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Dec 2021 Our Relationship between Breath and Self-Love

I referenced in a previous blog article that I had an epic experience whereby I had a fully felt perception that LOVE loves EVERYTHING. That LOVE is so big that there is NOTHING that LOVE cannot love.

Even in my disappointment of reaching my edge and unable to expand my capacity to receive more love, LOVE showed me through my sensations that LOVE loves me even in my disappointment, foibles, regressions, reactions and so called imperfections. What a gift to receive this experience.

I have been holding this close to my heart with full intention to integrate this teaching at every turn.

I am finding that as I take the time to hold precious space for myself by tending to my breath practice consistently and patiently, I experience myself in magical ways. It lends itself to feeling a sense of delight in this 3D reality.

I feel a light and spacious vibration in the realms around me but it is not a 100% of the time. It’s a practice and I get feedback from my breath every time. My breath acts in servitude to my physical body by relaxing it, balances my emotional realms and steady’s the mental chatter so I might step into the holy neutral.

As I awaken each day, I renew my intention which is to remember that LOVE loves EVERYTHING.

This sets the stage to live with the experience that…

I am OK.

You are OK.

The world is OK and everything is as it is meant to be for this moment. (This is a complex statement and depending on where you sit in relation to your reality will unveil the layers of so-called “truth”)

My breath reminds me that there are no problems.

It reflects back when I am thinking too much or in resistance to feeling uncomfortable with something that arises out of fear, grief, anger or pain etc. But it keeps on coming. Inhale and exhale over and over again in complete service to my well-being.

The magic of the breath is that its’ illuminations are  a purposeful, divine orchestration to show me how to hold myself, “be” with “what is” with such delicate attention that the momentary so-called “ truth” transmutes, evaporates or morphs into something new. It’s enlivening to remember this and even more euphoric to embody this. I remain steadfast to this practice because the breath anchors me over and over back to my intention.

So, what’s your intention?

What are you practicing, renewing, replicating each day?

Will you CHOOSE to give yourself the time and space to see how the breath can act as a continuous loop of birthing and dying exhibited by each inhale and exhale?

Will you CHOOSE to give yourself the time and space to see how it will invite you to embrace more and more nuances and subtleties along your life’s journey?

Will you CHOOSE to give the breath a chance to help you cultivate patience and offer you insights to get up close and personal with your unique (not like anyone else) process?

Will you CHOOSE to give yourself the time and space to see how it will validate you and show you that whatever is happening is required to happen for your own evolution?

Will you CHOOSE to engage in short little breath exercises and remind yourself of your intention and become more and more aware of how your body responds?

This is not an intellectual process. It is experiential! Intention+ Attention+ Practice= Deliberately Designing your own De-Light!


As you awaken in the morning, let the first thing be that you recite your intention for what you aim to create for your day, week, month, year or life.

Breathe slow elongated, connected breaths until you cultivate an elevated emotion congruent with your dream world.

Think in terms of how you want to “FEEL” in your intentional reality.

This is an act of Self-Love

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