May 2019 Surrender Your Need to Always be Right- Big EXHALE


and then there’s a Big Exhale



Recently, I attended a lengthy meditation event. The room was set up with cushions in a circular fashion. We were invited to enter the room individually while walking in silence until we found just the perfect cushion. I walked around the outskirts of the circle starting at 6 0’clock moving clockwise all the way to 3 O’clock where I finally found my seat. It was as though this particular location was emanating a vibration that aligned with what my soul was calling forth. It was pure perfection and you will soon realize why.


There were oracle cards in front of each cushion. Once we were all settled, we went around the room, introduced ourselves, and shared the card and our intention for the meditation session.


My card read, “Surrender Your need to always be right!”



I chuckled out loud and so did a few of the other women. They knew themselves astutely well and were able to relate to the humor with which our own foibles provided us. I laughed because I had been reflecting on this very thing as I drove to the event.

Breathing in Joy Exhaling “What-ever-ness”




How cool is Spirit to confirm its tracking right along side of me!  Talk about Interconnectedness!






Do you want to be RIGHT or do you want to be HAPPY the slogan says yet sometimes my MIND still chooses to be right!




Can you relate?


There is a kind of emancipation within when we can be honest with ourselves and see the humor simultaneously! Isn’t that what comedians do. They find the most ordinary things that so many people can relate to and pull it out for the world to see in plain sight!!!!



Have a good laugh about yourself!!  

It’s cathartic!

“How perfect is spirit”, I thought. “Such glorious wisdom couched in a cosmic joke!!”


I like to be RIGHT AND I like to be HAPPY AND I am lovable inside it all AND so are YOU!! 


For those of you who are a bit hard on yourself……..


What can you name about yourself that you want to let go of AND still OWN or recognize that you are a precious child of the Universe!! TRY IT, you’ll like it! It’s how SPIRIT sees you!

Shout it out and FREE YOUR VOICE!!


Do it right now! Doing it is different than reading or thinking about it.

                                                Find a friend or a partner and do it together.


Ex: Sometimes I act or behave controlling/over planning AND I the thing I find comedic (or the subsequent gift) about it is the physical posturing of walking with my head three feet in front of my ass. I mean, how far into the future do I think I can get my head  while my bum stays in the past ?


  • Laughing helps you breath more deeply!!





Of course my MIND wants a seat at the table and wants its own explanation also.


So what is this need to always be right?


So many people have it and we could define it in terms of the ego but because most people have a negative association with the term ego (which it is not) that would leave us in a place of separation, duality, black/white thinking i.e.

“This is good and that is bad. This is right and that is wrong.”


The HEART chimes in , “ Where is the love, understanding and compassion in that?”



The societal ego’s perspective only drives a deeper wedge into our experience. What if we explored, and developed some felt perceptive understanding of this “need to be right”. What if we discovered that it was an invaluable tool that kept us protected as youngsters and insulated us from a situation/dynamic we once perceived as dangerous.




When we align ourselves with a kind of perfection, it certainly shelters us from our vulnerability and sensitive posturing which so desperately wants to be safely insulated. We all have it in some variation and it is a personal choice to surrender internally, privately and safely to an experience of deep personal humiliation and see that we are not annihilated but set free by our willingness to draw it closer, give it space, name it and allow it to be felt.


Breathing in and out fully and connectedly might offer that little creature inside us that is beckoning for a kind of softening, a release and a new way of being in the world.  The world of Yin, leaning back, of allowing, of receiving, of soaring creation, of a little chaotic craziness for our BLOOMING HEART TO  FLOWER!  


Artwork by Jordyn Silver


It’s Amazing, fascinating, exhilarating and dynamically interesting to give ourselves permission to “be” essentially ourselves on the inside.



Permission to receive.


Permission to allow our worthiness to permeate our beingness.


Permission to sit in joy.


Permission to love life.


Permission to be fully human and allow all parts to be fully acceptable even what might be deemed “negative” by societal terms.


Permission for softness

It’s messy. It’s nonlinear. We don’t experience our growth by going from point A to point Z in one fell swoop.



It’s A to H  

back to F

Plateauing and consolidating, synthesizing

swooping for a back check to down to D

climbing to P

more integrating to T

back to L for more exploration and so on and this is an example in only 2 D.                                                         


Imagine 5 D. We are all over the MAP!



It’s more challenging for the mind to make sense of it but the body knows because it FEELS.


The world does not tend to accept the parts we name as ugly but are you living for the world or are you living for your SELF??



Often, we hear that that emotions are simply energy in motion. Emotions are always wanting to move and when we storehouse some emotions out of fear (meaning it was out of a self-preservation that we were unable to feel them fully in years past), we build a reservoir until it congeals or calcifies in part of the psyche and maybe even physically in the body if left unnoticed or unattended for long enough. That is what dis-ease is….. a build up of imbalances “Calling for Care”.


Inhaling and Exhaling  mindfully reminds us that our breath connects us all. Our breath moves energy and integrates emotions.


So what is your thing to Surrender and how does your BODY respond to words  of COMPASSION and KINDNESS.


BREATHE while you experiment with which feels better (Words have a vibrational countenance to them also)


Surrender to your need:

For things to be hard vs Surrender to your desire for a gentle flow of EFFORTLESSNESS!


To be busy vs Surrender to your creation of ease, grace and steadiness in this MOMENT.


To your experience of depletion vs Surrender to the NOW where all energy resides ABUNDANTLY.


For pain vs Surrender to your natural state of WHOLENESS.


-To be invisible vs Surrender to your full undivided PRESENCE.


-For judgment vs Surrender to Kindness, love, Compassion and INNER PEACE


On What it Means to be a Conscious Being on Quantum Effect by Randy Veitenheimer, he talks about Creative Consciousness is where we are best able to express ourselves.


He references Yogi Bhajan who came to the United State decades ago to guide western civilization into higher levels of consciousness and a quote from 2003.


“A new age calls for it’s own words to live by”


Also, Randy references the The Sutras, complex spiritual concepts, which allowed sacred teachings to be protected from harm and brief enough to be remembered by students and guides us to move upward in our levels of consciousness . He reviews five of them but the two that stood out for me were  


Understanding through compassion or you will misunderstand the times. Ego wants to be right and the compassion requires the truth. If you seek the truth you will not misunderstand the person in front of you nor the circumstances around you.


Vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos shall clear the path. Do not underestimate the internal shifts that you are navigating though. You are a spiritual warrior! A priestess of the highest regard. They matter. You are significant and it is having an effect on the whole. You are changing yourself, your relationships and the world around you.





Practice the exercise given in the body of this blog




We tend to store a lot of our tension, anger and resentment in our jaws. We might not even be aware of what we are holding and that is ok. We do not need to know the story. That is for the mind. This is for the heart and the body.


-Put on a song that has no lyrics ( about 10 min)


-Maybe light some candles


-State a personal invocation. If you do not know how to do that, see the MINDFULNESS PRACTICE on the blog page for Feb 2019 


-Get a deck of oracle cards that call you


-Set your intention and write it down in your journal as the revelations might come later. Perhaps set an intention to perceive a person, situation, relationship or circumstance differently that you currently do. To gain insight and understanding from an open unprotected heart!


-Select a card ( write it in your journal)


-Lie down and begin to breath diaphragmatically


-Notice where there might be tension in your body and apply slight pressure there with your finger while you continue to breath


-Also, consider applying a bit of pressure on your jaw and notice what you experience


-See if you notice a connection between the card and your intention over the next several days


Also, consider setting up a session with Kirk. They call him the “Throat Whisperer” because he is so adept and intuitive with the areas of the throat, neck, shoulder and subsequent areas of emotional expression. You can contact him through this link



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