You are currently viewing July 4th 2020 Soulful Sovereignty is A FACT!  Human Existence: Independent & Interdependent Unity?

July 4th 2020 Soulful Sovereignty is A FACT!  Human Existence: Independent & Interdependent Unity?

Maybe this year the date 4th of July takes on a whole new meaning.

Maybe one person’s exhale on one part of the globe is recycled through all of nature and inhaled by another person on the other side of the planet reminding us that our Breath Connects Us All .

Maybe each Breath we receive is independently aligned with our individual “Infinite I’s” life force while simultaneously interdependently entwined with all of nature! 

Maybe the 4th of July signifies a new level of Soulful Sovereignty recognition within ourselves as Independent Beings and within the structures of Interdependent Co-existence!

Maybe it took a pandemic for us all to have the Clear Vision (2020) that we are ALL HUMAN and some things do not discriminate.

Maybe the fact that some things don’t discriminate is the silver lining to remind us that we are all SIGNIFICANT and have an impact on the WHOLE rather than playing small or dismissing ourselves.

Maybe this time is meant to guide us into a FULLY FELT PERCPETION that we MATTER and although the pathways we take to that profound revelation may look different on the surface, the underlying current is the same.

Maybe acknowledging our innate similarities will be the new focus as we feel more self-accepting.

Maybe our ability to enhance our vision acknowledging that we all have the same set of emotions, human insecurities and soulful sovereignty will be our day in the sun!

Maybe the portal into that acknowledgement and recognition is a deepened appreciation for our differences even if differences (actually) only exist on the surface.

Maybe exploring those differences is how we offer flavor and spice to this world.

Maybe being SEEN and fully EXPRESSED is the point!

Maybe this time is for us to learn the nuances about holding people we love and don’t love in a different frame which will foster an interdependent exchange. We are able to better actualize our independent thinking as we own our soulful sovereignty and thank them for their contribution to our lives.

That BAD is no longer BAD & GOOD is no longer GOOD!

Maybe everything is happening FOR us and not TO us!

Maybe our honoring with reverence  that we chose our human condition with all  its delicate fragility, glorious precious yet fleeting moments so that we might share experiences and  qualities of empowerment and vulnerability.

Maybe it is to fully see one another.

Maybe our realization that our human condition is a stage in our multi-dimensional exploration of life beyond our comprehension.

Maybe we consider the notion that we have absolutely no control so we can lean back, let of the reigns and simply do what we do best: EXPERIENCE!

Maybe life just gives us things.

Maybe we do not conceive of anything.

Maybe we are simply the receivers of some mysterious divine intelligence but we are given the gift of CHOICE. A choice on how to PERCIEVE the information we receive.

Maybe our power lies in whether we “Project and React” or “Reflect and Respond.”

Maybe our Breath is our link to the Conceiver.

Maybe making our Breath our best friend has some merit.

Maybe the Conceiver chose this exact situation for us to connect more deeply with the life force that streams though us!


C.H.O.I.C.E. stands for   Creating How Open-minded I Can Explore

One way to cultivate love is by Consciously Creating How Open-minded I Can Explore Myself!

LOVE is a CHOICE and we make that choice one breath at a time first for ourselves, then for others and then for the world. It has to be a self-selected CHOICE.  Instead of huge sweeping changes that usually creates overwhelm, person dissension and keeps our unity at bay, we all can step up and make incremental, meaningful shifts that reflect what we want to see sustained.

When we have experiences with our own “crunchy” places during a shift, we develop sensitivities for the challenges along the way and that adds to the empathy quotient for others.

Sometimes the best teacher for something we desire (like peace) is a very contrasting experience like a stressful existence. It prompts the desire to get curious about our choices, make time for ourselves and feel worthy of giving ourselves a different experience.


Fox example:

If we truly say we want a calm, peaceful world, how calm and peaceful are we with ourselves, our family, friends and in our lives? (It’s not about perfect…Its about baby steps)

As you sit at your computer engaged in a company meeting or webinar, how many breaths are you taking per minute?  Do you feel overwhelmed wanting to get off that call because you over scheduled and have another one right after it?  Do you feel like you HAVE TO multi-task?

When you are discussing financial matters or child care issues with your partner, are you aware of your breath?

When you watch certain news items do you hold your breath?

As your mind drifts off into the future i.e. scheduling or unable to plan due to uncertainty, what happens to the cadence of your breath? What do you feel in your body?

Do you tell yourself sarcastically, “How is my breath going to help me in this dilemma?”

We become conditioned in certain patterns and we do not even know we are tense and that is our normal baseline. That energy carries over into all of our interactions and it spreads like wild fire.



Maybe we can set a passage in motion to get to know people through our soulful sovereignty

IDENTIFY someone, something, some situation where you feel challenged.

INTENTION: Set an intention for higher guidance.

CREATE a lilting 15 minute playlist.

BREATHE: Kick, Scream, Cry, Laugh or not but BREATHE DEEPLY AND FULLY

NOTICE your focus. If it has shifted or not.


By doing so, we raise our own vibration and this movement become contagious in the direction of what we want to prosper:


It’s not a game of perfect!

You already ARE perfect!

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