Feb 2019 Coming Home to Your Heart: The Breath Reminds Us of our Connection to ALL THERE IS


The Breath Reminds us of our Connection to ALL THERE IS



Doesn’t surreality breed simplified Presence if we allow it? Have you ever had a deeply surreal experience that made the world around you appear seemingly flat, odd and lacking in dimension ??


Sometimes it’s subtle like having the awareness that life is not really about destinations aka achieving, obtaining, arriving etc. and voila you make a shift in perspective which changes all the things you choose to do and not do.


Often it comes in a way that is not so subtle. It arrives on our door steps exemplified by a huge shift in one’s life like a health challenge, relationship breakup, job loss, accident, or death of a loved one. It’s a stripping of your life as you once knew it. It’s a death. It’s a creation of space. It prompts a different iteration of yourself. One that is not so familiar; thus, typically, discomfort ensues.


At the same time, it is a deep cleansing, a profound space holder for the launch of our voyage. A voyage into the unknown of our own inner chasm. A place in which intimacy within ourselves is ignited.




An activation occurs and we REALIZE our own brilliance. We have an expanding repertoire of emotions that are now acceptable to us. We step gently into the glimmer of our own radiance and allow ourselves to taste our own starshine. It comes in bits and pieces to allow our entire energetic system: Mind, Body and Spirit to digest, metabolize, and assimilate with what is now TRUTH for us.




So, when people ask me “What has Transformational Breath® done for you?” I reply. “It is not what Transformational Breath® has DONE for me as if it is “one and done”. 


This particular breathing pattern is a tool by which I honor my partnership to the Divine. It’s a willingness to remain connected with the Source energy that infuses the life force into my beingness AND when I experience disconnection, ( and I do)  this constant companion  acts as a reminder. It  CONTINUES to unfold right here right now in this very moment.   It’s a practice! It’s a partnership.




As I ponder of the clichés of a lifetime I  GET that clichés are clichés because they are right on point. It’s just a matter of experiencing our version with a felt perception that gives it personal meaning.


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.

It’s all in the journey!

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home, Matsuo Basho

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is more important than the outcome. Arthur Ashe

Be here now Ram Dass

Be the change you wish to see in the world , Ghandi

What you see in others, you have it in yourself

There’s no such thing as a coincidence.

Everything happens for a reason.

You never get more than you can handle.

You are always right where you are supposed to be.

Let go, Let God


Just for today, Transformational Breath® is bringing me home to MY HEART. Not what it’s supposed to look like to be a “good person”, “successful entrepreneur”, “caring healer” etc and all the other labels but what is authentically mine.


It’s a process where the art of grace embodies the power of love in earth time.


As our individual/collective awareness shifts to one of nurturing and cultivating that momentary spark   (that exists in every single one of us) into a string of lights (interconnectedness), this place of Truth, Light, Oneness and Peace steps forward into our visceral experience and we offer the change from the inside out albeit sometimes slowly, deliberately, emphatically, but in the end BLISSFULLY!

We ARE the I AM Presence. We are home in our heart.

It’s coming from the inside out.










-Create a warm inviting environment for yourself.


Declare to the Universe an invocation. This will invite the powers that be into your heart space






Example: “ I beckon on the I AM Presence, Masters of Light, Goddesses of Grace, and Angelic Forces to join me in this sacred space whereby I open my heart to connect with the Supreme Heart of hearts. Support me in my exploration of my deepest LOVE, my most profound level of connection and all the bliss that we are in unity. I open myself up to your wisdom, messages and guidance. I thank you for this time, I thank you for this energy and I thank you for this space”


  1. Put on music that will last for 20 minutes
  2. Breathe deeply through your mouth into your lower abdomen. Allow the inhalation to be longer and the exhalation to simply fall out of you like a waterfall.
  3. Email or message me with your experience.

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    I love this…can’t wait to do more♥️

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    Thank you Donna. Love you

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