May 2018 Light Logic Tip # 28 ” I’m D.Y.I.N.G.” Part 2

” D.Y.I.N.G.” Part 2

Distance Yields Insightful Nurturing Guidance




The True Art and Definition of D.Y.I.N.G. is………


Taking time to breath creates a DISTANCING effect (broader perspective) from the story de jour (the saga, crisis, predicament, drama) no matter how convincing or important your mind makes the “dilemma”.   It YIELDS (slows down) the typical habitual pattern and gives you INSIGHTFUL, supportive, life affirming GUIDANCE (information).




  Transformational Breath ® is a powerful teacher!


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Last month I wrote a blog and sent it out in an email with the subject line “I’m Dying”. I received some emails from some cherished loved ones regarding the subject line. Clearly, it triggered a Flight, Fight or Freeze reaction within some people. And, why not? Wasn’t it a provocative subject line? Didn’t it arouse attention? My knee jerk reaction to their reaction was a stream of thoughts such as:


-Maybe this was in poor taste (self-judgment)


-Maybe I hurt someone (self-blame/shame/guilt)


-Maybe I am not sensitive enough! (Unworthiness)


I paused rather quickly and spontaneously, noticed the emotions that these thoughts triggered (a more dense vibration) and began to get curious of their origins. I ceased the internal badgering, felt my breath enter and exit my body and dove into a “felt experience”.


I sat still and began to feel (not think) the emotions associated with the above statements: guilt, anxiety, a little overwhelm and ultimately grief. Yes, dear sweet grief. That is what was wanting to be released.


After some time remaining slow and steady in the experience, a mental clarity ensued if only for a few seconds. I felt lighter and an experiential (not cognitive) epiphany rushed through my body.


I had had the following thought many times in my life prior to this experience but now, this level was a fully “felt perception” (emotions/sensations) in my entire body. There was some integration of this charged emotion and it was having a noticeable impact.


“There are an infinite number of ways to perceive a situation and I ONLY have domain over my own psyche! I uphold radical responsibility for myself .”


Personal Power - Inspirational Sign - Darryn Silver



We each have the privilege to choose our own way of interpreting a story. Where we sit on the continuum of reaction and responding is paramount for our health: energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically.


We all have our own Flight, Fight and Freeze mechanisms and the blessed breath (vehicle) with which to soothe our nervous system. We have grown so accustomed to reacting as if there is a true threat that distractions are the norm. It is our way of life and we are unaware of its impact on our mind, body and spirit!  We have been conditioned out of our peace of mind and simple pleasures have taken a back seat.


Breath awareness can support each and every one of us in our emotional world.


It seems too simple to be true! It seems so simple that many people discount our blessed breath as “That’s nice but how am I going to fix the issue de jour i.e. finances, relationships, well-being both emotional and physically”


Perspective is everything so gaining distance from whatever “dilemma” (story) we might be experiencing is paramount to holding clear vision.


How many of us identify as if we ARE the emotion we are experiencing? Think about that statement for a moment.


If you feel guilty about something, do you brand yourself a bad person in that moment?


Are your actions motivated to relieve the feelings of guilt?


Do you acquiesce out of fear of saying no?


Do you believe that others “MAKE YOU” feel a certain way?


How many things in your day do you do out of obligation verses from your heartfelt center?


What is there about yourself that you keep a secret, makes you cringe and want to hide in shame? Are you willing to look at it and love it for the gifts it is offering you?


Do you hold a sense of over- responsibility aka a rescuer to buffer yourself from uncomfortable feelings of powerlessness?


If you pass judgment on yourself or others (Appearance, Abilities, Comparison), do you admonish yourself?


Do you want others to change so you will feel better?


If you experience a level of competition or jealousy in some aspect of your life, are you willing to dive down deep and wonder about its roots or do you sweep it under the rug (suppression) as if it does not exist to uphold a sense of purity, holier than thou?


Do we deem some emotions acceptable and others best left under cover?


What do you imagine would happen if you simply FELT the guilt?


What if you opened to this “thing” that is triggering you and consulted with your inner wisdom for its message? It is pointing you towards wholeness!


You are only triggered because it is a disowned aspect of yourself that is deeply couched in your subconscious experience. As you claim yourself and that disowned piece is soothed and loved, the stored potential energy it is harboring is getting ready to be unleashed in a manner you have not yet recognized.


The effervescent bubbles deeply couched within your center become

available  to  meet  the  world.  You  are  in  celebration  of  being  an  orgasmic  living  being.




What would happen if we gave ourselves time and space to breathe and feel those uncomfortable sensations and emotions?


What if we embrace ALL of ourselves? Doesn’t every piece of us deserve to be loved and appreciated for its contribution?


Certainly, it is not like I have arrived. I am gaining more and more experience with this and the breath is the key for me. It is my passageway for a smooth, gentle death towards my uncluttering. The breath is my creator of space for the birth that is on my threshold.


For me, the practice of intentional breathing  releases antiquated safety mechanisms that keep us in the  PUSH OF LIFE. It is the system of perpetual striving based on external influences rather internal energetics that we have been clinging to.


We live in a world of PUSHING                       



You pick the subject.

It’s time to give  I WANT MORE

a new definition………>>>>>>>





Reflect on this example:

We make a judgment about someone or ourselves.

It could be anything like….

-I don’t like my or her or his appearance

 -I don’t do all I can to achieve my goals.

            -He/She doesn’t do all they can to achieve their goals.

  -He/She is lazy.

-He/She is boring.

   -He/She is cramping my style.


Level 1 Awareness: Do we even catch that we had the judgmental/critical thought?


Level 2 Awareness: If we did notice it, do we rationalize, justify or intellectualize to suppress that icky feeling underneath?


Level 3 Awareness: If we did observe it (probably based on how we feel), do we chastise ourselves for judging/criticizing another? Do we punish/ judge/criticize ourselves for judging/criticizing ourselves or another?


Level 4 Awareness: Do we stand, sit still and allow the seed, the kernel, the core of that thought to be explored as well as the root emotion (from which is sprung) and accompanying sensations to be felt?


There are infinite levels of awareness but these four are a good starting off place to explore within yourself over the next several weeks.


We spend our entire lives unconsciously avoiding death. Nevertheless, the art of dying is at every turn, in every crevice and each transition. In part, this is the purpose of shifts: to release our death grip on our attachments or what we define as SAFE so that we might be born again.


The process of allowing one thing to fall away, creating space for something new to be brought into creation. So, even the stages of birth are a death.

The more we allow ourselves to go with the flow, the easier dying is. It is the true art of dying!





Explore what is SAFE for you. Sensations Accentuate Freeing Energy


  1. What does “SAFE” really FEEL and LOOK like for you? Status quo, keeping change at bay, snuggling up to the known?
  2. Make a list of some stories or experiences in your life that you find challenging: People, places and things.
  3. Name the uncomfortable emotions: Anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, irritable, uneasy, frustration, impatience, intolerance, pressured, doubt, shame, jealously, envy etc.
  4. Name any associated sensations: Heart palpitations, upset stomach, headaches, physical tension (jaw, neck, and shoulders), fatigue, back pain etc.
  5. Recognize whatever organ in your body is associated with the emotion such as heart palpitations might match with anxiety, clenched jaw with anger, Headaches with pressure, stomach upset with doubt or anxiety etc.
  6. Receive some long inhalations and relaxed exhalations for 5 minutes.
  7. Speak to your body part (heart) as if it is not part of you. Ask it for the message it carries for you while affirming in your mind while you breathe “It is safe to feel.
  8. Journal about any and all things that surface without censoring or correcting yourself.

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