July 2016 Light Logic Tip#6 Subconscious Reprogramming Matching Up Affirmations To Experience the Shift

July 2016 Light Logic Tip # 6 Subconscious Reprogramming: Matching Up Affirmations To Experience the Shift.


This month’s Light Logic tip is all about reprogramming our subconscious mind so we actually believe that “Abundance is our Birthright.” When we “viscerally experience” our pure unconditionality in the form of uplifting beliefs, we are empowered exponentially. First, we summon our desires through our fresh, supportive beliefs. Then, we embody, own and claim abundance as our birthright from a vantage point that is irrefutable, undeniable and indisputable.


Our subconscious mind is a fascinating phenomenon. Think of it like a GO PRO filming every interaction, impression, experience, reaction, sensation, image, emotional exchange, scent, sound and so on. It is recording absolutely everything as we go through life. Our conditioning will determine how we label it i.e.…good, bad or indifferent.


Our subconscious mind records the entire spectrum of our experiences encompassing everything from exhilarating, expansive, liberating, passionate and freeing to painful, frustrating, sad, agonizing, raging, depressing and everything in between and beyond.


Now, the subconscious is a great thing because it has recorded many “how to do” things. In other words, we would not want to have to learn how to tie our shoe each time we needed to complete that task, would we.


We do tend to succumb to automatic pilot and allow our subconscious mind to drag us around by our nose so we want to get really clear on





So this month’s tip is all about Affirmations and matching them up in such a way that prompts a shift in how we experience ourselves. When we experience ourselves in an uplifting manner then everything else falls into place all that much more readily


Writing and saying affirmations are all fine and good but if we are saying something that we do not yet believe, then it is actually fostering a focus on the absence of our desires rather than the excitement of the possibility of our desires. It is creating a wider kind of crevice between where we are and where we want to be.

We want to get into a place of feeling what it would be like if our desire was happening right here right now.


It is important to note that our subconscious mind does not recognize a differential in time. It is all happening right here right now.


Here’s the Tip


  • Write out 20 affirmations every night before going to sleep.


  •  Start from your current emotional set point and build from there. Say only what is true and slightly beyond to start. 


  • Inch your way to your edge and gradually improve on your emotional stature


  • At the bottom of the page, write a couple of key words that will remind you of the events of that day.


  • If that day you had a super exhilarating experience and you are in a really great place emotionally, mark the top of the page with a yellow (sunlight) highlighter. If it was a particularly troublesome day, mark it with a light blue highlighter ( blue day).


  • After doing this for a month, notice your progress. You will begin to see how your are shifting if ever so slightly.


  •  This will offer recall, remembrance of your entire spectrum of emotions and how they all pass. Emotions are simply ENERGY MOVING! You are simply witnessing your shift as time goes on and you are raising your emotional baseline. What used to be a really “high” day is now your “medium” day.


  • Teach another person

For the days that are particularly blue, start your self-soothing and ease your way into it.


For example:


I like the notion that I am ok

I know intellectually that emotions always change.

I am looking forward to………….

I like the idea that……….

I am showing up for my life to the best of my ability.

I can remember a time when……………

I am practicing my desire with focus more and more

I am getting more and more excited about my newfound perceptions

I can envision myself doing….

I like that I am growing leaps and bounds and that is setting the stage for new opportunities to come my way.



Remember that


Emotions are the language of energy and are the key to absolutely everything.


They are the key to not only BEING successful but FEELING successful.


Soften your definition of SUCCESSFUL to one of a more soulful perspective


Use my Light Logic Word Wealth  acronym for SUCCESSFUL













What that means to me is that we are a rip roaring success if we are OUR SELVES!!


Allowing your innate extraordinary, quirkiness to shine forth!!


If we have the courage to share from our core




If we allow ourselves to live from that authentic, natural, organic place then our Light shines. It is our soulfulness that comes through and people, places and things are drawn to us.


You all know what I am talking about. That time when you just feel on top of the world. It can be for no reason at all but it usually is triggered through some sort of connection.


A time when you did or said something to someone and you felt so appreciative of your OWN ability to conjure up that emotion.


In other words, you FELT good about yourself independent of the other person’s reaction, acknowledgement or lack of acknowledgement.

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