Online 60 minute Private Breath Session


What you will receive in the 60 minute Online Guided Breath Sessions:

-A brief analysis of your breath pattern as it relates to your life.

-Tangible Tools to create your own self-facilitated breath practice.

-Gentle, consistent, attentive guidance to open your breath.

-Experience and witness your transformation in real time!

-Safe, sacred space in which you may explore your inner world: thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions

-A pathway for greater focus and intentionality in your life.

-Feedback on areas of concentration!

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In today’s modern world, an online breath session offers a convenient way to connect and experience a sense of well-being that you may activate at any time. Guided Breathwork  offers you:

-Enhances physical, emotional, mental and energetic well-being.

-Offers Guidance and connection in real time.

-Allows for a Respite from your very full day.

-Provides a safe, sacred space along with focused time for you to explore your inner world.

-Creates a deeper understanding between how you breath as it relates to how you live.

-Empowers you into Choicefulness!

-Makes the process more convenient for your schedule.

-Builds Awareness first of yourself, then of others and broaden your perspective of what is possible.

-Activates a felt perception of potentialities

To read more about the benefits, click here or go to the “About Us” Page


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