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Jan 2022 25K Chances a Day to Discover the Gift of Life

What will 2022 bring you in new experiences and insights? 
Time is speeding up and there are tasks at hand. It is our individual responsibility to contribute by creating from our hearts.  There is an endless Universal Source of LOVE from which we can fill ourselves! As we look for the evidence of that Love within ourselves, we project that out onto the canvas of life and create beauty for all to enjoy! We are sharing from our essence! WE ARE LOVE ITSELF!
So, how in the heck do we do this?
I like to play games with my breath and allow it to teach me through both  my awareness and lack of awareness. Perceiving life as  a humongous, glorious playground is a big help. Constantly, I remind myself  that I am a scientist exploring bits and pieces via my  experiences. It is through the awareness of my daily thoughts, emotions, acts and beliefs that I discover  what’s familiar, patterns and preferences. It is from this well  of wisdom that I may gain clarity on what I AM CREATING vs what I AIM TO CREATE!  More of this please…less of that. Where is my focus and attention? It gives me approximately 20-25,000 times a day to focus on life force and all the good that is available.

Did you know that the average individual inhales and exhales  between 20,000-25,000 cycles per day? Let’s strike the middle ground at 22,500.

That’s  937.5 breaths an hour and 234 rounds per 15 minute period of time.  I thought about this and contemplated the percentage of any given 15 minute time segment was I fully conscious of theses cyclesAfter all, this is life force we are talking about. How much do I take it for granted?

Are we learning to not wait until we are deprived of something to sit up, cherish it and pay attention?

Also, I was present to the phenomena that life force (delivered through the mechanism of my breath) has never made itself illusive to me. It is always available and willing to meet me where I am. It is always focused on me.


How much attention am I returning and how could I shape my future “NOWs” with more focus? 

It has been discovered that intense focus on the breath actually changes the structure of our prefrontal cortex. This means we are in a stronger position to “respond” vs  “react”” hence CHOICE of what we want to create for ourselves.  This practice moves us from a primitive reactionary consciousness to a more sophisticated reflective and responsive consciousness.

One place I experiment is when I swim laps. I spend about 40 minutes swimming back and forth. I really focused for 40 solid minutes which was roughly 312 breaths.  I didn’t count the breaths but simply recited “Thank You” in my mind as I turned my head for air.
The air vs. water acted as a clear demarcation defining my existence as I know it (life) and my unknown existence/nonexistence/nothingness (death). Being on the edge or boundary if you will is so tenuous, fragile, uncertain and full of glorious information. It gave me a glimpse of just how easy it is to forget what a miraculous enlivened organism my body is and offered me an opportunity to renew, honor and respect it’s design. It set the stage for me to “be” or “get” intimately present with the wonder of humanity starting right at home with myself.
THE DYNAMICS OF THE EXCHANGE   (physically and esoterically)
I’m a good swimmer so I rarely panic but on one particular day I felt a bit shaky and noticed for a few initial laps how much I really appreciated the consistent presence of being able to access oxygen and tune into the consistent availability of life force. Every time I turned my head (my body’s natural automatic mechanism), life force was there waiting, greeting and supplying me with what I required. I did not have to ask. It was just there!
So how often do we get in touch with this? We have approximately 22,500 times a day to appreciate.  What I tuned into:
 -I burst into tears of appreciation (under water) that Life force cared so much for me that it made itself available through my conduit via the mechanism of breath.
-I watched… my Breath feeding me as I opened and appealed for more…. my Breath relaxing her input as I declared less of a need.
-I witnessed, in equanimity, our ongoing conversation showing me how and in what manner I receive and how and it what manner I resist “more” love and light.
– There are ongoing introductions to elevated realms of consciousness through the activation of peace.
-A calmed nervous system was created ( death had been averted).
-A soothing agent was made apparent.
-My physical apparatus was sustained and got what it needed to function.
-Breath demonstrated it’s vastly abundant and infinite stature.
-Avails itself as a direct connection to Presence .
So maybe adversity and contrasting experiences are happening in our life experience and the world at large because we have been unable to notice the ever flowing guidance that is attempting to get our attention.  I witnessed the shifts, turns and exchanges of our relationship.   Mainly, how easily I turn away through distractions. This awareness acts as a catalyst to practice with greater focus and intent because I have seen we live in a Universe of Infinite Discoveries!
It’s important for my emotional connection to demonstrate an act of honoring and acknowledging all parties involved. Does this seem silly? Maybe, until it doesn’t. It’s my form of cosmic conversation or prayer.
 So, what does that mean for me?
-It means I take concrete actions to show my breath just how much I care about our relationship just like with a human being.
-It means I communicate in various forms of expression my desire to grow the connection, closeness and intimacy.
-It means I accept the invitation of friendship by offering my undivided attention.
 -It means that I literally declare to my breath,
” Thank you for your precious consistency and presence. You are truly a miraculous wonder how you stand in support of my every move. I am here now. I am ready, willing, & able to listen and be in a full conscious conversation with you.  My awe of our co-created brilliance lifts me to states of ecstatic joy. I hold dear to my heart the radiance that comes so softly from our connection. May I  shower this world with more and more light.”
Create your own experiment.
Maybe whenever you walk your dog or go up and down a flight of stairs.
You can have quiet time with your breath too but welcome it into the mundane activities of your day.
Journal about it and watch the relationship unfold.

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