May 2015 Mother’s Day Tribute- A Celebration of Life



Mother’s Day is really a “BIRTH” DAY FOR ALL!!!!

The fact that we have a tradition of lighting candles on a birthday cake is a tribute to the light source within us. We are acknowledging our growth and the spirit shining through us with each additional candle. We are growing individually and collectively.


There is a collective energetic shift that is occurring right now. We are all waking up. We are moving from an ACTION based energy system to a MAGNETIC based energy system. We are waking up to the feminine principle that resides in ALL of us!!! (not just women). We have all sorts of energies within and around us and we have labeled them with “words” but  please know that they all co-exist in every being.

  • From Absolute to Abundance
  • From Pushing to Feeling the Pull towards
  • From Striving to Allowing
  • From Trying to Unfolding
  • From Hierarchical to Holistic
  • From Brain centric to Heart Centric
  • From Electric to Magnetic
  • From Intellect to Intuition
  • From Singular Focus to Co-Creative Endeavors
  • From Sole Achievement to Love and to exist in a state of Happy, Joyous and Free
  • From Static to Undulating

You have shifted your perspective from one of an ABSOLUTE Paradigm to one of an ABUNDANT Paradigm. This is the energy of the 21st Century. Moving from “2” (separation) into “1” (holistic).

You are following the ‘pull” within you. Your life magnetizes in what you desire. The push and action centric philosophy of the 20th century is subsiding and the emergence of your heartfelt choices is emerging. Life is organized around a natural ebb and flow and you are simply riding the wave. You gravitate naturally to what you know intuitively is the next “right” thing. Your sense of purpose unfolds magically and you feel ” All is well in the world”. This is what LIFE is all about.


Consider that the process of birth is a metaphor and our relationships are a metaphor.

  1. The more LOVE we experience towards our Mother (symbolically speaking- would be our *feminine” energy or literally speaking- would be our physical mother…take your pick), the closer we become to our CREATION’S energy.

* All beings have both electric and magnetic energy within them. Electric or action oriented energy is more commonly referred to as masculine (sun) and magnetic or receptive oriented energy is more commonly referred to as feminine (moon). Every being has both.

2.  The physical Mother gave birth to us all!!…………….CREATION’S ENERGY gave birth to our souls!!!

3.   The physical Mother’s chose to have us (on some level conscious or unconscious)………CREATION’S ENERGY focused to ignite the sparks to form us all.

4.   We came through a narrow canal or startling birthing experience not knowing what was before us. When being released from the womb, there was bright light, overwhelming stimuli, yet it remained a miraculous happening. In all cases (regardless of what transpired afterwards), the instant of birth was greeted with an overwhelming sense of profound love mixed with tears of miraculous appreciation and awe.

We face those same canals or startling experiences within the smallest, most subtle intersections in our lives which forge the pathway for managing the bigger shifts in our lives such as relationship changes, job shifts, health challenges and reinventing ourselves. We may be unaware of the emerging “knowingness” that the exploration will produce in subsequent years. 

In transitions, there is a continual release of a warm comfortable place into more light, more appreciation, more love and awe of the miracle of who we are. This is because our inherent nature is to expand.  

Whatever your life circumstance is, the process of loving the internal feminine side of your eternal/internal being is paramount for bringing forth love into the world.

A big thank you to all of the mothers in the world for being the vessels that carried us into this lifetime! So think of your “birth” day as “mother’s” day and “mother’s” day as a “birth” day. Think of them as a celebration of life. A birthday signifies your spirit’s intent to enter human form, in order to come to earth and explore this time space reality.

This is such a glorious, magnificent act of spiritual nature that takes place every minute of every day. Souls join our physical humanity to explore, expand, create more love and then exit when their mission is completed. If we think of our time here as one big experiential playground, it makes everything so much more acceptable.

There are some very experienced soul’s that choose challenging life circumstances  to explore a territory so that they and/or someone else in their inner circle may be afforded a valuable discovery and the collective experience will raise them all to a higher vibration of love .

Perhaps, for some of us, this is just something that we can use to comfort us when we have no “earthly specific” explanation for a friend’s baby being born with a life challenging illness or another person’s homelessness or yet another person being the subject, not victim, of abuse. None of us are victims, but we have all asked ourselves why challenging things happen at some time or another.

So, I propose that we have the ultimate expedition. The journey is in the pursuit of LOVE! Compassion, forgiveness, joy and freedom are the trails in which to arrive at our destination. All of those little challenges, like a struggle with a boss or discord with a family member, are the intersections from which we grow. It’s what we do with them that make a difference. They are opportunities for expansion. So, the next time you identify a feeling of resistance, stretch yourself and practice taking the opposite action and see how you perceive yourself at your next birthday or the next Mother’s Day!

Try the exercises demonstrated on the video. Look in the mirror and say….

  • I love you
  • I am loved
  • I am enough
  • You are Loved
  • You are the essence of Love
  • If I left my physical form today, I have sent enough ripples of love out into the universe.
  • I am complete as I am.
  • I am OK
  • I am all that I desire to be

When you actually DO this, even if you do not feel it or believe it yet, you are on your way. You have ignited a shift and are changing the collective consciousness. You, YES YOU, are raising the vibration of all beings to a higher level of LOVE.



Lots of Love, Light and Laughter,



2015  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved


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