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Feb 3 2020 I’m Aquarian Living in the Age of Aquarius

I was born in the month of February. Actually, the 3rd day of the month. TODAY!!!!!!   
I am a true Aquarian at heart. According to Google which is gospel truth in this digital age, this is the definition.

Despite the “aqua” in its name  Aquarius is actually the last AIR sign of the zodiac. Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land. Accordingly, Aquarius is the most humanitarian astrological sign .

When I was a little girl, Nixon was president and I wrote him a letter about the starving children in Biafra,  I recall feeling full of hope and excitement when I received an 81/2′ by 11′ in envelope in the mail from the White House. Wow, I made a difference at such a young age.
Lo and Behold it was a picture of the White House and some promotional garbage.  My little heart sank so much that even my posture resulted in a sunken chest for years.  This was only one of several events that prompted me to protect my heart and look towards what was “wrong” with the world.  I was so sensitive, cared so much and felt so powerless that my little psyche decided not to “feel fully” for several decades. I made a decision to survive. Subconsciously, the choice was to control how much in the way of emotions to allow myself to experience. Rationalizing, intellectualizing and anger were useful tools to separate and it served as  great armor.
 What I didn’t know was that my ineffectiveness prompted a sense of guilt given that I was in a more privileged yet powerless position. At least, that is how I  interpreted the experience. This is what I buried.
Despite becoming very much efficient, effective, competent and financially abundant in most work life endeavors, there was a gnawing current of emotions deep within that was beholden to a scarcity mindset. That it is “wrong” to receive goodness when there are so many people in much more life challenging positions. I created an underlying subconscious dynamic that it is somehow more righteous  to feel undeserving which helped me to align with the underdog.
 I was not serving myself nor the world with this type of energy cord.
That experience is embedded deeply in my mind, body and spirit because it holds value for me. There is a message in its essence.  It holds value because I am able to see how I resourced myself i.e. protected myself as a young child when I was unable to effect change in the manner I would otherwise choose.
I created a linear split between poverty and affluence not realizing that abundance came in all different shapes and sizes.
All of us have experiences, circumstances and challenges that shape us. As adults, we can revisit these experiences with a watchful, compassionate, understanding eye to see the jewels embedded in the fabric of the design. We can reweave the tapestry to DeLiberately DeSign our own DeLight and that of the world.
We can change the present by shifting our perception of the past, create a new story, an alternative interpretation of the dynamic so it serves us and the world.
If we are willing, we can see that we are the causal point of all pathways. That is quite an empowered place from which to spring.
I see things differently now. Not so much with what is “wrong” with the world but what is the world reflecting back to me. What and how might I contribute in my it-sty bitsy corner of the globe. In this human lifetime, this little vessel of energy that is called Darryn does evoke change even sitting in silence. I am able to shape the world around me by consciously realizing I am a projector of what I desire to come into physical form. And so can you!!!!!
Actually, we ALL do it. It’s just a matter of how conscious we are in the creating of it.
So now, we are able to honor  and be beholden to all the souls who have chosen to live in this time and space reality in a less than comfortable lifestyle and open to those who live in luxury. Perhaps those who enjoy a more privileged, comfortable lifestyle will grow a new appreciation for those less fortunate as the privileged  seek a newfound form of abundance…the kind that money cannot buy.
Perhaps all of us will experience something different..something that deepens our capacity for empathy, compassionate understanding, appreciation and in all out support for humanitarian growth. As we grow ourselves up and experience a ‘FELT PERCEPTION” of experiences that would not necessarily be in our wheel house, we FEEL our unification aka Oneness.  It’s just a matter of how many times does the lesson need to circle back around for us to perceive it. It takes what it takes.
In my opinion, people do not shift from a rational, intellectual, cognitive examination of a circumstances. Moreover, we tend to truly shift from the inside out when we FEEL a circumstance as our own. We are the causal point to effect change more profoundly.  We embody it.
In my experience, Transformational Breathwork ®  gives me incremental courage. It teaches me to allow myself to feel FULLY. It keeps me in the process of opening my heart more and more.
It teaches me to feel EVERYTHING. No discrimination ….the rage, the numbness, the disgust along with the bliss, love, and joy!
It gets me in touch with my heart center, moves me through the crunchy places and continues to expand my consciousness towards states of  joyful exuberance  that I always knew deep down inside was not only possible but is my birthright despite societal conditioning to believe other matters should take precedent.
 If we continue to distance ourselves from our own emotions by staying in what we perceive as a safe haven (the mind), we lose out on full array of internal experiences.
Pick a topic of controversy that accompanies a charged emotion: politics, environment, healthcare, divorce etc
Notice your thoughts and the underlying emotion.
It is the underlying emotion that you are projecting into the Universe. Emotions are the language of the Universe. It’s how we communicate with Source
Now, quiet your mind and go into deep inquiry into your heart.
Ask your heart ,
” What wants to be known here?”
” What perfection lies in this mystery?”
” What new choices is humanity learning from this experience?”
Your heart looks through the lens of love laced with innocence and acceptance. It has no opinion. The energy of “Love” has no opinion. It loves everything including hate. That is why it is LOVE.
Notice your shift in perspective if ever so slight. Look for small incremental shifts…not big wide sweeping.
Be patient with yourself and practice this often. Miracle consciousness will ensue whereby you will perceive everything in divine order and perfection.
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