March 2018 Light Logic Tip #26 A Reunion with Life Force

                           MARCH 2018 Light Logic Tip #26 A Reunion with Life Force



Last month, I celebrated my birthday at a retreat house in Arizona. It wasn’t exactly anything that I planned for my birthday. It was more of an unfolding and a magnificently designed orchestration by the Universe. I really did not have a hand in much of it at all.


This is exactly the experience for which I have been reaching. Hey, isn’t that antithetical reasoning? “Reaching for an experience of surrender?” It seems I have been very well conditioned for oxymoronic processes that I have fully indulged in during my life’s journey. Who knew?


Things such as:


Trying to let go!

Hurrying up to relax!

Striving to arrive!  


I drank the “Kool-aide” all these years believing that there is a destination, a finish line, a place to “get to” which is seemingly outside of myself AND supposedly better than what is inside of me.


Can you relate?


There is an unraveling that is HAPPENING. My soul, inner being, observer (you pick the word) calling me to notice her in full techno color.




She is patiently awaiting our renewed intimacy!

For reckless abandon of what is known!









This is just the place and space to allow myself to simply JUST BE!

Permission to be in a state of receptivity!






To relax all expectations and take the pressure off!    


25 tribal goddesses forming portals beyond this 3 dimensional plane (metaphorically and literally depending on my state of consciousness) pulled me into an expanded reality. It was a deeply FELT experience. Isn’t that what all experiences are meant to be? To experience with all our sensations the fullness of life and our wilding?







     It’s interesting that I had a vision days prior that I

      would have primitive war paint on my face to signify  some

      aspects of my ancestry. Voila! Look what someone

      did with the chocolate icing from my Birthday cake.







We are sensual beings floating in a sea of stimulating extravaganzas!

Our voices were like chimes of the galaxy!

Our  body gyrations danced like flickers of a flame.

Our mesmerized star gazing, consumption of epicurean delights, laughter, releases, clearings…. oh the breath of life!

So much Love. So much Goodness. So much Intensity.


Femininity flowing….teaching me what is in, through and around all of us. The magic, the mysticism that lives and thrives so brilliantly.


An experience with the art of allowing!


All I do is rest, renew and relax! Can I metabolize all of this bliss?


Who knew that “taking in” love would require such excavation to create more space for more beauty to enter?


Who knew (experientially not cognitively) that it IS our individualized life force, our unique constellation of light, our personal energy which is our signatured beauty flowing through us?


Full of color, density, transparency, dimension, velocity, movement, texture and sensations!


Who in the world today really KNOWS that our body temples are the conduit for all this beauty and our extraordinary soulful signature is how we move consciousness.


All of us! Every single one of us!!

My whole system enjoyed an up leveling like a computer getting a brand-new operating system with more power.


Bring on the awareness I shout! There is so much here!


                                                          Time spent in spacious stillness, silence, communing with nature was the invitation. Meditation opened my conduit to be more relational with the plants, trees, earth and all of life.









Here are some of the messages that the wind whispered in my ear as I laid on the mountainside serenaded by chirping birds and gurgling creeks:


Universal Understandings:


  1. There is beauty in absolutely everything! Even death, destruction, and abuse. Your ability to see and realize the beauty is directly related to how much you are willing to soften and melt. 
  2. Your process is exquisitely designed and intricately weaved perfectly with your soul’s intent held closely for the greater good. There is no other process that will illuminate and raise your beauty more than the one the Universe has created for YOU! 
  3. Release any notions of how things are patterned so the unfolding may surface. The external world is exactly that….. external and an out picturing of your beliefs.
  4. Feel into each experience and notice how it feels in your body, your internal experience, and select your preferences via the sensations and emotions. Although liberation is your natural state, it might take some time to assimilate to this vibrational frequency.
  5. Give yourself time to metabolize all of your goodness.
  6. Pleasure invites you to be who you are and receive what you desire. There are no apologies in a state of pleasure and bliss. All is well!
  7. There is no need for MORE MORE MORE when savoring the NOW NOW NOW!
  8. In giving yourself CHOICE, you can do anything but you do not HAVE to do anything!
  9. You have the potential to be powerful in a new way. The power of LOVE!
  10. It’s the action of being witnessed that will release you from the ties that bind. 
  11. You are each a partnering with the Universe to design the fabric of your future.
  12. Sometimes you think you are not doing something unless you are processing pain. There is more happening in the subtlety than you might suppose.
  13. Lucky #13 Don’t get too cocky, there is always another layer.



What does it feel like in your body to do what you want? Is there an edginess to it? Is there a flow? Is there a veil between you and the flow? How good will you let yourself feel? How good can it get? What will you permit? What ways can you allow yourself to BE?


Lie down and either have someone to scribe for you or use the recording device on your phone.

Start at your feet and  say

” I am a foot and I feel______________.”

” I am a calf and I feel ______________.”

” I am a Chin, Knee, thigh, hamstring, buttock, groin, yoni, member, pelvis, coccyx bone, womb, belly, solar plexus, lung, heart, collar bone, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, finger, fingernail, neck, jaw, mouth, teeth, gums, nose, eyes, forehead, cheekbone, ear, hair,  & skull,


Have your friend read back only the parts of descriptive emoting or listen to the tape and focus in on the emotional description. Your body tells the truth and will enlighten you to your subconscious beliefs about your life.


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