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Jan 2020 Clear Vision: What 2020 means to me!

This is the decade signifies where CLEAR VISION carves pathways for more profound insight into what we are creating both personally and collectively. We get to see the possibilities before us and actively choose. This happens on a personal basis first. Our continuous birthing and expansion of this stellar sight may come in the most innocuous of ways, if we so choose, or not so placid. It’s each of our choice to design how it unfolds.

This is the T.I.M.E. whereby we “own” our role as fully responsible beings!!!

What do we want to create for ourselves and humanity?

2020 symbolizes a “what is”  moment in time and space and out of time and space for each of us personally.  We can see our collective creation more distinctly and shape our future NOWs.

The contrast between darkening corruption, abusive power and controlling mechanisms will be illuminated in such a profound manner that it will become almost impossible for the rationalizing mind to make excuses anymore.

This will be both on a personal level within each individual’s awakening awareness of their choices as well as a global level. No more taking a pill to make it go away! The knock on the door will get louder and louder until we listen!!!

2020 aka CLEAR VISION reminds us of the truth of ourselves and to “Look to the sun and find the goodness that exists within each and every one of us ( especially ourselves) so that we might project that out into the world and see our essence reflect back that much more beautifully.”

Think of it as the sun (light and goodness) permanently shining above the horizon. The composite energies of light and goodness are finally holding consistently steady over the line of shadow. This is evolutionary because we are expanding our capacity to hold the light within our own body temples.

2020 invites us into an even more holistic mindset of being inclusive. Previous acts and attitudes of “exclusivity” will illuminate just how empowered we can be when embracing inclusivity because we will FEEL the difference

Awareness of a “WE DO IT TOGETHER” grows paramount on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels which will include financial, economic, political, environmental, social, educational, and religious aspects of ourselves.

2020 will offer opportunities for personal transparency as to what we are creating and what we desire to create going forward for ourselves as individuals, family, friends, clients and the world.

2020 will unfold a kind of unity. Together we create the intention to serve the highest good which includes each one of us as an asset. 


“It” is within US!

HOW we “ARE” when we do the things we do will create huge potentials and opportunities for abundance, peace, LOVE and well-being out into the waters of humanity.

2020 allows the perception of money to be authentically acknowledged. It is simply a tool whereby we have collectively agreed to exchange energy. The quality of our energy is influenced by our perceptions. What quality of energy do we prefer to exchange? Recognizing that our service not only includes the perceptions of our family, friends, and client’s well-being but ourselves.

2020 is a time of empowered service by supporting a shift in perspective.

The SHIP has sailed which Signifies Hope In Progress




-Imagine you are some type of vessel floating on some body of water.

-Play the music of water sounds.

You choose on you tube and here are a few suggestions.








Inhale and exhale deeply for 20 minutes.

At the end, describe in your journal what you saw, felt, heard, noticed and experienced. All these details will reflect back to you the direction you are envisioning.

It is all metaphoric of your physical creation.


For a more profound experience employ the support of Himalayan Salt:

Consider going to a Himalayan Salt Cave such as The Breathing Rooms in Shrewsbury, NJ.

The salt will activate your parasympathetic system and it will take you on a beautiful voyage.

We do hold Transformational Breath workshops there also.


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