Oct 2019 The Art of “Trying” and the Power of “Authentic Belief”

The Art of “Trying” and the Power of “Authentic Belief”

“Trying” is a real fiasco and could be considered its own art form. After all, when

you think  about  it, “trying” is denying the full remembrance of who you

are.   When we try, we are pretending not to be something that we are ” WHOLE”.  We are acting.  We are in a state that reflects the absence of our own self’s realization. We are not

remembering who we are in our essence, in our wholeness.

Notice how many things you “try” at in a day!


 Try to sleep,

Try to be calm,

Try not to react,

Try to be gentle with yourself,

Try Not to obsess,

Try not to worry  blah blah blah


Is ” Trying” working? Of course not, that’s the essence of “trying”. We never get “there”!

“Trying” is the art of giving our power away. “Choosing” is the action of empowerment. Feel the difference at each juncture.



There is a secondary gain or a strange kind of payoff  when we remain in the state of “trying”.  We relinquish our power. Perhaps  the child within us that desperately wants to please others AND be acknowledged is simply desirous to reclaim the long forgotten attention, compassion, love and comfort.


The lost portion is saying, ” See, I tried and I couldn’t or didn’t accomplish  XYZ. That must mean ABC is true”.  Since we are unable to see the truth of who we are in that moment, we spin our wheels causing a stationary effect which protects us from the very thing we say we want but are not actually CHOOSING. It acts as a kind of self-protection from vulnerability.


Believing and the Power of “Authentic Belief” is a process of opening to our fullest,

and broad scoped  memory of ourselves. It is a brave kind of volunteered vulnerability to

be witnessed as we are, recognizing our “is” ness is profoundly magnetic.



Although,  if my inquiry comes from my head about opening to the “divine within” it might appear like this. “What if I am nothing?” the ego says. “How will I be recognized as something to

be worthy of divinity’s creation.” That very statement keeps me from “feeling” fully. A fear reaction clutching to identification ensues which keeps the loop circling and thwarting the full repertoire of emotions that are available to us for a fully enlivening life.




The divine always provides what is required for our own soul’s growth.

Recently, I had an experience whereby I felt simultaneously anxiety and peace

hand in hand. How can that be? It was an experience I have been playing with

and this was more pronounced. It was an act of simply receiving what “is” in the

moment. An interesting surrender!




I had incredible patience with myself. Something  being birthed anew and quite refreshing.

Somehow, the “trying” to hop over the moment to get to something more comforting or desirable ceased. I was not in the chase for a peace and a calm. I sat with the sensations. I have to congratulate myself because I  did honor  myself for being still with it. Now it is time to continue with this awareness as a viable consistent possibility that I can choose again and again.


A few ways we can hop over the moment:


-Distract ourselves by jumping up and completing a task

-Telling a story as to “why” I feel anxious to deflect or rationalize it by engaging the mind



-Reacting vs Responding

-Thinking about the past or the future


-Constant chatter

-Using words such as need, want & have vs. I CHOOSE




I invite you to reflect on how you hop over the present moment AND, more importantly, how you settle yourself INTO the present moment!


I am sure there are more messages that will come from this experience but for now I am

completely satisfied with the experience as it unfolded.   Sitting with all of the internal strife so the storm can subside is a precious surrender. Feeling the levels of angst, really feeling them and not deflecting them takes courage and is well worth the experience. It offers a kind

of perspective that  says, ” I am ok amidst and in spite of the storm”



Your breath brings your awareness back into your body temple so that you may use this sacred sanctuary as an instrument. This instrument is your rite of passage to ascertain what is preferential and natural for you. Using your body to navigate through the pathways of life enables you to sense different Energies.




Conscious choice as to what you want to allow into your electromagnetic field is your birthright! It invites you into the realm of deeper and more expansive levels of awareness by which you have the acclivity to discern and make more clarifying choices.


What do you want to put a boundary on?

What is easy and  fluid?

What intersects with you effortlessly?

What feels jagged and forced ?

How do you hold yourself when experiencing the intensities?


Kirk, my beloved often says, “Be mindful of what you say to yourself (even internally)  because you are always listening.




Your body senses all things. It is an instrument in the orchestra of life.  You decide which people, places and things you want to play with and what kind of music you want to create. You express your own soulful sounds and allow that to meld into the most extraordinary symphony.



Nourishing your body so that it might navigate the terrains of the landscape of life for you is Paramount to fulfilling experiences. Breathe into your body, pause,  what do you feel?



Remember that it is possible to feel two contrasting feelings like peace and anxiety simultaneously. I allowed my self to “feel” whatever was happening without attaching rhetoric or a story or “trying” to make myself get “through it”. By allowing myself to sit in the storm, I had a felt perception that I can be with all different aspects of energies that want to move through me. No labeling. No name calling. No judging. Just Being.

Your experience will unfold perfectly for you in the perfect timing.


Mindfulness Practice


Go outside when the weather is rambunctious.

Stand still and imagine you are a TREE

Ground yourself and allow the weather to have its way with you.

Imagine each component of the weather: wind, rain, snow, breeze, temperature to symbolize a different energy.

How do you interact with it?

How might your interpretation be analogous to your life circumstances?



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