Sept 2015 Light Logic: Just for the fun of it? F.U.N Freeing Unadulterated Nonsense

Channel Light Logic into Your Earthly Expression for the benefit of us all.


Light Logic states:

“Laughter, playfulness, lightheartedness and being silly are all gifts to be enjoyed and engaged in often!”


                  Just for the fun of it?


Freeing Unadulterated Nonsense

What? You say do it just for the fun of it? Are you kidding? No goal? No objective? No end result?

Ok So what is this thing called FUN???

Thanks to Dad and his ability to find his own quirkiness funny, I was brought up with a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at myself but FUN???? What’s that?

No it was all business first. Responsibilities first and then fun if there was time for it.

-No TV during the week even if we finished our homework. He didn’t want us rushing through it.

-Learn to answer the phone and take complete detailed messages-( “Silver Residence, Who’s calling please??? Can I repeat that back to you please?”) We had to practice this and get it down to a science.

-Select a newspaper article, write a paragraph on it and be prepared to speak on it at the dinner table. My brother always picked a local motorcycle show or accident. Dad was not thrilled about that.

-And, of course geography. What is the capitol of Afganistan? My best friend found this as a real asset as an adult because she actually knew the capitol of Afganistan when it hit the front pages of the newspapers decades later.


Since there always seemed to be responsibilities…I never seemed to get to the FUN part. That does not mean the activities (camp, sports etc) I was fortunate to partake in weren’t fun. I am talking about the internal sense of fun. To maintain a lighthearted exuberant inner world despite what circumstances were around me. That even if I had a list of things to do that I could have fun in the interim or, even better yet, during the functioning of the activity. But ohhh no!!!! Not with me!!!!! I could not relax until everything was done which meant, maybe, I would get about 10 minutes at the end of the day. Can you relate at all?  Of course, the mind would be setting the plan for the next day so 10 minutes was a luxury. I set a course of a lifetime to be in perpetual motion. Little did I know that this was a precedent my life would take hold of and cling to for decades. It was very adaptive coping mechanism in business but no time to smell the flowers. Oh well, I had allergies most of my life anyway so who wanted to go outside in the springtime. It was only gorgeous beautiful weather.


My Dad is the kind of guy that was always focused on TIME and getting things done. I think NIKE got their tag line (albeit abbreviated) from him: “DO IT AND GET IT DONE” he would say countless times. “Quit cockin’ around!” Dad’s brother teases him saying that he is going to have etched on his tombstone. “He did it and got it done” meaning his life

Boy, wait until I tell him that we are eternal and we never get it done. I am not sure if I should tell him though because I think that will just make him feel like he has to keep on keepin’ on!!!!!! The notion of that concept would be exhausting for him!


I already told him that he is going to give me a sign when he his time of ascension occurs (death as most people refer to it) so I can have the last laugh. I can’t wait to say “I told ya so” through the ethers of energetic dimensions! “See, I am right ha ha!” Despite the fact that he always told me that I was so intuitive he could never enjoy the privacy of his own thoughts, it’s a stretch for him to believe there is no death. I understand that. That’s a tough call for most of us but that is changing and these experiences of consciousness being in and outside of our physical bodies are coming more and more into the mainstream.


I already picked out the sign he will give me. It will have to do something with Jackie Mason. Dad and I have always gone and enjoyed Jackie Mason and his humor. I think I really just enjoy sitting next to my Dad and watched him laugh so hard that no sound comes out and his voice is almost like a wheezing laugh. His father laughed like that also.


Laughing is certainly one of my favorite pastimes and it is fun. My brothers, father, uncle and cousins all have the same sick sarcastic sense of humor and with a simple glance, we are all communicating telepathically and cracking up in the next second. It is a real gift that I treasure!

There is no responsibility in laughing. I have a loud laugh. I remember once in Carnegie Hall sitting up high in the balcony and watching John Gray talk about his book “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”. I laughed so hard and so continuously that even after the crowd quieted down. the place echoed and my laugh ringed on and on. I could not stop. I so related to the idiosyncrasies about people and I was crying I laughed so hard.


Also, walking along the streets with my now husband, he would do silly things and I would fall on the concrete, with stomach pains and unable to get up in tears of laughter. I have been known to move from tears to laughter back to tears within seconds.


I guess I am blessed and feel so privileged to have a repertoire of feelings that are so vast and expressive. It allows me to ENJOY to an extent that is rapturous and explosive. As I think of the times when my thoughts are driving me to a lower place, I realize that this contrasting experience is what makes me feel ALIVE…… I love to feel ALIVE. It is my most heartfelt desire….to feel ALIVE, UNCONDITIONAL SELF LOVE, LOVE FOR OTHERS AND JOY!


I guess we each are responsible for bottling our own happiness. I would love to put happiness in a bottle and take a sip of it whenever I need it and pass the jug around to my friends, family and strangers: ONE BIG KEG OF HAPPINESS.


I believe that is what is happening now on the planet. I just came out of several days of living in a dungeon (article written on 6/4/15). Nothing bad happened. It doesn’t have to with me. It just means that I allowed myself to sit in stillness which turned to sadness….Ok SADNESS is acceptable because ” I am letting go of something” or “I am in the surrendering process” but too much of that sadness and stillness will have the death of me in physical form. What????? Alone with MY thoughts. Surely if I put them on a loud speaker PA system, people would tell me how ridiculous I am.

Thoughts of despair…..What???? After all this time and all this work. I still have them. What ‘sup with that?

I guess I am expanding again. That “ol negative feeling in the expansion trick” as Don Adams in Get Smart would say. Ok now I am dating myself.


Bottom line. We are all human and have to roll with the punches. We will have good days and counter intuitive days i.e. dungeon days. Good moments and counter intuitive moments.

When we are thinking thoughts that we would be embarrassed to have put on a loud speaker than they are counter intuitive and it is letting us know we are not lined up with our,,,,yes,,,,you guessed it….our authentic infinite self!!!! We have stepped out of the flow.


Reducing or eliminating to the best of our ability in any given moment our perseveration and focus on the counter intuitive thoughts is my job and that is all I have to do to resonate with what I want to create for this lifetime.


So here’s how my remedy went.

I was telling a friend how I would love to use humor when inspiring people and that I have always known myself to be the one who laughed at jokes not the one who delivered the comedy. Despite my complete appreciation of humor, ability to laugh and have fun with it, most of my writing and presentations were of a more intense, serious nature.

Just prior to writing this, I was in a yoga class and I literally vision popped into my sight. I had a vision of a rope being handed down from the sky. It was thick, course, oversized for my hand and hard to hang on to. The “rope” context was from Darryn. All of a sudden, there were all different ribbons dropping in all different colors. They were soft, sleek, shiny and beautiful. They were magically formed into a braided hammock and I was hoisted up effortlessly greeted by all kinds of energetic entities dancing with me in the center.  Like a celebration that they got my attention. They told me it was party time…fun time…Enough of this earth bound crap. The main energetic entity with the most fantastically witty sense of humor pulled me up from my boot straps and helped me to write this article and took me out of my dungeon. The inspiration for this essay came within minutes. Imagination? Maybe! Doorway to Happiness? Definitely! Who cares as long as we leave the dungeon behind us.

What a life we lead!!!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad! You have helped me be even more than I knew was possible!


Exercise: Find something fun and do it. If you cannot find something fun then find something funny and laugh!

2015  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

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