JUNE 2015 FATHER’S DAY- A Tribute to Life Force


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The burning desire wells up to ignite a new world perspective. A decision is made. An intention is birthed. An action moves the thought you just had to a new place of form in time and space. It has become your reality. That is what the greats did while on earth. They had great yearning to move the masses to a new place on earth. Whether it was through science, technology, humanity, arts or any platform, it can be expressed creatively.  It was a place where a new perspective would be born. Are you ready to write your own words, to express your thoughts, to share your  concerns, to take action to support your beliefs, to decipher what are your words and what are the words of society and identify yourself out loud? .

The world is a magnificently beautiful place. It is a sanctuary! In this place, you can dream. Dream and dream and hold your vision for an amazingly uplifted powerful movement. Feel powerful beyond measure when you visit this internal sanctuary. It offers you the courage and the wherewithal to follow your desires.

Take full responsibility and ownership for what you create. Be bold! Be deliberate with your intention. Others that will be in concert with your ideas will join you. In other words, you have free will and the ability to create what you wish. Each one of you is able to captain your own vessel. Be mindful of your mission. We all want solutions towards a world of solidarity…an emerging world, one of change towards freedom, love, peace, joy and abundance!

We all have masculine energy within us. It is the energy of action, of electrical combustion, of movement, of sparks, of light and of igniting our passions!!!!

This month’s newsletter is dedicated to all of the fathers in the world whether you choose the symbolic form i.e. the above cited characteristics or the literal “physical” fathers in the world!!

Can you feel the life force moving through you? Do you enjoy its sensation? Do you experience the reverberation of energy, molecules and atoms moving in concert to support your physicality? Take a moment and experience the whole of who you are! Feel the movement in and around you and the energy that streams through you keeping you connected to ALL THAT IS. It is invigorating!!! When you feel this, it is your ALIVENESS calling you and letting you know that you are more than your body. Your physical sensations are but one dimension to connect with the authenticity of who you truly are. This is a visceral level of abundance. It is magnificent when you feel it.

Actively FEEL your innate charisma, your charge that inspires you to move, to take action. This is a very different kind of experience from the past “struggle” to “push” through things. This energy gives room for the balance, for the neutrality, for the even flow of action and gravitational pull towards a greater purpose. It is the energy that allows for goals to manifest without the striving.

All kinds of physical exercises can bring your attention to this very natural phenomenon. It is different for each person. We are all very unique yet the same as we are connected and part of the whole.  Consider taking a walk, doing yoga, tai chi, skiing in the quiet slopes, swimming, surfing anything that allows your stillness to permeate the underlying true life force to be noticed.

In 2004, I first started to notice a reverberation in my body. The first experience was a very powerful surge. It was indisputable and undeniable. It started from the balls of my feel and traveled up my legs and stopped around my core only because I had to bend my knees, place my hands on my thighs to stop from keeling over. As I write, I can feel it surging.

It feels like pure ecstasy. It started first in yoga class and then developed to be at any time. It is a wonderful feeling and allowed me physical evidence of my eternal nature. It was the beginning of my mounting documented proof that we are all simply energetic beings living in a physical body for a period of time to explore and discover ourselves. I know this now viscerally because I spent a lot of time noticing what I was thinking, what I was feeling, what I was doing when the surge came.

Conclusion: I was doing, feeling and thinking absolutely NOTHING!!! I was not trying, efforting, struggling, pushing, wanting etc. I was just BEING!!!! I was in a state of complete stillness…a very unusual state for me.

Now, over a decade later and with much focus, I am able to experience it readily and with ease off my lips, eyebrows and crown of head. Accessing intuitive information from the divine or infinite intelligence requires the quieting of the left brain or ceasing to be attentive to the conditioned mind. This attention to the magic of physical reverberation allows me to direct my attention to live from that place of complete and utter joy.

It is all of our birthright! Everyone has a different path but we are all the same and our significance is paramount in the whole scheme of things.

How do you use this information? Find your own way to quiet your mind, to stop the chatter to feel your presence, to exist in one with the universe. All the teachers say the same thing over and over and over because it is all true. It is the only way. That way is acknowledging the life force in and around you. The path differs and it is your choice which way to explore.

       EXERCISE :  Feel the “Motion”

Days 1-30

Try an experiment: When you awake in the morning, be still before you get out of bed. Scan your body. See how each body part feels. Make a log of it. Note the vibrational quality or there lack of. If you do not feel anything noticeable, that is simply a benchmark for that day. In order to feel something, you will have times where you do not feel anything. Everything is in relationship so in order to feel, you will have the experience of not feelings. You are doing just fine. Notice for this few moments.

Do this for 30 days. If you have a body disharmony, notice the quality of your vibration/energy on those days. Feel your kinesthetic experience. This will build on an evolution of trusting your body to give you the messages it needs to flourish. Notice if your sensations have a texture, temperature, form, density, pressure, pulse, movement, charge, tingling, sharp, weight, coherence, crispness, clarity, murky, mushie, opposing and so on.

This is a great way to connect your all knowing non physical self with your “here and now” physicality” and unleashing it into daily living.

Exercise #2 


EMOTIONS: Watch how you feel as you go through your day with every interaction. How do you feel getting in the car? How do you feel when the cold air hits your face? How do you feel as you fill up your tank with gas? Note an emotion.

Pleasurable: caring, loving, soothing, joyful, sensual, warm, approving, coherency, synchronicity: split in body i.e. top/bottom: right/left, flow, ease, sadness, restriction,

Do you relate a color to the emotion? GREEN, RED, YELLOW, LAVENDAR, BLUE, PINK and so on

Do you notice a weight to the emotion: Light, dense, thick, fluid, earthy, airy.

 Which comes more readily to you: the physical sensations in the previous exercise or noting an emotion or both? Practice this with benign situations so that when you are experiencing something that challenges you, you are more cognizant of what your energy is contributing, what the other person’s energy is contributing and what is co-created.

Lots of Love and Light and Laughter,


2015  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

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