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May 2023 I Have a Friend…

I have a dear Friend

To me, she is a “she” but she is your friend too.

She might be a “he”, “she” or a “they” to you.

(Change the pronoun for resonance)

She lights up a room with her smile.

She melts my heart from the inside out.

She celebrates all that she encounters with the twinkle in her eye.

She revels in humanity and the spirit that flows through each and every being: animate or inanimate.

She expresses her divine appreciation for all of life through all vehicles of life.

She ignites the power of love within me and all beings throughout eternal lifetimes.

She stimulates the vibrational resonance in, through and around me so I  acknowledge, recognize and realize that I am pure unconditional luminous loving light energy.

She offers me countless opportunities to experience the magic of this life.

She invites me and gives me tools to expand my perspective, to shift my consciousness and to hold the vision that “LOVE Loves Everything”.

She shows me that there is nothing outside the parameters of LOVE! That LOVE is all inclusive…even my darkness and the darkness humanity holds. That’s how big LOVE is.

She applauds with delight as I dare to wrap my arms ( although tentatively) around all emotional turmoil and tranquility.

I often feel so small and with such limited capacity to hold the power she delivers to stream through me.

She tells me that is exactly how it is meant to be and opens the pathway for me to celebrate this human condition. That no matter how much I expand, there is more available.

I experience my friend as so forgiving yet she tells me there is nothing for her to forgive. That “All There Is” is in pure perfected alignment and we all will discover as the point of reflection taps on our hearts.


Do you know her/his/their name?

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