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June 2021 INTEGRATION: Practice Remembering Who You Are

There is a Buddha filled with peace, compassion and wisdom within each and everyone of us with no exception. It is the utmost privilege and passion for me to support people in remembering who they are by way of their breath and integrating that into their lives. By doing so, I am reminding myself of just how enlivening life can be.

I have found the breath is the noblest of my teachers, my best friend, confidant, lover and my most intimate partner when I give it the full attention it deserves. Yes, I fall short frequently via my reactions but my breath gives me an opportunity to stand up, brush myself off and begin anew.

For example:

It is really quite a thing when I go one, two, three or four nights of sleeplessness (insomnia has been a thing in my life on and off)  and my experience of myself NOW is that….

I AM OK!!  

This is NOT  how I used to interpret it.

I do not feel sorry for myself nor do I curse the sleeplessness phenomenon. That is a real thing! Instead, I thank Presence for the wisdom offered via a calming breath to relax my nervous system to no end.

In other words, I do not breath with the expectation that I will fall asleep.

I breathe and relax allowing the experience of “not knowing” consume me. As uncomfortable as this can be, I am equally enthralled with watching the dynamics as my body strings together the felt perceptive pieces offering me insight and connections of my personal process. They come in their own time, not Darryn’s time.


My  breath expands my awareness by getting me out of my head and into my heart and body where Presence exists.

My breath opens portals for me to explore and discover parts of myself as I am ready even if I do not think I am ready.

I know with full confidence that if something is happening, desirable or not, it is purposeful and required for my own personal discovery process. This comes with a kind of peace. Nevertheless, there may be a part of me that does not exactly wish the circumstance on myself but there is wisdom in it for me and, for that, I am feeling more and more grateful. I must be ready for the  experience otherwise it would not be happening.

There is a gentle grace with this process that holds boundless treasures. I am in awe and words escape me. I have said yes to this invitation over and over in my life and the levels of gratitude seems to grow and flourish despite what outside circumstances might appear.

Just a footnote:
Gratitude was something that was illusive to me for many years. Making statements such as “I am grateful for this or that” felt empty and disconnected.  I wanted it to be AUTHENTICALLY FELT AND EMBODIED so I set out on a quest to discover where it lives inside of me.

I love my life and my process. It is ongoing as is life AND the blooming is spectacular.

My consistent “Conversations with the Universe” have intensified and deepened where I am changing the terminology from “Conversation” to “Prayer” ( as of the last 6 weeks)  which offers me a different relationship with the practice.

I am recognizing, acknowledging and living more and more that


The focus of my Prayer is to remember that I AM THE PRAYER.

That the “Pray-er”(verb) is the Prayer(noun)!

There is an innate trust to be as I am in full acceptance and devotion to myself. Sound selfish? Well, if we cannot like, love, trust and honor ourselves, what are we creating in this world of ours?

Practice remembering who you are!

Remind someone of who they are….OFTEN.

You, them, all of us are worth it!

MINDFULNESS PRACTICE     (There are steps to this but here is a good starting off point:
How you have your “Conversation with the Universe” or “Prayer” matters.

-Identify what it is that you are aiming to create.    Ex: a common request is, ” Please help me be strong.”

-Find some evidence (regardless of how far back you need to search) of that quality within you  so you can feel inklings of it…even if it’s the slightest amount. If you cannot find any and you have nobody to ask then try something like this example.              Ex:” Support me in seeing my inherent strength.” or  “Show me my strength, courage and resilience in ways I will understand.
-Say THANK YOU for all experiences often and consistently regardless of your interpretation.
-Watch what happens.

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  1. Marvin Mansky

    A lot I agree with, at least with my take on it. “Well, if we cannot like, love, trust, and honor ourselves,” …
    how can we love, trust and honor others, authentically and with empathy? Sherry Turkle in her book Empathy Diaries says ‘Only shared vulnerability and empathy allow us to truly understand one another”.

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