Oct. 2015 Light Logic: NATURE A Heart Centered Religion


Light Logic states:
“We are ALL born of Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light Energy (PULLLE) and as we allow this PULLLE to flow through a receptive and soothed human vessel, we cultivate the Earthly Expression that raises our collective awareness closer to the vibration of LOVE”

L.O.V.E. – Nature’s Heart Centered Religion
Let Open-minded Virtues Expand

Ever since I was a child, I pondered on the notion of “God”. The names I call it has changed as I have shifted. It started off with “God” and changed to “Higher Power” or “Higher Self “to “Soul/Spirit” to “Infinite Intelligence” to “Vital Life Force” to “Inner Being” to “Source” to “All That Is” to “Loving Light” and so on and so on. As a late adolescent, I wondered about the idea that the heart has an energy source that keeps it beating on and on and on. I was very curious about what that was and where that energy went after our time of ascension into a non-physical realm (aka death). That energy source I chose to call “L.O.V.E.” (Let Open-Minded Virtues Expand) and became my “G.O.D.”(Gracious Omniscient Delight). You can assign any name to this magical phenomenon…whatever resonates for you.


The point is that energy may change form but it never ceases to exist; therefore, my conclusion is that our Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light Energy is Everlasting and WE ARE ETERNALLY INTERCONNECTED!!!!


Each day, I have a growing awareness that I am, as are you, Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light Energy (PULLLE) and, together, all of our individual Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light Energies (PULLLE) are part of a Universal Loving Light Force (ULLF). That Universal Loving Light Force is part of you.


We are ALL one in the same yet distinct in our personal constellations.


Also, my relationship to the teachings of religion changed as my experiential awareness of my PULLLE relative to ULLF became more predominant in my life. As I began to literally notice the energetic forces, interact with them, feel, see and hear them through my varied sensate components and witness the synchronicities orchestrated, then, and only then, did my trust grow exponentially and I allowed myself to rest into it more fully. It is definitely an ongoing process in which I remain engaged.


My perspective of religion is that, in their inception, were simply rituals designed to allow our light energies to be practiced while we are in physical form. To bring heaven on earth sort of speak. Religions were available for us to act as a conduit to channel ULLF through our PULLLE and take co-creative action from those inspiring energies. The challenge for humanity has been to know that our PULLLE is one with the whole of our Universal Loving Light Force and focus on our similarities.


Currently, our collective human evolution is in a place where we desire a mindset of inclusiveness and to observe that people all over the world are basically the same inside. We all want to feel fulfilled, purposeful and free. We all want to feel our intuitive nature which is PURE UNCONDITIONAL LUMINOUS LOVING LIGHT ENERGY.


Let’s face it;

Nobody has every declared war based on an intuitive instinct.


Up until recently, the mass consciousness has been operating on the premise that the human condition is inherently insecure. We tended to reside in the illusion that we are separate and not whole. Although religions may bring people together and have many attributes, we are ready to move to the next level. Currently, religion draws people together of a like minded viewpoint. There is an emergence of bringing people together with a variety of perspectives but all with the aim of “L.O.V.E.” (Let Open-Minded Virtues Expand) in mind. The task for each religion is to draw people together and cultivate a heartfelt appreciation that we all have something of value to share. We make incredible discoveries about ourselves and others when we are open to the flow of our internal PULLLE and draw down from Universal Loving Light Force’s (ULLF) intelligence. This is our authentic nature and that power resides deep within each of us personally and collectively.


Personally, I believe that the current construct of religions will dissipate over time and the emergence of Nature as a Heart Centered Religion is actively evolving.


So what do we have in common now?

NATURE which is an outward reflection and a physically manifested Earthly Expression of our co-created internal worlds to date.
-“PULLLE” which is the innate, multi-dimensional constellation of our naturally unique energetic selves.



You will notice that people speak more and more in terms of energy. Listen to people’s phrases like “I like your vibe” or” Great energy” or “I feel so drained”. People are so tuned in with their energy levels, they do not even realize it goes beyond their physicality but this is changing. People are grasping for higher levels of awareness. They are asking the big questions rather than accepting the status quo. This is a really a good place to be. Curiosity, interest and fascination amongst other attributes are the catalyst to our expansion. We are on a precipice towards higher levels of wide sweeping benevolence. The younger people are showing their parents that squeezing a square peg in a round hole does not lead to a joyful, fulfilled purposeful life experience.



The shift of human resources into the healing arts that emphasizes energy awareness is on the move. Self- reflective practices like yoga, tai chi, and meditation just to name a few are here to stay. Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, author of “A Mindful Nation” has been promoting mindfulness in the schools for years. Sustainable products to protect the earth and animals are gaining attention and becoming more main stream. More interest in how the educational system might draw on the individual strengths of a child and less standardized testing is being contemplated and action ensued. This leads to happier more productive and successful children.


Why do you think we have a weather channel? Why do you think the topic of weather is always a default conversation for people all over the world? It is our unconscious fascination with the ever changing realm of who we really are. We are part of nature and nature is part of us. The only inherent constants are “Change” and “ULLF”!

Humans are now returning to their remembrance of how to live in sync with the biorhythms of the planet. Getting in synch is a great step towards a state of balance and well-being.

-Eating foods that feel nourishing and replenishing to each of us is an individual pursuit. No two people are exactly alike so it is up to you to define your nature.

-Sleeping when you are fatigued and putting the “to do” list as secondary.

-Having a life with balance of relaxation, play, mindfully stimulating work, and harmonious relationships

-Breathing with intention: Inhaling the collective energies and exhaling your contribution

Nature allows our PULLLE to connect with the ULLF to witness our true essence. Nature illuminates what really resonates for each one of us. So how do we uncover our PULLLE to leave our personal footprint from which all may prosper?





Start by taking 15 minutes at the beginning of the day and 15 minutes at the end of the day. If you cannot allot that much time then do what you can. Go to a place you enjoy outside. Walk barefoot and feel the earth under your feet. Sit still. Do whatever pleases you in silence. Consider taking a pad and writing free form without any agenda after your 15 minutes is completed. Allow 20 minutes to write whatever surfaces. The words do not have to make sense. Just let it flow.

Nature is a place to access this incredible force. Getting in touch and “feeling” the magical wonder of how the sun rises every morning and the sets every night supports us in returning to our essence. Smell the freshness of the earth on this beautiful October morning. Listen to the crickets and the songs they sing. Watch the blue birds, cardinals, and red robins as they prance and sing in the morning hours about how a new day is born excited for all of the happenings that are yet to unfold. Smile at the squirrel’s chatter as they gather their acorns for the winter months. What exciting new experiences will this day bring? What can I possibly explore and discover about myself, others and the universe in this magical kingdom we call earth. At the end of the day, marvel as the stars emerge, twinkling with their brightness against a blue velvet sky. Nature is in its rhythm. Nature’s ebb and flow is available to witness daily. Nature knows exactly what to do.



EXERCISE 2 Know your SELF by exploring Others


Put yourself in a situation where you meet people of a different socio-economic-religious background. Strike up a conversation and be gently inquisitive. Show interest and allow your curiosity to guide you in a refreshing perspective.

Notice who you know yourself to be on first approach and who you transformed yourself to be at the conclusion. Notice your thoughts, ideas and beliefs. Regardless of your ideas, allow yourself to engage in an internal inquiry and wonder where those beliefs came from if they do not feel good.

If the beliefs feel good to your PULLLE (not your brain), keep focusing on them as that will prompt them to expand.


2015  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

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