Jan 2018 Light Logic Tip #24 A New Year Anecdote The Hummingbird and the Bear

Jan 2018 Light Logic Tip #24 A New Year’s Anecdote for Adults:

The Hummingbird and the Bear



Once upon a time in a not so far off land, there lived a kingdom of much evolved wild life. Nature was vibrant and all creatures roamed freely. Although they did not always understand one another, they had the uncanny ability to respect one another as well as appreciate their diversity and unique qualities.





                                                                                          Where in our lives do we exude appreciation and what ways do we model respect? As adults, how might we welcome and embrace the dissolution of their contrasting partners scarcity and judgment? 


Life Thrives in Presence




One early spring day, a mother bear and her cubs emerged from their cave of hibernation. It was a glorious day to be roaming the pastures sniffing for roots, digging for bugs and sucking on the sweet nectar of honeysuckles.


Take note of which of life’s simplicities do you revel in the most?




One of the cubs followed the curiosity of his nose, 

playfully prancing towards the forest at the

meadow’s edge. As he was rubbing his back

against a decaying tree stump when he heard a

high speed flapping sound.


At any age we can learn and grow. Our curiosity directs us to our soul’s intrigue which ultimately places us on the pathway to greater love of self and others.



He looked around and did not see anything but the sound persisted. He sniffed with his nose as this was his most highly attuned sense but did not really smell anything. The fluttering sound grew louder and louder and seemed to buzz around his head yet he did not see anything. The cub moved over to a patch of honey suckles and other flowers and the sound followed him.


Imagine what  might be beyond what you can see and smell (physical senses)  in this moment. What little voice or sound in your heart is calling you?



As he began to sniff at one of the flowers,

right alongside of him was the tiniest                        

of the most miniscule of creatures.

He had never seen such a sight in his

young life but remained fascinated.                     


Once the bear was aware of this little creature they began to communicate telepathically. They were very advanced creatures and although they mostly relied on their physical senses for every day tasks, they had the ability to tune in astutely then the desire struck them.


When you meet another person or you are in a new situation, what are your initial sensory observations and how do you feel based on those observations ( not the head …just the body)?



                                                                                 They had an expanded   awareness beyond their physical senses.











The little creature introduced itself as a HUMMINGBIRD. The BEAR expressed his curiosity about the size of this magnificent creature and its continuous movement.


The HUMMINGBIRD shared with the bear the following message:

Even though I am only 3 inches, I bring great attributes to this Universe that we share. My wings flap 80 beats per second, my heart beats 1260 beats per minute and have been known to fly 34 mph on most days. I have to eat and absorb nutrients constantly because I burn energy so very fast. Since I cannot eat at night because it is so dark, I could starve but have this miraculous ability to slow my whole metabolism down to 1/15th of my normal rate into a torpor state of being. This conserves my vital life force that flows through me until morning. I really am quite the miracle.     


Notice how and when you create time and space for stillness and  movement. Is it balanced?


Each morning, I spread my wings and declare what I want to explore for the day. I know how to resource myself to a very high capacity. Not only that, I have a lot of tenacity and perseverance. If I set my mind to it, I can travel 2000 miles with these wings.



Name how you are a miracle out loud in front of the mirror right NOW!

Imagine that!! I am a reminder to all of the abundance there is in nature. After all, look at me! I am so small and so spectacular. Imagine a tiny little being like me making friends with a big husky guy like you and fearlessly also! Have you ever seen anything quite like me? Full of energy, zip and vigor? I take such joy in each second of each day. I move through what nature calls the continuity of time effortlessly. AND, IT’S ALL NATURAL!


Take a moment and imagine all of YOUR goodness pouring out of you. What would it look like? Can you imagine that  the goodness of others look differently for a reason? Authenticity is effortless because it is you being you!


The bear replied:

Yes you are! I am so intrigued by you and I have my own story to share about my extraordinary talents.

Every year just before late autumn (so I am told because this is my first year of life), I will eat and eat and eat and gain lots of weight to prepare for the winter months. I need lots of fat to keep my body operating during these months of time that I enter into a state of hibernation.



Simply notice thoughts you have about others with similar/ different body types?





I can get my heart rate down to about 10 beats per minute and breathe only 1 time every 45 seconds.









I allow myself to sink into a deeply

meditative state. Although I look like I am sleeping, I know everything that is happening around me. I am superconscious!







How much quiet time do you allow for a peaceful mind? Your senses and vitality become keen with down time.






I will be using this time to slow myself way down, rest, renew and contemplate what I will co-create with the rest of nature in the springtime.






Really, I am quite a fascinating dude.

Do you know any other creature that can

hold their ground with courage and

not have “to do” things all of the time?

That’s power, I’d say.

To be silent for so long that

I know myself from the inside out.

This time and space I give to myself

surfaces some deeply introspective

vision on all of nature…not just my life.

You see, because I experience my essential core,  I have a built in ability to use this unique kind of courage to stand my ground, speak out     

and protect others. I would do that for you

my friend, if anyone ever attempted to harm you, I would stand fearlessly by your side.

 I am your loyal servant for life.











This is more than a cute little anecdote. Just as the hummingbird and the bear have unique qualities that make them extraordinary, so do each and every one of us. It is part of our soul’s journey to discover those gifts and allow them to be put forth in the world. These two animals use their energy, their life force, in the most natural of ways.


The HUMMINGBIRD’s message is:

Happenings Unleash Magical Miraculous Intrigue Nourishing Growth By Inspiring Readiness Delicately



Each Happening (or experience) in our lives Unleashes (or opens) us up to the Magic and Miracles of this World, Universal Understanding and beyond. Each Happening Nourishes our Growth (personal expansion and remembrance of who we are) naturally through our Intrigue (or curiosity) of what Inspires us. What Inspires us is a sign post, a gentle Delicate nudge towards our personal Readiness to express our gifts.

The hummingbird invites us to revel in each experience. Smell the flowers! Enjoy the sunshine! Take awe in the continuity and beauty of nature. Absorb the playful pleasure of it all!



The BEAR’s message is:    Believing Excavates All Remembrance



The process by which we come to BELIEVE in our authentic natural essence is vital to the Whole. Think about that for a moment. What would you like to believe in that remains elusive to you in this moment?     

Pause….Reflect… It might take some hibernation time to excavate.

What did you previously NOT BELIEVE and later came to BELIEVE?

Pause …..Reflect on the experience of this process.

What was excavated, cleared, removed to experience a more profound level of intimacy with your SELF?


The bear says, “The EXCAVATION “PROCESS” of personal truth is more significant (if you had to make a comparison but comparison is becoming obsolete in the new paradigm we are creating) than the destination point. The bear says, since there is no arrival point, it is simply the complex integration of more of our pieces of Remembrance. The bear uses the word ALL because we each have an ALL encompassing nature. We have pieces of the ALL within each and every one of us. We are passing our experiences of ourselves back and forth so that we might have new experiences of others and ourselves. There are countless infinitesimal nuances. Each and every one of us is contributing to the Whole, the All, the Entirety through the process by which we choose to engage.





  1. Breathe deeply and slowly with one hand on your heart and one on your lower abdomen.
  2. Simply notice any thoughts and breathe into them.
  3. When your central nervous system seems calm and relaxed PAUSE, breathe and notice how you have slowed yourself down.
  4. If you desire some play, put a question out to the universe ,” What animal am I most aligned with in this moment”
  5. What qualities is this animal aiming to illuminate for me
  6. Google animal totem and see what aspects are resonating. Notice of there are parallels in your life right now.

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