Jan 2017 Light Logic #12 The New Professional

Have A Peacefully Prosperous Year Noticing Earth’s Wonders!

Your Expression Accentuates Rejoicement!




It was early morning and I was sitting while casting my gaze upon the stripped trees outlined by the barren winter hillside behind my house. I watched the wind howl and the trees swaying BACK AND FORTH.1-27-15 BACK AND FORTH

The small, still, quiet but impactful voice within me shared the message I have heard countless times,

” Clear your mind! Pointed focus! Open your heart! Speak your truth!”

8-23-16 FOCUS NOW

We have all heard that small, still, quiet but impactful voice within us but have we listened to it. It is our personal guiding light. It is within us so that we might replicate that clarity in our interactions with others.

This month’s video/blog is all about the physiology of our bodies when we live from a state of “Over-Responsibility” (stress response) vs. a position of being a “Guide” (mindfulness initiation) and the varying impacts it has on our individual and collective consciousness. It is through the simple practice of Mindfulness that our Intuitive Knowingness shifts our perception and ongoing experience to that of Abundance. It is from the inside projecting OUT!!!



I have spoken quite a bit about how the face of business is changing. Your role in the grand scheme of things is INCREDIBLY SIGNIFICANT! Being fearless and knowing that YOUR WILLINGNESS TO EXPRESS YOUR AUTHENTICITY is a power of example. By activating and sharing your inner worlds, you are setting the stage and giving permission for your client, colleague, friend or family member to do the same. It is paramount to the fostering of MINDFULNESS as the “new normal”. It is a dynamic that is exponentially contagious!



I think society

can learn a lot from Simon and Garfunkel’s song “Feelin” Groovy” Where it suggests that we “Slow down, ya move too fast!”


When we see ourselves as guides for the people in our lives whether that be personally or professionally, it prompts a detachment with love. All of a sudden we no longer feel responsible for another’s circumstances. As a guide, we observe from a posture of curiosity, wonder and inquisitiveness.


First, let’s just review briefly about coming to a dynamic from a perspective of OVER RESPONSIBILITY.


Please note that there are varying degrees to this. It is a wide range of a scale and the more mindful, the more you notice where you are in relation to a peacefully positive natural state of being.




                            EXTERNALLY FOCUSED >

                                           STRESS RESPONSE


When we experience a sense of over-responsibility, we activate a flight or fight response in our brain which is a survival mechanism when in danger. That’s fine if we are in the woods and a bear is stalking us but on a regular basis, it takes toll on our bodies. Our bodies are our vessel to carry us through life so we want to treat them with loving kindness and respect. We want to listen to our bodies because they have an intelligence way before we are consciously cognizant of it. There are subtleties and nuances in a very wide range of awareness.


For example: Before I speak in front of a large audience, I would notice my ears would clog as if I was in an airplane. In learning that was a stress response my body activated, I was able to be proactive, listen to a head set of music or sit in stillness, breathing deeply before speaking and my ears are clear.



An ongoing stress response causes the stress hormone cortisol & adrenaline to be released. We are putting ourselves in a position of hypervigilance, ready for movement and quick action.

  1. Our blood circulates more rapidly due to our heart beat accelerating
  2. Our muscles constrict ready for exertion of activity
  3. Tunnel Vision to focus on what is needed for self-preservation (cuts off peripheral vision)
  4. Our breathing is labored
  5. Digestion slows down (can make it challenging to regulate body weight)
  6. Loss of hearing
  7. Immune system suppression
  8. Increased blood pressure to give more energy to needed parts of body to function optimally
  9. Tend to be focused on problems and asking questions about problems. The problem tends not to be the problem but the perseveration on the problem. Constant discussion on the problem which cuts off our broad minded perspective
  10. Perception of Limitation: Fall into a left brain mentality of labeling, judgment and critical thinking
  11. Trying, Efforting, Striving.Pushing and Heaviness
  12. Scarcity Mindset: Deprivational mentality, self-pity, anguish, frustration, anger etc.
  13. Future or Past focused and all associated thought processes and emotions i.e. Worrying, anxiety, regret and guilt surface






                              INTUITIVE RESPONSE


As Guides for Family, Friends, Colleagues and clients we are exchanging a different kind of energy. We are co-creating through the blending of right brain activities and mindset so that the experience is freer flowing. We see ourselves as facilitators for a more light-hearted lifestyle. We come together, connect, collaborate, and support one another through synchronistic blending. We do not act in a silo!!!!


This will allow the following:

  1. A sense of ease and relaxation to wash over all participating.
  2. Envisioning/imagining the “sunshine” aka possibilities in their life/lifestyle!
  3. Emotions give rise to Feeling of hope, prosperity, abundance, peace ,excitement etc.
  4. Chemical/neurotransmitter/Hormone secretion of serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin which are innate “Delight Drugs”.
  5. Breathing correlates to the heart beat.
  6. Muscles are relaxed
  7. Circulation and Digestion improve.
  8. Regular patterns of sleep are enhanced
  9. Memory improves
  10. A sense of physical invigoration energizes the body and fuels the projects at hand
  11. The mind gains clarity and ideas begin to fuel projects on a new trajectory
  12. Abundant Mindset fosters the ability to envision multiple potentialities
  13. In the moment: N.O.W. Navigating Opened Worlds
  14. Ability to see a variety of options i.e. peripheral vison opens
  15. A sense of belonging is fostered. We feel cohesive, part of and a sense of belonging
  16. We are excited about what is about to unfold.


In the next several months, we will visit the active techniques that may be practiced while engaged internally with ourselves or externally with a client, family friend or client. This month’s exercise is simply to:


  1. Set 5 minutes 3 x day
  2. Place one hand on your heart
  3. Place one hand on your abdomen
  4. Inhale and exhale and observe the coherence between your breath and your heart beat.



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