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August 2021 Breathing by Design


Did you know that your breath holds a distinct design unique only to you?

Although invisible, the breath has a potent, natural flow awaiting your discovery.

                      When we center ourselves deeply inside a surrendered breath, we experience FLOW!

In my vision, the breath is like a plant. The one thing all plants have in common is that they hold a natural template whereby they  grow effortlessly when supplied with what nourishes them. The environments in which plants thrive range with great diversity but they all hold their needed essential elements. Some plants require vast amounts of sunlight, moisture and enriched soil and other adapt and thrive in dry, sandy, shade covered & cooler terrains. Each environment creates a fascinating lifeform: radiant and brilliant unto itself.

Nature knows how to nourish itself naturally and does so if not interrupted by outside forces. As humans, we are part of nature. We are all born with the ability to breath and the capacity to connect with our innate intuitive wisdom despite the modern world’s onslaught of  interruptions (stressors).

Do we listen to the signs? Our breath is our connection to our life force and, perhaps, the most profound guide for our life’s journey.

In Transformational Breath sessions, there is something called Breath Analysis whereby we objectively observe the flow of the breath. It’s an empirical science. The flow of breath tells a story and returns us to our essence.

Essence means the “true and invariable nature of a thing”. As we breathe a connected, diaphragmatic breath, our body gets activated and we step into a heightened state of consciousness. Our breath will pave a way back home into our heart where all wisdom, clarity, peace and insight resides. It’s our natural flow.

Just like with plants, our breath fosters the natural connection to what nourishes us.  It’s a REAL experience to open our breath and see just how available our growth, flowering and blooming is for us.  Just like plants, we have the ability to adapt and thrive based on how much we embrace the nuances of our breath.

So…. Ask yourself…

Do I give my breath attention and awareness daily?

How tuned in am I to my breath?

Am I creating a sense of flow or does it feel more laborious?

Am I giving my body’s bones and muscles permission to completely relax as I breathe from my diaphragm?

Am I blowing out my exhale?

Am I giving myself permission to inhale (receiving) an abundance of oxygen that is my birthright?

Am I catching myself when I default to a conditioned reaction and watching how my breath pattern shifts?

Am I willing to approach it with curiosity and wonder?

Slow down your breath and say hello to it.

Build a relationship and make your breath your best friend. After all, it is your life force.



The next time you are on a zoom meeting, put the video camera only on  yourself.

Place your hands on the side of your ribs and breathe in and out.

Watch the expansion and contraction and allow it to be hypnotic.

This can be done in the mirror also but if you are working full time, this is a time way to check in with yourself.



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