You are currently viewing Nov 2019 SHHHH Listen Closely! Your body is whispering to you!

Nov 2019 SHHHH Listen Closely! Your body is whispering to you!

Some weeks ago, there was a stagnant energy felt by both my beloved and I in our home. We both felt it yet there was no story accompanying it. It was strange and uncomfortable. It felt like a low level stress, tension, angst or disruption in the environment. There was an absence of the flow of ease.

 Usually, I go to sleep earlier but on this particular evening, he went up to rest first. When I came up about 30 minutes later, he was engaged in conscious connected breathing. I laid down next to him and began to join with his cadence.


My body shook momentarily.

His body shook temporarily.

I shuttered with tears.

He expressed emotions through sound.

I made my voice heard through toning.


Within 30 minutes, we had cleared ourselves, the room, the house, our home, the entire space and were feeling so lighthearted and expansive. We were giggling in amazement. We had joined hands with A Loving Presence, something greater than both of us, to move the energy.


Sure, we were active components yet it was a miracle up front and personal that we could both attest to. We were in awe and gratitude for the gift that we were fully participatory and open to receiving. It was showing us that whatever chi, life force, prana or spirit that is riding on the wave of our breath is our best friend, confidant, lover and wisdom keeper. It is our “go to” phenomenon.

            Often, I ask questions to this Loving PRESENCE 





  When I am really open to listening, I see that  LOVE IS IN THE AIR!

Sure, we could have attached a story to the emotions we were experiencing and solidified the disruption;however, we made a different choice.

So how well tuned are we with ourselves? It’s an ongoing process of re-framing our observations!

Our bodies are intelligent creatures. Our brain may have an insistent manner, a demanding nature or an exactness about it to protect us at times but our body is telling us the real truth AND it knows the path of least resistance.

How pronounced does the messenger have to express itself in order for us to perceive with clarity?

In this case, CLARITY is defined as perceiving through the lens of love, interpreting the message with light filled loving kindness.


                                                           Consciously Letting Authentic Reality In To You



Everything has a benefit to it.


It’s up to you to turn towards the sun and

embrace the shining light so you might       

know yourself more INTIMATELY.



The Pathway to the Physical Plain:






begets TANGIBLE MANIFESTATIONS ( situations, circumstances, relationship patterns etc)


The Pathway home to the Loving Presence within us:


EXPLORATION of the  tangible manifestations with innocent curiosity.

DISCOVERING  the thoughts and underlying belief with compassion.


BEING with the underlying core energetic.


Experiment with yourself in the MINDFULNESS PRACTICE:

-What is the energetic undertone that each of these people (below) are sharing with themselves?

-What true belief system is being beckoned for acknowledgment?

-How does your interpretation FEEL in your body when you connect with it?

-If your insight offers possibilities to FEEL more love and expansion, you know you are connecting with your heart center which is a liaison to a loving presence.

-If your interpretation FEELS otherwise, then you know you are right on track and moving through layers while on approach to a much deeper, more satisfying  insight. Consider the possibility that you are interpreting more from what you have learned from others that came before you. It’s conformity and not necessarily the truth of who you are.

There are no right nor wrong answers to these questions. They are meant for pondering and self-discovery.


  1. What prompts an athlete’s body to break record after record which opens the door for others to believe in the impossible and follow?


  1. How is it that a woman who desires to have a baby wholeheartedly but is unable to conceive?  What is prompting her body to contract in such a way, which precludes the flow of life force to enter her sacred sanctuary in a particular way? 


  1. How is it that an avid meditator can hibernate their body for months and months without eating or drinking without any adverse health repercussions?


  1. What about a person who simply desires continuous restful night’s sleep and thought/brain’s activity interrupts the ease and the grace that is possible for that luxury?


  1. How is it that a woman starts running at age 100 and continues running marathons at age 103?


  1. How about the person in chronic pain who takes medication on a regular basis to alleviate the discomfort? What message is in the pain? What is the medication saying? 


  1. What kind of “intimacy with nature” is a person fostering that lives off the land, and, with what main stream society calls, isolated?


  1. What duration of time does it take one person verses another to return to feeling wholehearted after the ending of a relationship?


Self-Reflection on the experiences that present themselves to us is  valuable & significant information to discover a softer, easier way. It is important to REFRAME the experience so we see it through the eyes of our Loving Presence. That is what will open the doorway to more light and a remembrance of our wholeness. A shift in perspective is how we change ourselves and the world.

Have questions re-framing? Ask the question and do a self breathing session or schedule a session for co-creative support.

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