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Dec 2020 What’s So! Breathing with What’s Showing Up!

I wanted to write and share one of the many things that have been moving through me but nothing of any satisfaction was landing in my system so I sat and sat and sat with the blank screen and allowed it to be as it was until it shifted on its own. Actually, this realization came to me during one of  personal breathing sessions. I hopped up, started writing and here I am with you now.

This pandemic has supported me in developing an increased capacity to sit with ” What’s So” rather than mentally opposing or fighting it. It feels like a deepening acceptance and great appreciation of “What’s So” and its relevance to me as it relates to the collective. I believe it is carving that pathway for all of us to one degree or another.

Recently, I felt called to read Werner Erhard’s passage “What’s So” at one of my virtual Monday night breathing groups (email me if you are interested in joining) and it was quite the intention setting for the evening.

It seems that as we enjoy an expanded perception of ourselves, others and the world at large, we become more aware of how much energy  we exert in opposing what already exists only to create friction on a multitude of levels. This can look:

Physical Friction (Heat aka inflammation) in our bodies through contracting muscles, restrictive blood flow, hampered breath, body temperature rising, aches and pains, toxicity,  body disharmonies of every kind.

Mental Tension ( Resistance to what’s so) in our minds with misperceptions and distorted stories, internal conflicts, projections, hurrying, worrying, absorption of too many viewpoints (news and social media etc) which can manifest as sleeplessness, confusion, doubt, control, depression or addictions.

Emotional Denial  through vehicles of Suppression and Repression to thwart the flow of emotions that want to move through us.

Then we breathe. We breathe consciously, regularly and with willingness. We breathe again and again not for a specific result (although that might draw us to the practice) but just because we are a living being and this is a gift given to us, a tool of connection with our Essence. Our breath acts as a cooling agent for the friction we have harbored for lifetimes.

Things begin to move.

Perspectives shift.

We listen more attentively.

Insight and Intuition take center stage.

We hold the capacity to sit with our emotions developing compassion and appreciation for the chaos.

Our hearts open gradually, softly with authenticity  only to close and open again

A felt perception reveals to us what we have been choosing and a natural willingness to choose differently ensues.

The breath helps us to shift from the inside out. Through this practice we are discovering our essence faster than we might suppose, Nevertheless, it might be experienced as  SLOWLY BY SLOWLY. Consider how gentle our inner guidance is and how well the Universe knows exactly what is perfect for us in this here moment  now. We definitely have a hand in these co-creative choices.

Soothing Lets Our Way Love You

Being You

Says Loudly Our Way Loosens You



So here we find ourselves in the midst of 2020 holidays.  This experience, as are all others, is rich in opportunity for all of us. What we find is based on what is required for our most prolific desires.

-How we greet and meet ourselves in each moment …

with love, adoration and compassion for ourselves.

-How we choose to experience each circumstance…

with curiosity, intrigue and willing interest in what is before us.

-What dynamics unfold for our greatest revelations….

seeing through the eyes of wonder, a smiling heart and innocence of a child.

-What we find in the mirror & our willingness to self-celebration & validate “all that shows up” regardless of its           presentation…

                                                  is our most precious opportunity to move into deeper levels of integration with our Essence, swirl ourselves into the arms of Radiance and rest in our Epic Hearts




Read this passage into a recorder.

Play it back to yourself while seated comfortably, eyes closed and breathing deeply with a stimulated cadence.

What’s So
 by Werner Erhard
What’s so is always just what’s so.
What’s so doesn’t care what you think, feel, intend or wish; it will not bend. You can be freaked out or driven over what’s so, and it won’t change what’s so.
If you’re late for an appointment, getting freaked out about it won’t have you arrive any earlier. If you’re having a bad day, being freaked out won’t change what’s so.
That which you seek will not bring you satisfaction – aligning with what’s so will.
When you’re upset, you’re never upset over what’s so. What’s so is just what’s so, and you’re upset.
If your house burns down and you get upset, does it bring your house back? What’s so doesn’t care if you’re upset; it’s up to you how you handle what’s so.
There is no confusion in what’s so. When you don’t know you just don’t know – there is no confusion there.
There’s nothing right or wrong about what’s so. What’s so is always open to different interpretations. There’s always just what’s so, and then you have an interpretation.
What scares you isn’t what’s so, it’s your interpretation. The interpretation is never true; what’s so is real, the interpretation is not.
Who you’re being is just who you’re being, and what’s so doesn’t care if you’re happy with it or not, so why should you? When you’re not being with what’s so, that’s also just what’s so. Why should you concern yourself?
Other people should always be the way they’re being; if you think they shouldn’t, that’s your interpretation. Bring yourself back to what’s so about them. Until you can be with what’s so, you can’t be with anything or anyone. You may have control over other people’s what’s so, but none over their interpretation – give it up.
If you take action or not, it’s still just what’s so. If it works out well or not, it’s still just what’s so. You can never make a right or wrong decision or take a right or wrong action.
Whatever you do will always bring you more of what’s so, and then you have an interpretation about it. Whatever you don’t have, so what? Whatever you’ve done or thought in the past, again so what? Whatever happens in the future is not to be feared. It’s just going to be more of what’s so.
The challenge is to spend as much time in what’s so as you can. The chatter in your head is more interpretation, and it has nothing to do with what’s so. There’s nothing wrong with the chatter, it’s just you listening to a fantasy.
The thought that there is something wrong is an illusion; there is nothing wrong, there is only what’s so.
Notice when you’re comparing what’s so to some fantasy of how it should be. Bring yourself back to what’s so and it will be O.K.
Ask yourself what’s so and align with that. Align with what’s so and it will not matter. That is the foundation of transformation and satisfaction.
Not aligning with what’s so is the only thing that will ever bring you hardship or suffering. Life in what’s so will bring you harmony, grace, and balance.
The other side of what is so is so what.

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