Online Introductory Special: 3 Breath Sessions


This Online 3 Session Special gives us the opportunity to go a bit deeper through this Physio-psycho-energetic breath work. You will learn how to create high vibrational patterns in your electromagnetic field in a manner that is personal to you. This higher vibratory field allows the entrainment of lower patterns ( previous conditioning and programming) so that  people, circumstances and issues that once were intensely disturbing reharmonize. In other words, you will hold the memory but the charge will dissipate.

What you will receive in the three 60 minute Online Guided Breath Sessions:

-A brief analysis of your breath pattern as it relates to your life.

-Tangible Tools to create your own self-facilitated breath practice.

-Gentle, consistent, attentive guidance to open your breath.

-Experience and witness your transformation in real time!

-Safe, sacred space in which you may explore your inner world: thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions

-A pathway for greater focus and intentionality in your life.

-Feedback on areas of concentration!

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1 Online Special per patron for first time patrons.


In today’s modern world,  online breath sessions provide the structure and convenience to develop a consistent pattern of practice. Before you know it, you will be implementing a conscious, connected breath on your own. You will witness in real time a shift in perspective and heightened states of well-being on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels.

Guided Breathwork  offers you:

-Enhances physical, emotional, mental and energetic well-being.

-Offers Guidance and connection in real time.

-Allows for a Respite from your very full day.

-Provides a safe, sacred space along with focused time for you to explore your inner world.

-Creates a deeper understanding between how your as it relates to how you live

-Empowers you into Choicefulness!

-Makes the process more convenient for your schedule.

-Builds Awareness first of yourself, then of others and broadens your perspective of the world and your purpose in it!

1 Online Special per patron for first time patrons.

To read more about the benefits, click here or go to the “About Us” Page


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