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Nov. 2020 Who Knows?



Who Knows? The Breath Knows.  My Breath Knows! She has always known.

She stands quietly by my side in the background inviting me to take her hand. She comforts me with the knowing that she remains eternally available to me. She informs me of her undying love through the portals of many lifetimes, many journeys as well as in this incarnation.  She weaves her way through me bringing a rite of passage not withstanding a maze of twists and turns which keeps me flexible 🙂

I often forget her but her devotion to my “Becoming” is unparalleled. She gently reminds me of her presence through subtle and not so subtle sensations, energy moving named as emotions and the direct revelations that my body messages me. How patient, incredibly patient she is with her consistent, rhythmic and unadulterated wisdom. Wisdom beyond the earthly knowing. Always willing to share it with me.

It is my choice to accept this gracious invitation, to engage and allow myself to be enveloped into her mystery. Moving slowly down the channel from head to heart where the whisper of all things reside.

She presents to me the answers to so many questions before I even inquire . She is engaging me in a practice of listening, watching and allowing.

“Some bodies receive the experience of indigestion and constipation to varying degrees as a signal to slow down or to illuminate the internal desire to slow down”, she shares.

I have such a body.  I silence my rebuttal that is tempted to insist that I do not move that fast anymore but I know she is speaking of my internal world.  That only the perpetual hurrying and aligning to time that this 3D world promulgates causes such an imbalance or body disharmony.  She continues, “Nevertheless,  it is easily remedied. All of your disharmonies whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual are easily remedied by LISTENING.”


I reflect on my early programming which insists on hurrying. “Planning, scheduling, organizing and being the keeper of the time are all worthy attributes,“ she says. “Thank them for their servitude as they have offered a life well lived full of abundance, connection, prosperity and sense of purpose.”

Now is a different zero point reality.  There is a different “Becoming” emerging, a blossoming that my breath is nurturing to awaken that circulates in, through and around my heart. It is a divine, exquisite, flowing and a magnificent prayer bestowed upon me from the cosmos. I joyously practice the cultivation of my relationship with her. She shows me life is a prayer and we converse in prayer.

Thank you breath

 I hereby weave you into every aspect of my being. Please continue your gentle reminders. I am forever grateful for your truth telling.



Personally, I refer to my breathe today with a feminine pronoun but you can choose your own way to foster the communication.

Name your breath.

Build a dialogue. Nurture your relationship the way you would with a new friend.

Imagine the qualities it is enhancing in you and moving you towards.

Notice strong contrasting experiences and remember opposites attract. What might seem like horrific might hold some distilling beauty.

Practice conscious breathing at every turn. While you are driving your care, waiting in line at a store. On hold on the phone. Cooking dinner. Watching television. Dancing, singing, exercising.

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