You are currently viewing May 2020 Riding the Waves of Emotions One Breath at a Time

May 2020 Riding the Waves of Emotions One Breath at a Time

May 2020 Riding the Waves of Emotions One Breath at a Time


This month has been like riding the waves of emotions. It has not necessarily always been about “feeling better” but “getting better at feeling”.  By the way, when we “get better at feeling”, inevitably, we feel lighter but that can’t be the goal, at least for me.


When I was a little girl I was given the gift of loving the ocean by my grandfather who was a member of the Polar Bear Club.  My father followed suit by placing me on his shoulders and charged fearlessly into the ocean. It was exhilarating, daring, exciting and unpredictable all at the same time. I was “all in” for the ride never knowing what kind of wave would come next.

Would we stand our ground and let it pass?

Would we jump over it?

Would we dive under it which, at that time, was the scariest because I would fall off his shoulders and I was on my own?

Later I learned to navigate the seas by myself.

Was the wave one I would ride?

Did I perceive it to be too big for my little body? What to do?

I remembered being taught the tactic to dive directly into the wave allowing its foam to tickle me and wash right by despite my memory of it being initially scary. What was once frightening later offered a sense of empowerment, command and communion with the sea. We learned to work together or, more likely, I learned to respect its nature and go with its flow leaving the tumultuous activity on the surface.


The waves are very much like the emotions we are experiencing. Each one different and distinct with their own quality beckoning respect for their teachings.   This has been a glorious opportunity for us to step into our power in whatever form it takes.

We can explore and discover boundless jewels inside of ourselves. Just as I did not go into the ocean by myself as a small child, we do not have to venture into these unpredictable territories alone.

We are in this LOVE together

We are in this JOY together

We are in this LIFE together

We all have our best friend, our lover, our confidant, our companion with us at all time.

Who is that? OUR BREATH

HOW do we nurture this relationship?


By getting up close and personal!

 Inhaling and Exhaling!




Watching what it reveals!

Just like the waves, diving into the emotion with our BREATH as our partner will demonstrate what my words cannot describe.


One evening I awoke around 3am feeling sensations that I associate with anxiety. I began to breathe consciously, connecting my inhales and exhales at a very very gentle pace. My intention was NOT to get rid of the so called anxiety but to get a closer look at it.

What was the embedded message?

What was its purpose?

Would the message come in a vision, an intuitive hit, a sensation, a not knowing, a knowingness or some other form that I cannot even name at this point in time? Admittedly, I wanted something clear, grand and deeply insightful. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Why? Because whatever is required to happen for our own personal growth in any given moment will happen. It’s that simple and it’s a perfect design!

Nevertheless, I had to be willing to go into the emotion (wave) with all of its unpredictability, uncertainty and be willing to let it have its way with me.

                            TOTAL SURRENDER but my BREATH was with me!

Clearly, this experience I called “anxiety” was a veil demonstrating my adhering perception that something was enticing me to remain on guard, alert, attentive to a phenomena that, in this present moment, no longer exists. It was a placeholder between me (subconscious the story teller) and the experience of utter relaxation and peace.

Metaphorically, I took the hand of my breath and entered the cavern.

Ya know what? Nothing happened!

Absolutely nothing! No drama! No story!

Kinda boring!

Just acceptance of what was in that moment which was pretty cool. (It did take a few hours.)

Often it is the judgment of the feeling that wreaks havoc on our nervous system rather than the underlying emotion.

Make whatever your experience is in the moment ok and everything else will slip away kind of like the foam passing by in the ocean.

Ok so I had some accompanying sensations like my heart beat was at a more rapid pace than usual, my breath started mainly in my chest, my legs felt like they wanted to run… was that anxiety, excitement or just a lot of energy that wanted to move through my system?  I made it all ok!


Allow yourself the solitude to dive deeply into your emotions, getting really really curious about their texture, origins, temperature, and sensations while simultaneously bringing your companion, the BREATH along to support you.


-If you are feeling anxious, alone, or confused dive in with your breath holding your hand all the way.

-If you awaken in the middle of the night sensing a surreal stillness you call lonliness, dive into the experience and bring your inhales and exhales.

-If you are crying, let your breath soothe you and tell you its ok!

-If you are angry, breathe deeply with volume allow that to move through you!


As we join together in virtual circles, our hearts open more than previously thought possible offering us a deep sense of connection. We are able to VIBRATE AND FEEL one another’s electro-magnetic fields through the airwaves.

We experience IN VIVO just how sensitive we are by how our bodies respond to information in real time. It’s clear, distinct and it illuminates where we are in relation to our innate desires. Bless our sensitivities as they clarify the power of our CHOICE POINT!

Our brain receives and our mind perceives.  Perception is our choice and we are always doing our best with the information that is available to us!

It is our emotions that remind us that we are ALIVE and the experiencer of our life.  Anything is possible if we consciously bring our best friend, our lover, our confidant along for the ride.



The next time you have an uncomfortable emotion, give it a tangible name.

Beginning long, slow, deep inhales and exhales.

Welcome this character in and ask it what message is has for you.

Then let go of the question and breathe.

Going within, cultivating a steady awareness allows the energy/emotion to move through us and pass in its own time.

Feel the fear and let it go!

Feel the anxiety and release it!

Focus the ebb and flow of your breathe into your heart area.

It won’t hurt you!

It is the resistance that will cause the drama and the trauma.

It’s a Practice which teaches us over and over exactly how we perceive things, what our beliefs are and what we perpetuate as manifestations in our life.

Day dreaming is our prayer and our meditation. 



I hope you can join me for one of my online breath sessions. If interested, contact me at

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