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Oct 1 A Tribute of Life, Breath, Heartbeat and KIRK

Today is quite a joyous day for me. At least for me! Probably more for me than for Kirk. Today is the day that my beloved Kirk: lover, friend, confidant, partner, teacher, reflector, guide and heart throb chose to pour his sweet soul into a physical body and materialize as Kirk.

Today is Kirk’s Birthday.

Now, he will not be privy to this until he sees this post or I give him his Birthday card and declare Happy Birthday! He never seems to remember that it is his birthday. He lives each day like it is a holiday so why earmark it.

Kirk is someone who lets the music flow!

Kirk oozes of gratitude and is probably his biggest strength! THANK YOU KIRK!





Kirk dances to the beat of his own drum and even in all of my efforts to hasten the beat, he hold steadfast to his own cadence and rhythm. Thank GOD for that!!!  LOL

Kirk loves people and holds the capacity for deep heart felt connections!



Kirk has the unique ability to call forth his manly masculinity with brotherly love & comradery, while maintaining an undulating, softness that provides a cushion for our more tender sides.    



Kirk moves in such great appreciation for ALL THERE IS that he creates great space allowing the subtleties of nature’s brilliance to penetrate his being and fully experience the moment.

Kirk expresses the Joy in his heart freely! 

Kirk does not take himself seriously as illustrated by his deep belly laugh when he cracks himself up over his own foibles. That is a CONFIDENT MAN!

Kirk’s inquisitive nature is very similar to Seinfeld finding humor in the normal everyday peculiarities of himself and human nature.

Kirk is very relatable and a great STORY TELLER!

Kirk forgets the small stuff and hones in on the important stuff i.e. LOVE!

Kirk loves to sing from the depths of his soul and when he does, LOVE pours out endlessly!

Kirk’s chanting seems to evoke a kind of ancestral blessing with an indigenous vibrational quality to it.

Kirk’s being totally resonates for me!

Kirk’s heart has a drum beat to it!

Kirk’s breath has a cadence to it!

Kirk’s body is the sacred sanctuary in which the awe of life force contains itself for how every many years in this time and space reality.

Our lives are something to celebrate and in our life, exists incremental mini deaths whereby we let go of outdated versions of ourselves only to create space for the parts of our heart that desire expansion, flight and to blossom in the rays of sunlight.

Even amidst the turbulence and the rambunctious spirit of the pounding waves, I am awestruck how magnificently beautiful this World is.  I have all of nature, all of life’s experiences, my family, friends so called “foes” and my beloved partner Kirk to thank for their contribution in my ongoing process of Becoming!


Tap on a drum to what you imagine is the beat of your heart

Tap on your thigh or a drum to the cadence of your breath

Clap your hands rhythmically while chanting whatever sounds or tone resonant for you.

Celebrate yourself and someone else!

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