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Darryn Silver LCSW - Transformational Breath

We use doors as a manner to enter and exit rooms in a building. Sure, they are architecture that we have created and they do facilitate our movement from room to room. Their design may allow for a greater flow of energy or a slowing down of the energy based on our preference but the energy is always there. Doors are a metaphor for phases in our lives. Doorways are passageways to a new dimension of you, of the “I”.

As you move from one situation/encounter in your life to another, you enter into a new phase. Your awareness grows, you will find yourself fulfilling a life experience in that “room” or phase. For example, when you pull your car into your garage, you appreciate the fact that you have a place to store your car but it comes to an end at that point. You don’t stay in your car and eat your dinner and go to sleep. You enter a doorway to come into the house. The same idea holds true for your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. In some cultures I have visited, entire families live in one room but I witnessed a transformation of the space where they put things away once a certain activity is completed to create space for the next experience.

These signs are designed to remind you of who you truly are as you move from space to space, from room to room in your office, home or wherever. Post them on the doorways or personalize your own. Enjoy them and know that you are a magnificent being of Light. DELIGHT FULLY IN YOURSELF!!! The energy that emanates from you  is contagious and it will give permission to the next person to do the same. This is how we evolve and our world expands. It starts with the “I”. A very powerful “I”!!!

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