October 2016 Light Logic Tip #9 Quieting the Left Brain

Einstein said, “The intuition mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.”


Each and every single one of us have been slaves to the dictation of the irrelevant chatter and noise of our left brain to varying degrees over our lifetime. Your left brain is meant to be tool to implement all that is gifted by the right brain.


A quick review:


The right brain is the conduit, processor, or channeler of all spatial subjectivity. It creates a funnel for our emotions, sensations, intuition, imagination, creativity, broad-based thinking, fascinations, curiosities, interests, passions, inspiration, hopes, images, dreams, aspiration, and limitless excitement. It holds all solutions in its purest potential, possibilities and probabilities. The list goes on ad infinitum.

The left brain is what implements the ideas so we can make it tangible and observe it, share it and experience in a way that all can enjoy. It has a coherent, exact, linear, logical, rational, intellectual, systematic, compartmentalized, judgment, critical thinking, time oriented, objective, analytical way of interpreting people, places and things.


We want to experience a cohesive coherence between the two spheres to support a level of harmonious well-being. So what happens?

Well, imagine for a moment if your left brain was on a public amplifying system broadcasting your thoughts loud and clear, far and wide. Let’s assume the broad cast was only on the topic of your thoughts towards yourself.

Would you be embarrassed? Would you make these statements to a friend? Loved one? Child? Do you feel happy, joyous and free when you hear them?


So what to do:

It’s called the P to the 9th degree

9 represents a sense of completion which is what this process will provide. It is a circle to be practiced over and over until it becomes programmed in your psyche.


#1   P.U.L.L.L.E.                                       FOLLOW your P.U.L.L.L.E.

       Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light Energy.

It is processed through your right brain and it is easy to know because it feels good. It says “Light, and all of its De-Light Comes from the Right”.


# 2. P.A.S.S. it to the Left Brain for Implementation. This is crucial because it allows something that is vaporous, intangible and unobservable by others to begin to have life in a new way. This gift of yours is meant to be shared and that takes some inspired physical action.


                                  Physical Action Supports Shifts


As you put your earthly expression out into the world (in whatever form it takes), you are creating a platform in which others might experience the exhilaration and sensations that rendered you your gift but in their own way. You are a power of example towards a shift in perception.



#3  P.U.S.H. You might experience some P.U.S.H. back from your Left Brain. This is optional although in the beginning it will feel anything but optional. My experience, and this does not mean it will be your experience, is that the further I stretch myself outside my comfort zone, the greater the PUSH back I experience.


                                   Pressure Uncovers Significant Happenings.


Notice if your Left Brain comes in. Sometimes it will not come out of hiding and    sometimes it will roar like a lion. You will know if it has surfaced because the feeling of jubilance you had one second ago will have evaporated and you will be hearing things that are dismissive, discouraging and the onslaught. If your Left Brain is used to being the dominant force, you will be pleasantly surprised and uplifted when you begin to embrace the magic of the right brain. Your left brain undoubtedly knows something big is on the horizon.




This PULLLE /PUSH dynamic can create a kind of friction to varying intensities. Often, it feels like an internal struggle with a range of accompanying emotions. This is simply an indication that you have activated a mechanism by which you will give birth to the recollection and remembrance of the courageous YOU. The “YOU” that acts on inspiration and intuition. You are releasing baggage. You are shedding false beliefs, indoctrination, conditioning and dogmatic ways and reclaiming your power of limitlessness. It will subside gradually after you integrate the next 2 steps so put on your “Courageous Cap”:




#4  P.A.U.S.E.


                        Practiced Attention Unveils Singular Expression


Here is an example of how I implement: I was sitting in an outdoor café smiling from the inside out because I had been invited to speak at two different community colleges that week. I felt uplifted and hopeful about the prospective adventure. Inside of a few moments, my left brain came in and started with an inquisition. I noticed 3 birds hop on the pavement right before my eyes frolicking about without a care in the world.


One of my personal escape tactics to release the hold of my left brain and gain traction back to right brain is to look for birds because birds can fly and they remind me of the freedom that exists within. They prance around and seem so lighthearted. They ease my load and take my attention away from the “problem”.


It seemed like the birds said to me telepathically, “Be right here right now. Be in this moment in TIME!!!” TIME is an acronym for This Instant Matters Eternally and as that popped into my head, my eyes glanced up at the outdoor clock across the street. The big hand was moving so swiftly, it could be seen with the naked eye. I chuckled. The birds and the Universe joined forces to demonstrate the paradox between what can happen with undying focus. I resumed, with increased willingness, a more relaxed mindset and to Be Right Here Right Now!


#5 & #6    P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E.D. P.O.W.E.R.



Patience Really Accentuates Clear Timing In Creative Enterprises Delivering Potential Openings With Exponential Results


This is simple to do. The key is to remember to do it!!!!


For example: This new endeavor could be to be more loving towards yourself.


Think of a child for whom you feel great love. Hold that experience close to your heart. Know that you have it in you. Visualize yourself offering that child love or even think of yourself as that child when the left brain comes it. Eventually, it will quiet down…maybe after a good temper tantrum but it will.


PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! and if you are really doing it for yourself, patience will not enter into the equation. Nevertheless, be PATIENT! PATIENT! PATIENT!


Practicing the activation of your personal power will lend itself to feeling more confident, self- assured, and a sense of freedom. Find something wherein you FEEL confident, worthy, deserving or a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction and use that emotion as a carry over into your new endeavor.


The world is declaring its emancipation and it is up to each and every one of to participate to the best of our ability. It is our own privilege to add to the collective evolution of our consciousness. Anything is possible and it is never too late!!

The potential of your internal power will reveal itself exponentially. Allow it to work its magic.




#7,8,9  P.E.R.P.E.T.U.A.T.E. A. P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L. P.R.O.C.E.S.S.



Perseverance Elicits Remembrance Profoundly Emphasizing The Universal Anchors Towards Expansion


Prolific Experiences Are Co-creating Ease For Unilateral Love.


Placing Realizations Over Comparative Externals Supports Soulfulness



We are human. We are in a physical form that is evolving. We are coming to the

Conscious realization through our remembrance that our limits are simply self-imposed.

Place great emphasis on what you enjoy for that will anchor you on a pathway of enjoyable expansion. The prolific experience of your limitlessness will eventually wash over you more and more. The synchronicities will meet, greet and bless you with droplets of speckled stardust. You will come to realize that you are the star dust. You do sparkle. You do have a sheen and a light to you!!!!!


We are limitless. Our boundaries are evaporating but it is a process that evolves when met with ease. This is an emancipation of our authenticity singularly and collectively. One builds on the next and gathers form and momentum for all to enjoy. We are a collective expression of all of our singular presence.

It may start out intellectual but it will drop down into your emotional subsystem and that is where the true integration is profoundly experienced. Don’t give up before the miracle!!



* Remember to look back from where you came and notice how you persevered and changed.


** Select someone you admire and talk to them about their internal world and the friction created and how they moved through it.


***Read about someone you want to emulate on the internet and see that they too were met undoubtedly with some left brain push back.





2015-2016  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved


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