JULY 2015 Recognizing your Special Soulful Signature?





There is no single solitary person on this planet that does not want to live from the vibration of love. We all want it because it is our natural state. We just forget to varying degrees and succumb to the conditions around us, the fears that seem pervasive and conform societal pressures.

There is no such thing as a “bad” person yet there are bad or inappropriate behaviors. Understanding that concept is, in and of itself, coming from a highly ENLIGHTENED perspective.

When a child is mistreated, it squashes their soul and the light may dim but it never ceases to exist!!!!!. These mistreatments may be ever so subtle or clearly obvious. Every person “takes experiences in” slightly differently.  As that child grows, they have free will to make choices to fan the light that still burns deeply within them.

For Example:

A child is teased.  Different children can experience the same event in a varying number of ways and create their own going dynamic based on their perspective.

  1. Withdraw and become introverted, depressed and isolated
  2. Use self-deprecating humor to protect themselves. If we tease ourselves first, it defuses what anyone else can do.
  3. Grow to be a bit bullying themselves
  4. Experience tenderness and sensitivity  as a weakness
  5. Take a protective/guardian/over-responsible stance in life when they perceive a situation that triggers the memory
  6. Evolved or higher level of awareness position: Recognize that it has nothing to do with them and understand the teaser/bully has a backstory which encompasses feelings of unworthiness, insecurity and a lack of self-love. The only thing personal to us is what we think, do, feel, and believe ourselves.

Life happenings will present themselves to draw attention to your

Inner Being… Inner Light….


S 3rdpower

We are all born on this earth with a special combination of inherent qualities. It is our SPECIAL SOULFUL SIGNATURE. These soulful signatures accompany us on our journey and are there to draw on at any time. The more we develop an awareness of our innate treasure chest and access the jewels within, the more fluid life seems to be experienced. As our journey unfolds, and a variety of earth bound situations present themselves, the more we are called to access the treasure chest. That treasure chest has all kinds of things in it. It holds all of the ideas, imagination, creativity, bliss, joy, abundance, clarity and focus we need to enjoy a perspective of ongoing expansion. Remember this:

 Our composition is not solitary. We live in community. Our communities, with all of its inclusions are a metaphor for what we have created thus far. It is a metaphor for the individual, self projected outwardly so that we might see ourselves. They are a reflection so that we might reflect on ourselves, see our inner treasures and create again to be more of who we “already” truly are.

Stop a moment and take a look around you. Where have you chosen to live? What is your experience of the schools in the area? How do you feel about the town and the shops and the restaurants? What do you notice is being promoted? Does it line up with your vision of the world? What might you contribute to add to the expansion for a more holistic, happy society?

The collaboration of a variety of Special Soulful Signatures S3rd power creates a bond and the expansion of that bond creates a Symphony of Special Soulful Signatures which is S4thpower.The Symphony picks up vibrations just by the energy it emits and more gather around. 

In our perception of ourselves as individuals, we have tools.

On the human level, they are our


On a cosmic level they are the


The earthbound elements are the molding potion to create the embodiment of our vision for ourselves.  The heart is the metaphorical bridge between the earth and the spirit.

Our emotions guide us towards our personal passions.

Our physical sensations grab our attention or wake us up

Our focused thoughts surfaces our fortitude and keeps us strong to materialize our desires.

The breath is the human life force, the doorway to access worlds of inner dimensions

Our heart and soul remembers that it is for the expansion of all.

We cooperate in the orchestration to choose the ever so delicate  mix of qualities  to shine!  Living from the place that this quadrant of tools affords us is like our own internal private symphony designed to raise the awareness of all people, places and things in the world forever. We are evolving in a way and with a momentum that we have never experienced before. There is an uncovering of our essence. People want to know who they truly are and to explore that actively in a visceral way. The spirit within and around us is coming to earth. Expansive energy is alive and acting more consciously on our behalf.

We are connecting to our quintessence to activate a universe that, although is spinning on its own volition, desires our active awakening and participation in it evolution.

Our evolution and the paths we experience are completely reliant on what we desire, the fun we want to have, the passion we pursue, the purpose we paint. It is not the goal in earthly terms. Earth goals have a different agenda.  We have been immersed in earthly goals for centuries but you are returning home now.

            Now, we are creating Heaven on earth

It is heavenly or intrinsically soulful goals that are our new driving force. Soulful goals incorporate the “process” as innate in the goal itself. In other words, the process is the goal like my March newsletter/video addressed. As you are immersed in the process, the goal unfolds and you discover your true essential being and all the passionate prospects that enhance your state of well-being and natural energetic flow.

For example:

Let’s say you are a person that has a passion to teach. There are many avenues and modalities that you may explore to communicate your information. Those vehicles such as: media, school systems, books, articles, speeches, art, music, and so on.

Your emotions tell you what it is that resonates for you and what you want to communicate. Your focused thought power or fortitude will carry you through the experiences you allow in to strengthen your position so that you may allow the message to come organically from your heart. It becomes fluid and natural in its delivery system because you incorporated some tangible skills to align with your passion of teaching.

As you travel down this path of discovering your vehicle to share your passion with others you might find your mind going to a place that creates fear, lack and all the subsequent emotions that keeps you on the earth plane. How does it feel? Not good for sure. You might experience some physical sensations: Pay attention to them. They are giving you information to shift gears. Are you experiencing a headache?  Do you feel as though your head is in a vice and you are forced to look in one direction which creates the pain of the day?

This is part of the process. This is part of the learning. There is no clamp/vice. You are able to move freely. Look in a different direction. So how do you allow the painful thoughts or the state of confusion or unknowingness slip away? Distract yourself from the outer circumstances towards your treasure chest. Ask your heart what it wants.




  1. Place your feet on the ground. Feel them there for a moment 
  2. Recognize the surroundings around you to fortify yourself in the present moment. 
  3. Say out loud: Heart: Show me my treasure chest. What is it that will support me in this process? Reveal to me the qualities I have in which to focus.
  4. When a quality pops into your mind, grab the first positive quality and write it down on a piece of paper regardless of your current belief about that quality in your personality. Dismiss anything admonishing. For example: Resilient might be something that comes up. Start a notebook and write anything that comes to mind on resiliency. Do not hold back even if it is something you saw in a movie or with a friend. Write anything and everything with all internal and external examples around the topic of resiliency.
  5. Do this for 30 days.  
  6. Once a week, go back and read the previous week. Watch your transformation unfold before you.



2015  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

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