Jan 2019 Just Like Birthing into Life, Our Breath Expands and Contracts

Jan 2019

Just Like Birthing into Life

Our Breath Expands and Contracts


We come into this world through a mechanism of our mother’s body. In a natural birth, there’s an expansion and a contraction which is metaphor for our journey throughout our physical LIFE experience.  



You cannot have one without the other.


Our breath has an inhalation which is analogous to our expansion.


Inhaling is the physical mechanism by which we expand our capacity for more and more boundless levels of abundance to be metabolized within our particular system or body temple.


Exhaling is the release mechanism or the time of contraction whereby we have an opportunity to go within and discern what is being reflected back to us through our personal experience. The exhalation is meant to be relaxed, soft, and easy. It is meant to be a time of going deep inside ourselves (albeit a subconscious nanosecond if we are even aware of this dynamic), releasing and of just being our own witness.


Our lives, the people in them, the circumstances we create are all a beautiful tapestry depicting our inner environment i.e. our thoughts, feelings, beliefs etc.   This is not meant to be used to beat yourself up if you do not like what is in your environment. It is meant to be an illumination so that you might claim dominion of your inner reality and make your shifts in perception on the inside. It all originates on the inside and identifying the CAUSAL point to EFFECT change in our external environment. It is paramount to creating indelible shifts in consciousness.



Have you ever been in a TIME of expansion

and experienced a slight deflation like the tiniest

pinprick in a balloon so small that the balloon just

loses air slowly and innocuously? You are not able to take your focus off this slight irritant and it changes your whole energy. Since you are unaware why this one irritant is still hanging around, it grows in its magnitude to illuminate its causal point? Soon your expansion has tempered itself and you are in a state of contraction that is profoundly noticeable to you.


Here’s an example:


Let’s say you are an event planner and you have several new clients. All is going well. All of the events are well received and selling out consistently. Your clients are thrilled and continue to use your services for additional events. You entertain the idea of expanding your business with enthusiasm. You can see it in your mind’s eye with the accompaniment of passion. Voila, before you can even get the idea out of your head, you meet a prospect at one of the events you have planned and they become a new client. This is someone whose philosophy aligns with your ways of being in the world. This is exciting, rejuvenating and inspiring plus there is a lot this client wants to co-create with you. You are on cloud 9!!!!!!


You collaborate and co-create several events. Things are going famously yet there is one nagging piece. There are several situations in which responsiveness is being challenged. In your eyes, there is a lack of responsiveness on the part of your new client. It makes things very difficult to move forward and create change.




So before we rush in to determine what “to do” or what “to say”, it is best to pause to discern what prompted this experience to present itself to you. We create everything for deeper levels of understanding, growth, love and self-acceptance. The following exercise will support the process to illuminate the causal point, empower yourself and shift your energy dynamics.


It is a significant piece to be open minded and simply consider that you are, to some degree, creating this situation. That might be hard to swallow. You might say, “What do I have to do with their non-responsiveness?”


Well, its physics: “Like attracts Like” even in the smallest of molecular structures. It’s the dynamics of how the Universe works. There is still  an little inkling of a charged emotion within you that wants to be soothed, acknowledged, seen, heard and tenderly touched. Nevertheless, on some deeper subconscious level, you are not allowing yourself to “feel” the associated sensations/emotions. It’s buried due to protective tendencies. So the Universe sends a messenger. Someone comes into your life to let you know what signal you are transmitting on a subconscious level. We are always transmitting and receiving messages on a vibrational level.


You co-created a disappointment (the act of non-responsiveness) to slow down your expansion until you can metabolize the level of abundance that is coming into your life. It is a way to recognize our habituations to old ways of being and take our power back. It’s a gift!!!! Here is a tool to allow your subconscious to share with you what is happening on a deeper, more authentic level. It’s a way to start a conversation with the more illusive parts of yourself.



  1. Settle yourself in a seated position or standing but ground your buttock or feet on the ground
  2. Place one hand on your heart and one on your belly
  3. Notice your breath, its quality, force, depth, exhale relaxed or pushing etc
  4. Begin to receive deeper relaxed inhalations (giving the inhalation a color, texture and quality) and tap on your heart center making the following statement:
  5. Even though I am (name the feeling and the situation), I completely love, forgive, accept and adore myself.

EX:          Even though I am (anxious about this non responsiveness), I completely love, forgive, accept and adore myself.

  1. This (name the situation) is illuminating an old wound that wants to be understood, acknowledged, accepted and integrated. Then your system will allow it to shift, dissipate and it will feel cleared. You will know it is being cleared when the situation does not trigger you to the same intensity.

EX:          This (non- responsiveness) is illuminating an old wound that wants to be understood, acknowledged and accepted. I am seeing the secondary gains of taking my power back, not taking things personally, moving on to new ventures etc…….


Feel free to allow the flow of speech pour out of you aloud and let whatever discoveries that want to be known surface into the light of day.


2015-2019  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

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