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Expressed Really Focuses Energy Creatively To Inspire Others Now



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Perfection really gets a bad rap and that is mainly due to our individualized perception of the word that spreads like wild fire and causes a collective adherence to things being absolute. In other words, if we are “one way”, we individually and collectively discern it as perfection and anything to the contrary is less than perfection. We created a measure that does not really leave room for the diversity we all have come to share.




As the evolution of our human hood expands to perceive beyond our physicality, we are all growing in our awareness that we are born of pure unconditional luminous loving light energy and THAT, in and of itself, is PURE PERFECTION.





Nature is pure perfection and we are part of nature!




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I propose we come to a new definition of PERFECTION. That is what Light Logic is all about. Shifting our attention and our focal points to one that is more uplifting, gentle, kind hearted and resonate with our true nature.



We can begin with our ethereal world and notice where we tend to place our thought energy. This is the inception of creation. It all begins within our own sanctuary.



Energy follows our focus and energy manifests in many different ways starting with our inner reality. In our inner reality, there are boundless levels of energetic creations that take form from our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs which ultimately are broadcast out into our external environment. That is how energy works. Don’t take my word for it, investigate quantum physics.




For example: As I write this, there is an intrusion.


The thought is, “Is this comprehensible to the reader? “


“Am I expressing this in a way that is relatable? “


“Am I being clear?”



If I do not notice, observe and witness those thoughts at their inception AND SHIFT THEM, it might morph themselves into statements like:


“This is not good enough.”


” What’s the point?”


“Where am I going with this?”



And, if I miss the string of thoughts, I am likely to notice an emotion that might have me close off my heart or feel an uncomfortable sensation in my body (anxiety, frustration, judgment etc). Sometimes we do not even link the emotion or the sensation to the original thoughts if we are not in the practice of tracking ourselves.





Our hearts might sink in dismay. We might give up on our creation, procrastinate or distract ourselves with other tasks especially if we are afraid to take ownership of our own feelings. This happens all the time in every interaction within and outside of ourselves.


























We are in a consistent position of fostering creations and we tend to label them as magnificent or treacherous based on our perception. Depending on how focused or scattered we are will determine how, when, and in what way, it shows up. It starts with each and every one of us inside.


Got a problem, a challenge? An issue with someone or something?



Step one is to look in the mirror because the “problem or challenge” is a reflection, a call to awareness, an invitation to look within because we have magnetized that experience in for our own development in the name of self-love.



When noticed, is there a willingness to go down and in? To FEEL the subtleties and excavate old patterns that have been perpetuated. (* Check out Byron Katie’s THE WORK ) Do we allow ourselves the TIME to really FEEL and embrace those cellular habituations?




This is an active embrace (not release) and we are renewed. The “not enoughness” dissolves into our higher vibrational experience. It is called the Law of Entrainment. Once fully integrated, there might be a more effortless channel opened to perceive the experience?


We find ourselves fortifying different grooves with new messaging like,


“This will reach the audience it meant to inspire!”



“If one sentence helps one person then we have changed the world.”


“No act is too small.”


“I am playing my part bringing myself and others towards the light.”



So what are we broadcasting? The world is simply an out picturing of our collective inner realities.


The good news is….


We are all pure perfection yet remain incomplete as we are ever expanding into new renditions of ourselves.



When I get stuck in the old paradigm’s definition of perfection, it makes me want to cry even though I know it is part of return to wholeness. I do weep for myself and all those that share this consciousness. My throat aches.



How many of us set an unreachable bar for this very moment and blame the cosmos for the elusiveness of its attainment?



Are we patient with ourselves and trust divine timing? I am Patient - Motivational Sign - Darryn Silver

Do we realize we are making a difference simply by taking  ownership of our own lives?

 How many other souls are caught in the quandary?








We stamp our feet and rattle our fists and scream “Why Why Why” to virtually any predicament that we set our sights on that might conjure up unsettling? Wanting to know why it is so!!!

















If we judge, thereby creating a separation, then we will immobilize ourselves. We will freeze, be numb and cover up the gift of sensitivity.



Have we somehow learned collectively that sensitivity is a dangerous thing?

Does sensitivity get you hurt?

Do people understand it?

Is it better to be hard and controlled?



Is that safer and more functional. If we lived in a world void of sensitivity to simply survive: pay your bills, do a job etc. is that joyous enough? Are we simply adapting or are we creating the world WE WANT starting with ourselves?



Does bringing sensitivity back mean to fall apart, to be vulnerable and exposed? Will a well of tears clear a pathway for the masses?




The voice says,


“The road is flooded but you will all swim my dear ones! You will float. The current will carry you as always and grace ensues.”



Together, we begin to perceive the world as a wondrous place, full of glee.



Slowly by Slowly we replace judgment with compassion as that was the discovery judgment was meant to instill. All things are on a continuum and there is benefit in integrating ALL!






We embrace those habituated patterns and the archetypes we use to name them. We stroke them as we would a dear friend…our confidant…our protector…our armor. We surrender to the Divine Presence within.


















Now, we embody and hold a knowing, if only for a moment, that  PERFECTION  is pure “Presence”. We have the template from which to return.

Pure Presence is readily available to all of us to fully express  a focused creation to inspire others now. Similar to that of ripples reverberating in a pond after having thrown a pebble, it goes on and on and on beyond what the eye can see!








Mindfulness Practice

  1. What do you think of, visualize and feel when you are presented with the idea of PERFECTION?
  2. How does it feel in your body?
  3. Notice what body parts are beckoning for attention.
  4. Create and archetype for the entity of PERFECTION. Notice its attributes.
  5. Engage with it in a visualization finding creative ways to soothe it until you experience it as malleable. Remember, this is an Energetic Exploration and anything is possible so GO FOR IT!
  6. Go to a still pond. Pick up a pebble. Infuse your newfound perspective and toss the pebble in the pond.

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