Intuitive Life Coaching Package


Seven (7) 60-minute sessions with Darryn by phone or in-person.


I started my business to guide and support you through integrating emotional experiences with intuitive inquiry to…

  • Explore Self-love from the inside out!
  • Connect to “who you really are” (AKA your essence, your deepest, strongest, and most innate qualities)
  • Integrate these qualities into all arenas of your life: work, relationship and wellness
  • Support trusting your intuition that longs for your embrace.
  • Embrace and accept ALL parts of yourself as they are what make you uniquely stellar.
  • Learn self-empowering exercises to enhance clarity of thought and focus.
  • Experience profound shifts with  Transformational Breath® sessions
  • Become deeply acquainted with  your vitality via the Universal Life Force streaming through you to realize a sense of well-being in your mind, body and spirit
  • Discover your most profound qualities (often repressed) and allow them to lead you back to a place of self-empowerment through your very own choices
  • Foster harmonious relationships with those around you and be a power of example for them to see their truth.
  • Identify and unleash what you love, make it a reality, and prosper from it
  • Best of all, create a well rounded life of abundance

There are two ways to operate in the world: one way is the human perspective (generally the norm) and the other way is through your higher self or spirit.

We will work together with your quintessential self to allow higher levels of consciousness to come through to share their vision for you. We will start with exercises on how to use your body to connect with YOUR essence. As you embrace your ability to connect with your deepest guidance, you will start to take actions in co-creating a deliberate lifestyle by design.

  • It could be as simple as opening up enough to allow certain services to come into your life so that you are not bogged down with chores.
  • It could help you free you up to direct your time towards more pleasurable activities.
  • It could be about making a decision about a course of treatment for a body disharmony or which job opportunity to accept. (It’s up to you.)

Let’s explore your eternal nature and help you deepen your relationship with your higher self. As this connection strengthens, your mental clarity will enable you to make decisions with purpose, greater flow, and ease.

Having gone through this myself, it is my joy to share this with others!


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30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes


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