June 2017 Light Logic Tip #17 Legacy Living: What’s Your Imprint?


JUNE 2017 Legacy Living is what the New Professional Encourages

What’s your Imprint?


My father believes that anything that is “Jewish” reigns supreme: It’s all good! It all has validity! It all makes sense! One of the things my father cherishes about his religion is that it teaches one to question, question and question over and over and over.

Well, my father hit the jackpot with me. I was teased incessantly for being the “what if” child because I consistently pondered and wondered and questioned everything. Nothing, I thought, is as it seems. There are layers and layers to uncover and unfold into the mix.  I continue to do this!


I am truly a curious student of life and I do not align with any religious doctrine.



I aim my focus on the underlying principles (LOVE)  that were

inspired by Infinite Intelligence/Inner Intuitive/Consciousness ( you choose what you want to call the unknown Presence) and remove the human filtering as best as my current (in the moment) lens allows.

We all have our own personally designed lens of reality and, as long as we are in a physical human vessel, we will continue to explore the juxtaposition of the formidable with the ethereal (Myself included). The key is to be more deliberate.

The intention I have is to FEEL into the “silver lining”, the benefit in every situation, and the discovery in my exploratory expedition.  In true reality, every relationship is a facet of myself reflected back to me for acknowledgement, recognition & a return to Wholeness. The relationship’s dynamic offers me the opportunity to view the exchange through the lens of another person. I do not have to agree. I am able to have my own perceptions and preferences. An open posturing allows space for a greater flow of Universal Understanding to be experienced.

Experience is a big part of why we are here!

In “my seeking to understand rather than to be understood” exists a broad range of freedoms!

So last year, I took a  6 week course on “Success” with my 88 year young father. The course was taught by Rabbi Shmaya Galperin. He exemplifies a very kind, welcoming and gentle mindset in his delivery of the material. It is sponsored by Chabad Jewish Center of Holmdel and the same course is taught all over the world at the same time.  Click here if you are interested in some of their ongoing courses: http://www.jewishholmdel.org/templates/articlecco_cdo/aid/3510336/jewish/Chanukah-Celebration-Appreciation-Day.htm/lang/en


         It was fun to share an experience with my father in a way I would not normally have been inclined. I chose this experience to access another viewpoint and FEEL a sense of interconnectedness with people that perceive differently from myself.

Also, I married a man raised from a different religious background. As a young man, he diverted from his conventional religious upbringing and embraced a very dogmatic view for several years before our initial rendezvous. Again, I had a different perception and preference. Nevertheless, one thing we were both able to see, feel and do was come to the understanding that, at the basis of our ideology, was the activation of LOVE.


When we read a book of a religious context together,

I simply exchanged the word of the stated deity for the word “LOVE” and the essential goodness of the material was able to soothe my mind so my heart might shine.

I had no need to defend, intellectualize, rationalize or criticize. There was a blending with the activation of Universal Understanding.


I have found that there are many Beacons of Brilliance and Points of Light that share this Universal Understanding. It is just the delivery system that is different and which one resonates for you. The common denominator is the Presence of Love. In the Presence of Love, there is no judgment, criticism, doubt, shame, hatred etc. It is the absence of “right and wrong”.

When we experience some level of condemnation, no matter how slight, it is an indication of where our current expression stands in relation to the Presence of Love aka our Heart Space.

We are IN our HEADS and OUT of our HEARTS.

Observe children. When young enough (prior to conditioning), they do not care about being right, they choose to be happy. Are we still doing that?

It’s like Bobby McFerin’s song: Don’t worry be happy



It other words, what makes YOU feel like: “It’s all good! It all has validity! It all makes sense for YOU: intellectually, emotionally, physically and ethereally!

If what you are thinking in your mind or even saying out loud about another person’s viewpoint (regardless of their view….even if it seems horrific to you) is critical, judgmental or supporting a position of right or wrong…take another look. Not only would you NOT want someone to say, think or believe that about you but what you are thinking about that other person has nothing to do with them and everything to do with YOU! It is an extension of your own subconscious wounds asking to be held, loved, embraced and included?


Claiming that your own thoughts, feelings and experiences

have nothing to do with anyone else can be a super challenging journey to embrace. It is a relinquishing of the victim consciousness.

Exploring this without turning judgmental on yourself is exactly the point of it!!

Can you love all facets of yourself?

Are you willing to give loving tenderhearted kindness to even the shadowy sides yourself?

When looking and embracing at the undesirable shadows square in the eye, they dissolve miraculously.

Are you willing to be vulnerable?

Are you willing to let it happen?

Are you willing to create freedom for yourself thereby giving permission to others to be themselves?

Are you willing to FEEL the POWER OF LOVE  that flows through you like grace?

Now, the next step is how do you LIVE it?

How do you create your Living Legacy every day even in your professional life?

Regardless of your profession, mindfulness offers you the opportunity to




Identify with the Emotion not the Circumstance of your client, friend, colleague, family member


  1. If the environment allows, close your eyes, take a breath and sink down into the sensations of your body. Establish your Presence! It will create a safe space.
  2. Make an observatory notation to yourself around the precipitating event that brought this person to you and shift your focus to the emotion that you believe they are experiencing.
  3. Make no assumptions on how they feel-different people have different emotional reactions to different situations.
  4. Ask open ended questions about to gain insight respectfully for a point of reference and what prompted them to meet with you at this particular time. There are no coincidences. The fact that you are meeting on that specific day and time is meaningful. You have yet to uncover its significance.
  5. Go beyond the intellectualized external circumstance. Be curious about this intersection of time/space because this is acting as a catalyst and they have a willingness to embrace change which means engagement and action.
  6. Get comfortable with them emoting. Act as a validator and empathizer not sympathizer of their experience. E-MOTIONS are simply Energy In Motion or Energy Moving. If they don’t want to share, respect that and indicate that you are there as a guide. Some people take longer to disclose personal information even around concrete issues like legal, financial, and medical challenges.
  7. Now, you are ready to imagine yourself in the EMOTION they are experiencing even to a lesser intensity. Then identify how that emotion served you in your life to see the benefits.
  8. Allow your comments to come from a place of growth so as to raise your client etc up.

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