Breathwork Discovery Camp for Beginners

10 Modules

1) Breathing Consciously; Ground-zero Diaphragm and Basics.

2) Exploring the Meaning of Your Breath.

3) Connecting the Breath; Generating Vibrational Changes.

4) Healing with Sound; Gateway to Faster Integration.

5) Intention, Invocations, Affirmations; Taking it to Another Level.

6) Subconscious and Emotional Integration; Freedom from the Past.

7) Accessing the Spiritual; Finding and Expressing Who You Are.

8) Fun with the Breath; Playing with the Electronic Forces of the Universe.

9) Downloadable full guided session for your weekly practice. Plus a discount coupon for your first Session with a Certified Facilitator**

10) Resources, checking in, moving forward. What is next?

Bonus Content: Q&A and Sharing Session with the Trainers.

**price of the session has to be confirmed with each individual practitioner prior to booking.


The Essential Online Breathing Program.

From the friends who brought you Transformational Breath® comes a beginner course on healthy Breathing.

Discover and experience how a personal breathing practice is essential to health and well-being on all levels of Self.

Find out how your unique breathing pattern tells a story about you and reflects your life.

Based on our Transformational Breath® system, we simplify our approach to integrative breathing while adding in other more basic breathing elements.

The perfect gateway to our deeper in-person events.  BREATH DISCOVERY CAMP™

This Online home-based personal Breathing Program features:

  • 10 weekly modules guide you gently
  • No travel needed
  • Self-paced at-home design
  • Interactive session with our trained professionals


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