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September 2020 Breath Points Us Into & Connects Us With Our Spirit


Did you know that Breath means “Spirit” in 11 different languages? There is a reason for that.

Reflect on this for a moment. If you were to die and someone pumped you full of oxygen, would you come back to life? No, you wouldn’t. At least, not by the common definition of “life” to which most humans subscribe.

That means that there is some mystical, magical thing that rides on the wave of our breath that infuses all of our cells with life force, chi, prana, vitality, replenishment and rejuvenation. This allows our cells to be so able bodied that they communicate, collaborate and co-create without any conscious awareness by our three dimensional selves.


Think about that for a long moment.

Reflect on this miracle that we are part of for just a moment.

PAUSE right here.

Receive a breath and know that is happening right here right now as you read this.

Everything is happening right here right now.

There is no past nor future except in the story of your brain’s projection.

Our Breath anchors us in the only truth which is in the HERE AND NOW!

There is no suffering in the HERE AND NOW!

Our Breath opens us to a broader perception OF the HERE AND NOW!

Our Breath is the mechanism by which we may alter our life experience of ourselves others, the world and all world events.

We have unlimited access to the power of our Breath.

Now imagine for a moment if we were to get up close and personal with our breath. Connect deeply with whatever that thing, spirit, or phenomena is that rides on it.

What if we walked around each day cultivating a profoundly intimate relationship with our breath?

What if we made our breath our best friend, our constant companion, our lover, our confidante?


Step into that space.

If it does not mean anything to you, that’s ok. In the past, it didn’t mean the same thing that it does to me in this very moment as I write this.

It will change as all relationships change.

Embrace the change!

It’s a practice.

It’s a cultivation.

Reflection: How is this relationship with your new friend shaping you?

As we rehearse our dialogues and exchange patterns of breath with our new friend, we allow our Breath to show us who we are in this moment. It may come through a whisper, sensation, vision, felt perception or  any other vehicle available?

Might the full spectrum  of experiences from fragility to potency become acutely available free from personal opinion?

Reflection: Sit down and actually IMAGINE the impact that your Breath’s (companion) experience is offering you. DAY DREAM about this heightened level of connection and how, in the cultivation of this one relationship for you, JUST YOU, just one person, the trajectory of all of humanity is shifting. 

RELAX INTO  how our individual micro shifts and expanding perceptions might serve the whole and enliven us more deeply into LIFE!

How broadminded are our expressions and how do they serve?

What multi-dimensional perspectives would shine through to this physical plane?


Language reminds us of this connection between Breath and Spirit.  


Spirit is directly embedded into the word. As we breath, our bodies are sustained in life as we know it. The prefix “Re” refers to “again“. We breathe again and again  throughout our physical lifetime. It is a built in mechanism to remind us of our spirit (albeit subconsciously for most people) moving in, through and around us “again and again”…over and over.

As we focus on our breath the subconscious comes into our conscious awareness and we gain intimacy with our innate intelligence and magnificence.

This promotes choicefulness.


The prefix “In” means exactly that “In or Internal” When we align with the spirit that moves in, through and around us,  we experience elevated, profound emotions, ideas, creativity and the smallest things are the biggest miracles amidst our awestruck.

It is within us.

We are divinely sovereign & the power of Love is flowing through each and every one of us. NO exceptions.  



The prefix “Ex”  means “out” or “former” or “out of”. Our last exhalation (breath leaving our physical bodies) signifies the end of life as we currently perceive it.  It presumes breath and spirit leave us. Perhaps the body is the remains of this three dimensional experiment and the truer aspect of us, the “former” or the spirit, remains enlivened in the ethereal realms. Energy never ceases to exist but it does change form.

“Ex”  signifies a “former” knowing and returning to a former sense of freedom through the art of completion. 


For my scientific friends:

Here’s something even more powerful that’s grounded in the physical world:

There are many systems ( respiration, heart beat, digestion, urination, sexual arousal, pupillary response reflexes, etc)  that our body regulates in every second without our conscious effort. 

I do not know too many people who are conscious of what their internal organs are doing in any given moment nor do they need to tell their organs how to do their job.

“Hey Liver, have you finished cleaning my blood yet? Yo Kidneys, how many times have I told you to take out the garbage?  “

So we really are not in charge as much as we like to thing we are…….

However and this is a big HOWEVER

Our Breath is the only system in our Autonomic Nervous System with which we have conscious awareness and the ability to self-regulate.   

Hey humans, Like control ? So here ya go! Have at it! We can enhance that.

Our breath is one portal into knowing ourselves as we truly are!!! 



Develop an intimacy with your Breath.

Create your own communication style with your breath.

You could give your Breath a name. Play with different breathing styles all the while maintaining an awareness that it is a life force with whom you are connecting.

Pretend it is a new or familiar friend that you would really like to know better.

What do YOU DO with friends to become more acquainted?



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