Nov 2018 Rest in Your Breath and Don’t Muck it UP!

Nov 2018

REST IN YOUR BREATH and Don’t Muck it Up!

What a joke! To think I am in charge of anything! I have spent most of my adult life attempting to prove to the Universe that I know what’s going on. How hilarious is that? My ego is cunning, slippery and has ways to entice be back into the arms of the known.

Oh, the KNOWN I love it so, you’ll never know…..


(Listen to this link Barbara Streisand’s ” My Man”   Replace it with whatever your hungry attachment is and feel into the emotional undertones in your system!


Our attachments are really overrated but how do we know that until we experience the freedom towards which they are pointing us ?


      Whatever attachment you cling to, please know that the exact opposite also is available to you when you are willing! It’s just a matter of process my love!


For me, it wasn’t until The Breath had its way with me… yes until the breath captured my attention and not from the level of the mind. It can’t come from MY MIND because MY MIND holds such a skeptical and cynical attitude even seconds after having a direct life altering experience. That’s how convincing my protector i.e. the egoic human condition can be!!  This was different!



I had this AMAZING experience while deeply entranced in a Transformational Breath® session. My partner Kirk was facilitating me. I reached some kind of plateau where I was resting in an altered state of consciousness. It was like I was having a telepathic conversation with the Divine but I wasn’t exactly asking any questions. It was like the Divinity of the Universe knew what my questions were before I was conscious of them.


All of a sudden, I burst out into a bout of uncontrollable laughter. I got it! I get it! But not from the perspective of the ego or mind. I was laughing because I had a full visceral embodied experience that the Universe would not tell me one thing more about my life’s path before I needed to know it.  I was not whining, kicking, or screaming like a two year old asking the proverbial WHY or HOW COME? I was resting in natural great peace while nodding my head inside of myself, concurring and laughing in unison because I knew as well as the Universe knew that I would just MUCK IT ALL UP.


The Universe was saving me from myself!


Why? Why would I muck it up especially when it’s all good, exciting, passionate stuff coming down the pike?


Because I am in a phase whereby the Law of Paradoxical Intent has been rearing its ugly head! It hasn’t always been this way but it has been alive and vibrant lately. Remember in my August 2018 Newsletter Breathing in Bali, I shared how when I might want something (not material but internally) I will keep the very object of my desire equidistant from my grasp. The Law of Paradoxical Intent is the “TRYING” Syndrome.  It’s quite ingenious because it keeps you trapped inside of yourself so that you do not have to realize your potential. Keeps ya safe and in the status quo!



The good news is that LOVE exists in the “TRYING” too. It’s waiting patiently for you to discover your SELF!
















The Universe mirrors back to you that which you are experiencing internally albeit unconsciously. The Universe expresses it in a manner that you can understand and fosters your potential to make new choices which leads to harmony and  balance. It’s physics! It’s just how it is.

Our lives are simply an out picturing of our inner reality.


So when I’m in a state of “TRYING”, that’s what I get the experience of “TRYING”. How frustrating is that?

The challenge is to hold your focus in the direction of your desire and let go at the same time. It’s about feeling the joy in the process!

So while I was in this telepathic dialogue, swooned and swaddled by grace, my laughter turned to uncontrollable sobbing. First laughter, then tears from laughing so hard, then sobbing at the intensity of the truth moving through my entire body.




I was left in a place of such Lightness, Oneness and Truth. Of course, it only takes me a matter of seconds to want to “TRY” to have another experience like this one. Actually, I RESTED IN THIS BREATH for a whole week it was so life altering.



But really, can you relate? Something MAGNIFICENT happens in our lives and we WANT MORE and more and more.

It’s like chasing the fireflies sparking up the evening sky…..we chase and chase and it so exciting. They light us up but if we put them in a jar it dulls their flame because they are in bondage. Their energy is sequestered by the jar.

We learn to let things be as they may and appreciate the natural nuances, the ebb and flow, the ego and the soul. They are all part of the WHOLE!

I felt a wave of overwhelming sense of gratitude for this Omnipresent force knowing me so much better than I know myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the comic relief and welcome it always!

Mindfulness Practice:

-Pick a quality or idiosyncrasy about yourself which you find humorous or can extract the levity.

-Imitate yourself (absorbed in this quality) in front of a person with whom you share a trusted loving relationship.

-Your souls will shine through and you will experience a profound shift in energy.


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