality. By their own reports, they were left feeling lighter and more expansive. When we breathe a conscious, connected, fully embodied breath, we are masters at moving energy. We are in a better place to explore, discover, shift and ultimately choose the kinds of experiences we desire.





Select a person that you come across in your daily life. A stranger preferably.

Notice their mannerisms, expressions, pitch, tone and intonation.

Make up a story with great detail about what may have prompted the expressions that they were exhibiting.

Come from a place of love.

No bias.

Be elaborate!

Be kind!

Be compassionate!

Be understanding!

Say it out loud if you are alone.


EXAMPLE: You are at a red light and the car next to you is an older, heavier weight male driver  appearing disgruntled and frowns at you while flicking his cigarette your way and inching in front of your lane.


Notice your first train of thought and whether it contained any judgments, pity, criticism, annoyance etc


Take a breath!

Speak out loud.


I see a man who was raised in one of the southern states on a tobacco plantation. He was the last small tobacco sharecropper. He grew his tobacco with organic fertilizer and no pesticides. He rolled his own cigarettes and savored the aroma and taste. He enjoyed offering his brand to local restaurants,  up scale and mid range smoke shops. His brother, son and nephew were his partners and were pushed out by the bigger corporations.  Their whole extended family spent significant time together both in business and in leisure time. One of their favorite things was a big southern festive barbecue  of pork ribs, chicken, corn, fried okra, biscuits, banana cream pies and, of course, scotch. They had so much fun laughing at their grandchildren’s impersonations of  wealthy tobacco owners wearing fancy smoking jackets and talking “big business”.  Ever since they went of business, his brother’ was unable to get on his feet financially. He just found out that his little brother was in trouble with a loan shark and his life was being threatened. He had been  tortured by his lack of power to remedy the situation until he decided to take a risk. Something he would never do. He went to the race track and put all his savings down on the trifecta. He scored and was in a hurry to meet the “carrier” to buy his brother out of trouble. He was saving his younger brother’s life and had words stirring in his mind that he would be quite the lecture.


Notice how you felt before you created the story and how you feel as you embellish from imagination land!!!  You can create any feeling you like!!


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