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July 2021 Mornings are Miracles Mirrored by our Breath


It’s morning! YES!

The Sun rose right on time! YES!

Your eyes opened! YES!

Say THANK YOU for that miracle! YES

It’s officially summer. YES!

Things are opening up and people are out and about. YES!

Does it feel like a breath of fresh air for you? YES!

Are you appreciating nature more than ever before? YES!

Is this kind of freedom something you would like to perpetuate in your consciousness regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself living?

As a result of the last 15 plus months, are you embracing your shift, life transitions and recognizing this is a profound time of transformation for yourself and all of humanity?

Do you believe love, freedom, peace of mind, well-being, and connection is your birthright?

If this period of time has been one of emotional overwhelm, strife, anxiety, body disharmony or even the other end of the spectrum: joy, exuberance and appreciation, there is a YES in all of it.

 It means you are ALIVE!

You are here to shine your LIGHT in a way that is unique only to you!

Listen to this song and the lyrics as you breath

Imagine Yes by Tesz

Know that if you are experiencing some deeply intense emotions or circumstances on one end of the spectrum, you hold the capacity, ability and wherewithal to experience the other end of the spectrum.

Say a big THANK YOU to your breath.

Show it some LOVIN!

Give it attention!

It offers insight below the surface and physical plain.

For example:

Isn’t it interesting that the pandemic had a lot to do with BREATH? In Chinese medicine, the lungs are associated with grief, sadness and detachment.  Amongst their many functions is an exchange of energy via oxygen (receiving) and carbon dioxide (offering). Also, the lungs are located near the heart. The heart is all about love and balance.  Do ya think there is a  message for humanity around leading from the heart, fostering connection and freeing the mind from illusory fears?

Our breath is the tool by which LIFE FORCE sustains us. We have been given the gift of BREATH to partner with this LIFE FORCE. You see, of all the automatic processes in our body (of which we are completely unconscious), our BREATH is the one thing that we can CONSCIOUSLY SELF-REGULATE.

Exploring, and discovering the wonders of breath will shift the quality of our experiences. We are reminding ourselves by building a loving, soothing relationship with ourselves. This alters our perception of ourselves, others and the world at large.


It’s a mirror.

So stuff happens…


                                    It is HOW…

                                               We CHOOSE…

                                                       To PERCEIVE the EXPERIENCE…

                                                                   that makes all the difference in the world! 

                                                                                     That is where our Power lies!

                                                                                       YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

Yep, it does take a bit unraveling of our past conditioning.

It does take a relaxed posture to let the emotions move through us.

It does invite a kind of allowing and acceptance of WHAT IS.

It does guide us towards a greater embrace of the the truth of our RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW REALITY.

It’s an experience of FLOW!

What is coming is going!

Just like our inhale and exhale!

 I’m learning. Slowly but surely there is a place to meet and greet all sensations…all emotions….all perspectives without admonishment and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Everything is unfolding in perfect and divine timing.

My breath is the single most devoted and reliable force by which I can lean. My breath reminds me over and over that I am here to love, feel, grow, learn, play and experience the miracle that which I AM.



Before I even get out of bed, I grab the Mala Beads that my friend Emily made. She used Aqua Marine “Go with the Flow” which has been my ongoing intention. (Email me if you would like a string of beads. She blesses them with love)

I connect my breath …infusing my energy into each bead as I circle around 108 cycles.

Then I do it again a bit slower and more deliberate but all the more connected. No pauses between the in and out breath.

If you do not have mala beads:

As your eyes open Say THANK YOU for that miracle

Lay in bed

One hand on your heart and one hand on your belly

Breathe for 12 minutes

Notice where your breath goes deeply and where more flow is calling for you love and attention.

Then take out a notebook and auto write. The life force that rides on the wave of your breath has a message for you. Listen closely!



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