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March 2021 Conscious Breathing Supports Clear Vision


  Listen and breathe to this song

CLEAR VISION by I & I Consciousness


Why does conscious breathing support “Clear Vision”?

Conscious breathing simply  makes us more aware that Clear Vision is our natural state of being. Conscious breathing creates a time, place and space whereby we might discover our personal truths. Our truths that await our arrival. Our truths laying quietly, patiently and eternally in the underbelly of our existence.

Clear Vision is our natural state of being. It is inherent in all of us. Breathing consciously simply paves the way whereby we might experience ourselves through the eyes of perfect presence.

Breathing  consciously paves the way by:

Relaxing our physical bodies. It seems farfetched but giving ourselves time and permission to relax without distractions sends messages of ” I matter”  or ” I am significant” to all the cells of our body. Each cell is a living organism with a consciousness unto itself.  All of these cells collaborate to bring wholeness to our physical experience. Conscious breathing infuses more life force,  vitality and our own personal and natural expression. It offers us the “opportunity” to feel what and who we are through our own felt perception. It is so uniquely diversified for each of us as drops of water in the sea.

Creating a safe “container” whereby we allow the flow of emotions. The container is our body, mind, emotions, sensations, spirit and everything about us. The container is this sacred sanctuary of energy that we occupy and move about in/with while on this earth plane.  Energy is either stagnant or moving. Emotions are simply “energy  in motion.” When energy moves, we feel it as emotions or sensations.  If an emotion or sensation is potent uncomfortable, or challenging, human beings have a tendency to resist, suppress or repress. The quality of our experience can be self-regulated by breathing consciously, slowly and deliberately.

            We do have command over the quality of our experience.

We come equipped with all the tools to experience ourselves in our natural state:

“Lovingly Self-Empowered”

As we become practiced in feeling the full range of  emotions, we begin to see that we are simply “experiencing” the emotions.  We view emotions as purposeful. Each emotion having its own signature guides us with eloquence and grace. The emotion brings a heightened sense of awareness beyond the physical or mental plain.  It is a state of being that passes effortlessly if we allow it. 

Our  emotions and sensations tend to  grab our attention. Conscious breathing slows the process down enabling us to back track to see where our thought form is pointed. It offers us insight whether we are moving towards or away  our original intention. In other words, it shows us where the focus of our attention is placed. . We allow ourselves to become a vessel for them to move through us.  It comes and it goes just like the presence of the wind. We cease to over identify with them thinking we ARE the emotion.  This opens the door to GRACE and living in the flow of life.

Calming and stilling the mind which facilitates a return to our natural state of being.

On the way to a quiet mind, we honor it. Conscious breathing gives us a tool to this end. Honoring the mind rather than fighting it, resisting it or making it do something it is not ready for will carve a path to stillness. In other words, if the mind is busy,  Say hello to the busyness. Wide, open and accepting to whatever presentation the mind is making for us…giving it its day in the sun. It’s an art to be with the thoughts as they are while breathing with them. Make a dance of it. Say hello to each and every thought wrapping your arms around them like a long lost friend.

It is through this unconditional acceptance, we access the eternal I.  If only momentarily we now know a central still point is available. A Still, Spacious, Silence which holds our pure potential.

Through the I I trust that I know




Lie down

Play this song and breathe

Now imagine  you were on a desert island or in a world where there  were no other inhabitants, explore what you feel like doing. There are no restrictions or limitations.

You can create, be, feel anything. De-Liberately De-Sign your own De-Light




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