July 2018 Our Breath: The Forgotten Child



Our Breath: The Forgotten Child

Light Logic Tip #30


We have entered an age across the spectrum of humanity where we are beginning to embody our guiding light AND one very potent pathway to soothe us as we embrace this gnostic journey is through our BREATH.

It is our life force, our chi, our connection to the divine and all potentialities.     What does that mean?

It means that the breath is the vehicle supporting our voyage home whereby:


-People are returning to a state of wholeness on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic level.





-People are beginning to get out of their head and into their hearts by attuning and acknowledging every emotion and sensation that wants to be felt whether it is their own or another person’s. ( Remember E-Motions are simply energy that wants to move)



-We are allowing our emotions to flow though us and “dis-identify” with our emotions as if they represent who we are in our entirety. For example, if you feel overwhelmed with shame or guilt  from an old source that has you in the habit of self-ridicule, blame or judgment of self or another, that does not mean you are less than or not good enough.




-Emotions are simply the language of the Universe and they want to flow through us. Energy always wants to move so feeling our emotions allows that to happen.


As a society, we are maturing past the emotional stage of the terrible twos where everything is polarized i.e. good/bad, right/wrong, yes/ no, black/white and developing a taste for the “in between”, the “both/and”, the soft central channel of our beingness.




We are becoming more acquainted with   

the sensations that various emotions spur in us and developing an intimacy with them rather than perpetuating a fearfulness.                           





Most of us tend to take it for granted. We rely on our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) to keep us in gear and why not? Isn’t that its job?

Yes, it is biologically natural for us to allow the Sympathetic Nervous System (a branch of ANS) to run the show. It is an automatic alarm system to signal if we are in danger and prepares our body to run, ground ourselves to take a stand or hide. It’s called the Flight, Fight or Freeze mechanism.


The SNS handles all of our internal processes such as digestion, respiration, heart rate, urination, sexual arousal and more. Most of us are unaware of all the functions that our ANS is handling for us in any given moment. It is a master manager.


Here’s the deal though! Although you might be unaware of what your liver is processing in any given moment, the breath is one of those processes whereby we can orchestrate deliberately to create a conscious experience through masterful attention.


The breath is the one function that we all have the capability over which to hold dominion. In other words, it is one of our internal systems that we can consciously command.


How many of us actually do place attention and master our breath on a regular basis? Did you know that we get approximately 70% of our energy through our inhalation! We release about 70% of our toxins through our exhalation?

We can live without food for about a month, without water for a few days but our breath…only a few moments yet we hold our breath many times during the day? We will get to why we do that in a moment.


Deliberate, conscious, mindful breathing allows us to shift ourselves and the bodies we inhabit from a state of unconsciousness to conscious awareness. In doing so, we shift neurotransmitter activity, alter certain chemical secretions and, ultimately, transform the emotional content we are experiencing. Remember what Einstein said, ““Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”


What? You mean I can actually shift my felt perception utilizing the vehicle of my very own breath?


It is through the breath that we have a CHOICE.

Yes, you have a CHOICE on how you might

experience ANY SITUATION.




It can be a Flight/Fight or Freeze verses a Rest, Renew and Relax. ( I am inferring that we do not have to default to a FFF reaction when there is no real danger. We can respond with a RRR)




You pick:

Fight, Fight or Freeze secrets stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and epinephrine. It increases muscle blood flow and tension, dilates pupils, accelerates heart rate and respiration, and increases perspiration and arterial blood pressure. If we stay in a heightened arousal point over time, that is where our bodies become imbalanced and that is what society has labeled as “dis-ease”.


The word ”disease” has such a downtrodden vibration to it that you might want to think of the imbalance as a “Call for Care” from your spirit. The energy that flows through you is beckoning for an attunement for reharmonization.

The challenge is that we have become so numb to our own physical/psychic experience that a stress response has become the norm and we do not even know that we are numbed out and disassociated with our bodies.


For example:

Decades ago, I used to work on Wall Street. I did not even speak in full sentences let alone breathe fully. I was always out of breath!!! This stemmed for early childhood learning that things has to be accomplished immediately.


Relaxation was something that was only available once “EVERYTHING” was done!!!!    Sure, this is great in business. It is very adaptive and clients love this highly responsive nature and it proved to support the old paradigm’s definition of Successful. (The old paradigm’s definition of Successful is very linear and hierarchical. It says that “those who have the most toys win.” It’s about comparison and competition which is a scarcity mindset).



But, what toll is it taking on the body, psyche and soul? I had developed an automatic “reaction” to tasks. My life was a perpetual “to do” list. It was a habit. Fortunately, I did not have physical imbalances but the anxiety that came if I was  “not accomplishing” was pervasive.


Breathing supported a  shift in perception of this habit. That’s all it is! That’s all any of our imbalances are. Outdated Habits! It is progress not perfection in this transformation.


It’s not about ” getting rid of the habit” or “arriving at some purified destination” because that would be more of the same ole trap and loopdity loop. It’s about allowing the emotions and sensations that created that habit have a place at the table.

The  HABIT was designed to self-protect and insulate that treasured sweet spot deep inside your heart center! It’s time to unleash that tender beloved!

Through the art of Transformational Breath ®, many of my core beliefs are allowed to surface, be experienced and the tender places of light hearted freedom are allowed the light of day.


The CHOICE for a Rest, Renew and Relaxation response became apparent. The Rest, Renew and Relaxation response (or Parasympathetic Nervous System) may be initiated using your breath. Then the circulation of endorphin, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin is more prevalent. These are feel good chemicals.


Remember that where our attention goes, energy flows.


Take it one step at a time like an infant taking its first step falling down and then picking itself up and enjoying the developing sturdiness of its little legs.


One blissful Transformational Breath ® at a time.


My journey has brought me to Transformational Breath® to cultivate a steadiness and consistency on yet the next level of my journey. I have practiced yoga for 27 years and taught asana and meditation for a small segment of those years but this is unlike no other!!!!!


What is Transformational Breath ®? Transformational Breath (R)  a dynamically self-empowering, self -healing  breathing pattern which utilizes  high vibrational energy created by a fully connected  diaphragmatic breath. This specifically designed breathing technique along with body mapping and toning  creates transformation at the cellular level in your body temple . It was a  co-creation by Judith Kravitz that is a self-empowering return to wholeness.


Contact me for an introductory session, semi-private, couples  or a workshop at Darryn@darrynsilver.com




  1. Pick one person in your life that you see relatively often.
  2. When you are with this person, notice their breathing pattern. How do you feel as you notice?
  3. This will naturally prompt you to observe your own breathing pattern. Are your patterns synchronized and congruent?
  4. How might you change your breath awareness and notice if it makes an impact on your partner over time. No need to tell them to change their pattern. Just change yours and use it as an experiment.

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