Dec 2018 I AM the Breath! I AM the “I AM” in Light!

    Dec 2018


I AM the Breath

The Breath Connects Us All!

I AM the Light!

I AM the ” I AM” in, through, around & of the LIGHT!!!


Several years ago, one of my dearest friends sent me this song called I AM LIGHT by India Arie.

She saw my essence, mirrored it and I had a kernel of  its revelation this month.


When we feel safe enough and share  from our HEARTS, the effects we can have on this world are exponential. We may never witness it first hand, but make no mistake, you are creating a shift in perspective that is eternal for yourself and everyone else known and unknown.




Recently, I was feeling lonely for no apparent reason. Everything was fine in my external experience but my mind wanted to latch on to the emotion and make it “SOMETHING”  to perseverate on. My mind wants to make up a story,  feed it with reasons, predicaments, facts and create distractions.  I noticed my mind’s tendency to find a “reason” so that it could be fixed.





What if I just let it be?


What if I just felt the loneliness or any feeling just  as it is?


What if I don’t need fixing?


What if none of us, our feelings nor our life situations need FIXING?


What if it is just some energy form that wants to move in, through and around me ?


What if the mere notion of wanting to fix an aspect of myself created the sensation/emotion of loneliness in a way so that I would sit up and take notice?


What if there is NOTHING WRONG?


What if there is just a piece of me that wants to be held by ME, for ME to trust ME?


What if we make something WRONG to have something to talk about which distracts us from the very truth of who we are?


What if CONNECTION is our desire and if we allow ourselves the time of day we can find it inside?


When I was a child, my parent’s called me the “What if” kid. I’m glad because all of this contemplation and willingness to explore my own heart brings me  deeper into the recognition and acknowledgment that I am a spark of LIGHT.  STAR LIGHT to be exact!





I stood at the top of my yoga mat gazing a few feet in front of me when an echo reverberated throughout my entire consciousness,  It was a soft experiential transmission. I could feel the cells of my body being soothed.


“I AM THE LIGHT,”  the voice whispered.






The next time you have a moment in solitude, share with yourself,


I AM the Breath

The Breath Connects Us All


I AM the “I AM” in, through, around & of the LIGHT!


The holiday season can come with a lot of expectations and even pressure to “do” certain things, to “feel” a particular way and to “be” other than we are perceiving ourselves to be in any given moment. Distraction runs rampant and that is ok. Nothing wrong with it.


Since you may have time off from work and typical responsibilities, maybe there is room for something else. An exploration of our hearts. Isn’t that what this time of year represents?


Dropping into our hearts and seeing what is truly there in any moment, sitting with it before moving into action gives us the permission to be with ourselves authentically and reconnect with ourselves.





Play I AM LIGHT by India Arie


Speak to self:


I AM the Breath (and receive a deep full breath)


The Breath Connects Us All


I AM the LIGHT ( Look at the lights and know that they are an outward reflection of your essence)


I AM the “I AM” in, through, around & of the LIGHT!


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