You are currently viewing August 2020 Breathing in the N.O.W. –   Navigating Omniscient Worlds

August 2020 Breathing in the N.O.W. –   Navigating Omniscient Worlds


I see these worlds of ours like concentric circles one circle in and outside of the next, offering us a cushioned boundary of space in which to metabolize what we have experienced/learned and then layering and expanding our horizons internally and externally. As our awareness hones in on the internal flame of white light consciousness (which is our essential nature), this process repeats itself again and again on multi-dimensional levels.


We open our lens of perception. We gain insights and glimpses into the mystery of this Omniscient World and Navigate it until that World presents us with an even deeper, broader, wider intimate lens in which to explore. It is unending and this, my friends, is my greatest joy!

I was driving to the ocean while speaking to my 91 year young father on the phone. He asked me how I was doing. This question prompted me to receive quite a conscious breath.

I replied, “Well, if I stay right here right now in this very moment, I’m all good”.  I paused and really thought about that for a moment because that particular day was a bit unsettling for me. It was a Cancer New Moon (July 20th) and there was a lot of energy moving through me on many levels and with great variations.  I just felt like there was a lot to metabolize and desiring more grounding to settle me more deeply into my body. After all, it’s a healthy body and I have great appreciation and enjoyment for all that it does for me!  I  practice daily thanking it.

There was a time (and there still are times…it’s not a game of perfect) whereby I would have looked for an “explanation” or a “problem”. But….and here’s the big” BUT”, it was really, truly OK!  Nothing to pin it on and I was grateful for this embodied realization. Or maybe, I was having an experience whereby I chose not to pin it on “something”. Certainly, choice is an empowerment tool!

How often do we “look” to some external factor to explain our feelings?

I feel ABC because XYZ happened.

Did XYZ really need to happen for me to feel ABC?

Did XYZ happen exactly so  I would feel ABC and  ABC would be so pronounced that I discovered something about myself  that I  could not see before?

Is there a pattern in my perception , thoughts and ultimately my emotions?

How often do I feel ABC?  How familiar is it? How comfortable is it?

What can I learn from it?

Is there another way to play with this? 

Do I really need to justify feeling ABC to myself by looking to XYZ as the causal factor?

For me, it is comforting to see our external world is a reflection of our internal reality.  It offers me sovereign power.

Fill in your own ABC XYZ blanks and take a peak.

As if we need a reason to feel any which way.

How is it that we have been so programmed that our power is not ours to be had? Humans do tend to attach to certainty as it offers us what we might perceive of as “security”.  “Security” is man-made proposition. Nevertheless, there is a place for self-inquiry and curiosity from an embodiment perspective?

                   Perhaps allowing our breath to pause us has more merit than we once supposed.

Since our breath induces a biological relaxation response and our brain wave activity shifts to an alpha, theta (or even beyond) brain frequency with consistent breath work, we are actively participating in a co-creative pathway exploring and discovering our receptivity to light information. We are priming ourselves for a program upgrade releasing outdated patterns that were never ours in the first place. We see a new day, a new dawn and new light in our life.

There are an infinite number of ways to investigate the NOW and some appear more challenging than others from the outside looking in.  I’ve really come to honor, respect and truly celebrate each person’s journey more and more.

It is just so precious that we each have our own divine order,  light consciousness code,  intimate felt perception that swoons us into a deep dive so that we might blossom into our fullest expression for LOVING in that moment! Instantaneous as that love might be…fleeting…changing us and the world around us, it is an eternal ignition seemingly gone…. off into the cosmos for exponential configurations.

I appreciate the exalted states of freedom as they pass through my system creating space for even more of “all there is” to arrive.

What a glorious world this is.

How omniscient it is.

How awesome are the experiences conceived personally for each and every one of us to know ourselves more fully.

To be introduced to our own divine fingerprint.

There is such complexity and fascination in our intersections.

We grow in amazement as we exchange a silent wink and a chuckle. We have an inside joke that I am in charge.

How this Omniscient World knows us so well with eternal support for the navigation of our personal journey.

We are all shifting and we see an memorialized version of ourselves.

Personally, I feel younger yet wiser. I have been here before. When the commercials broadcast “No limitations”, it’s not about how much you can physically do although our “doings” are a worthy contribution to the human race, it’s about that…

     There is “No limitation” to LOVE.

A wonderful aspect of balance is knowing that however you have chosen to love and be open to receiving LOVE is enough! It’s complete! However, if you so choose, you can expand into more LOVE.

LOVE is harmonious balance.


Next time you have an overwhelming emotion;

Hum & Breathe

Sing & Breathe

Tone & Breathe

Follow the trail of the emotion flowing through your body. It’s light information inviting you in for a peak.




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