September 2016 Light Logic Tip #8 Cultivating your Atmosphere aka “AT-MOST-SPHERE”

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I was looking at a picture of the earth on the internet and saw a diagram of the various spheres: Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, and Thermosphere. I don’t know what they all correlate to but it came to me that there are atmospheres within atmospheres within atmospheres expanding exponentially in both directions: internally and externally depending on our focus.


Think about it. The world consists of circle within circles within circles AND circles expanding into outer circles expanding into outer circles.


You skins cells communicate with your hair cells communicate with other parts of your body to support a harmonious exchange of information for your body’s well-being.


All of our cells make up an entity we call our body. All of our bodies together make up our human population (excluding other life forms like plants and animals for this example). As people, we move our bodies from place to place. We communicate in varying manners and intensities. Our exchanges might look chaotic but it is all in a very synchronic way that contributes to the formation of a grand evolutionary picture. Our potential is to perpetuate support for a well-balanced global community. You can relate to this by picturing a time when you watched ants working together to build an ant hole. They are all scurrying around fast and furiously working towards a common purpose.



Our earth’s layers and atmospheres has different properties and consistencies to it. So why wouldn’t we have varying layers and atmospheres.


We are a microcosm of all there is and it is in our nature to desire the experience of feeling our highest potential. Whether we allow that or not is a CHOICE.                       










How and where we allocate our SPHERE OF  TIME, ENERGY & PRESENCE is the overarching theme of how we cultivate our AT MOST SPHERE.



Reflect on


-Is where you spend your time a life affirming experience for you and the circumstances involved?


-Are the people you dedicate time to generally meaningful and rejuvenating experiences with some component of mutual love infused?


-Does the amount of time you spend with particular people, places and things add to your and their quality of life?



Reflect on


-What are your hopes, dreams aspirations and desires?


-Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone? If so, to what degree? Will you take a baby step and explore how you feel?


-Are you willing to put your energy behind someone else for their hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations? If so, in what ways might you be a voice of encouragement? Professionally or personally?


-Are you willing to expand your repertoire of emotions that are acceptable? If so, can you imagine how this will shift your perception of your world?




Thoughts + Emotions formulate Belief Patterns which cultivate Perceptions which lead to Attitudes which prompt Behavioral Patterns which reinforce the Initial Thought.

What thoughts have we been thinking over our lifetime?


-What emotions have we backed those thoughts up with?


-What belief patterns have been perpetuated?


-What perception has been fortified as a result of our beliefs?


-What attitude have we kept alive based on our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and perceptions?


-What behavioral actions have we taken or lack thereof?


-How has that served us and what benefit can we derive from witnessing our Presence towards our SELF and others?


THESE ARE THE “HOW TO” Steps to Optimize your AT MOST SPHERE

Creating balance is what we are craving and doing it through:


Mental Clarity and Acuity: Clear your mind daily with Mindfulness Practices

  1. CENTERING EXERCISE: Take a break and PAUSE for 5 minutes before meeting with a client/customer/engaging in a project. Ground your experience:

           Say out loud or to yourself:


           “I am here at (location) right now. I see (name one object) in my    surroundings  AND  I sense (name a sensation) in my body AND I feel (name an emotion or describe the room’s energy even if you are not sure)

  1. CONSCIOUS BREATHING exercises as an instrument to clear away thought clutter. Breathe into body parts if there is strain. Give your breath a color.
  2. BODY SCAN Take a moment. Stand up. Feet hips width apart. Start from your feet and work your way up to your head scanning and noticing the sensations in all of your body part. Stretch when desired.
  3. IMAGINATION: Close your eyes and imagine a place of ease for 2 minutes multiple times a day. See, smell and sense the surroundings of this happy place. Know that it is real and you can create the experience any time.


Physical: Maintain well-being

Flexibility, agility, strength through daily exercise

Adequate Rest (sleep)

Relaxation (time to do nothing)

Hydration (drink water)

Nourishment (fresh locally grown foods when possible)

Fun- filled activities: dance, sing, art, swim, yoga, sports etc


Emotional Awareness: Notice the emotions you experience in varying situations

Emotions are energy moving through you. It helps to process them and honor them.


-Express your emotions with someone who is capable of simply listening.


-Play HIGH/LOW which is sharing about the High of your day and the Low of your day. Brainstorm together what benefit came out of both experiences.


-Write about your emotional experiences if you enjoy writing.


-Record your dreams for insight….they might have signals of the pathway you are carving.


-Simply notice where you feel your emotions in your physical body. Acknowledge and send that body part love infused Light!


-Let emotions be. There is nothing to fix. You are already perfection embodied…you just have more to experience before completion



Spiritual enhancement:

Be in nature. Gaze with awe the blooming of a flower or the setting of the sunset.


-Focus on Appreciation


-Share selflessly so you feel your purposeful contribution


-Feel the subtleties of different environments


-Pray if you Pray


-Meditate if you Meditate



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